Ut oh …. May 29, 2022

The flash drives that Sussmann and Joffe put the bogus Alfa Bank – Trump Server data on… Sussmann purchased those himself at a Staples in DC.

Then, he billed the Clinton Campaign for them.

Durham has the receipt.





That was EASILY the most spicy Trump rally in a long time! 🌶🔥



Another stellar article from @patelpatriot in the books. I highly recommend giving it a read.

The way he succinctly sums up the irregular warfare we’ve been experiencing is on point and so true.

The battle is over the narrative. The Great Awakening is [their] greatest fear. Excellent.







Read that last post through a few times…


[14th Amendment] 🔥🦅


In the landmark case of CASTLE ROCK v. GONZALES, A young mother of three sued the town of Castle Rock Colorado, after officers failed to respond to her repeated reports over several hours that her estranged husband had taken their three children in violation of her restraining order against him. She was continuously told to wait by officers and see if they returned instead. She even went down to the local police station and provided a copy of her restraining order, begging them to help. The officer who took the report instead went to dinner.

Ultimately, the estranged husband murdered all three children, and later walked into the police station, opened fire, and was killed.

– – – – –

In the case legal case following, the woman sought remedy claiming violation of her 14th amendment rights based on the failure of the officers to uphold their commitment.

The Supreme Court, however, ruled against her and found that even when language explicitly guarantees an action, the police are not obligated to respond or assist a citizen, and that their help is discretionary, not mandatory.


This means, according to the Supreme Court, US citizens are not actually guaranteed any help by their law enforcement officials, nor can they appropriately legally remedy a situation in which officers do not respond.


Yet more conspiracy theories coming true.

☝I wrote about this last year..

Vaccines causing Guillain-Bare syndrome… Neurological damage//// .. Now it’s coming true and being reported more and more..> DRIP drip


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