News, Thoughts, and Ideas Today ~ May 30, 2022


Mr Pool



Judgement on the USA.

One of the largest egg producers burned to the ground.

Video …Steve Fletcher via YouTube



If you want to see how everything is coded using Sacred Geometry & Numbers, I highly suggest watching this video. Although I don’t agree with some of the translations, the mathematical elements are extremely important.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla 3,6,9



Here’s the video I’ve been posting for you to watch



Think of how many twists and turns this movement has made- stuff I was concrete on 2 yrs ago are completely bogus now. At this point we have politicians with weird sloppy faces/masks etc. We don’t even know if the trump we love exists anymore. If Q was intended to be dirty then it backfired because MILLIONS of people are awake and will stop at nothing to fix our country.

Lastly Kim posted a video link for the “Architecture of the Universe” if you watch this you will see that the things we were always told were “evil” are actually not- for example the “cube”- we are told it’s satanic blah blah blah but that’s not the case. The keys to the universe according to Tesla is 3,6,9. 369- is the triangle (tip of the spear). Etc etc. Kim tells us to watch certain videos for a reason- they unlock understanding/knowledge- …..basically what we thought was evil symbolism may not be evil at all. It may be the truth right in front of our face.


THE GREAT RE-SET. Gods RE and SET. What do we know about ancient Egyptian religion and how is it related to what’s happening in modern society? Sharing is caring (max 600 characters)GO







Sundial Time was switched to Standard Time on 8/10/1906

From 8/10/1906 – 8/10/2022 =

116 years

116 <> 119 <> 911


Kamala D Harris = 116 = 911

Alzheimer’s = 116 = 911

Saturnalia = 116 = 911

Barack Hussain Obama = 116 = 911


116 reduces down to 8888

Eight Ten (8/10) = 88

119 = 11 (Twin Towers)


Will Biden step down on 8/10/2022?



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