“Done in 30…” ~ May 31, 2022


March 2021, I started my “Done in 30, Easter is the timeline” decode with my partner D.

I kept getting booted off of Twitter, so I started a Telegram Channel so I could keep the decodes all in one spot.

I started with 35 of my friends following my channel. Amazing how it grew from there.

Back in March 2020, I actually thought we would be “Done in 30” 🙄 and my end date was on Pentecost.

Now, here we are over a year later, and I just did my last Q decode…I have nowhere else I can take this timeline….it ends here.

My timeline started with “Done in 30 👉Pentecost”

and amazingly it ended with “Done in 30 on Pentecost”.


I still think we are missing a year of time…but anyway, here’s my first Telegram Channel post.


Easter is the timeline.





OK, is this a sign the anticrist will reveal themselves.?






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