Ramping Up… ~ May 26, 2022


Here they go


Yes and remember Obama’s portrait amidst the green foliage, a bit like the serpent in the Garden. And Kim, guess where he’ll be as we approach Pentecost on 6.4? Denver Botanic Garden. Memories of the prophetic end times mural in the Deep State Denver Airport underneath which we learned of a massive tunnel system and which had been said to be a hideout for the elite come the apocalypse. https://summitcountydems.org/event/2022obamagala/



It’s also built on a Boneyard.



Sept 3, 2008, Barack Obama delivered his Presidential nomination speech on a recreated Alter of Zeus on the 50-yard-line, of Invesco Field, the stadium where the Denver Broncos’ National Football League team plays.

Alter of Zeus in Pergamon, Turkey, The Throne of Satan.


[They] have always despised America.

[They] cringe to see our smiling faces and the freedoms we have embraced.

[They] have always looked at ways to enslave us and feed off of our way of life.

[They] hate that our country cannot be duplicated now matter how hard they try.

[They] have infiltrated our systems insidiously for years and their efforts are on full display here and abroad.

[They] forgot what we are all about.

[They] are fucked because there is no greater collective force than a group of God-fearing, patriotic Americans with red, white and blue running through their veins.

We are a peaceful bunch for the most part, however, when pushed over the edge, the claws of rage will envelop the necks of those who oppose our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Our forefathers didn’t spill blood for satan and his minions to overtake our country and to think we are lesser in spirit, [they] are gravely mistaken.

God bless the USA and all supporting patriots around the globe.



Checking in on this post from August 2021. How many catagories are in the “news” lately?



🚨Has everyone wrapped their heads around the depth of evil and corruption that will be revealed in the following industries/sectors;

➡️ Govt on federal, state, and local levels (Governors, Sec of State, State Legislatures, mayors, clerks, etc…..)

➡️ Medical (including doctors, administrators, insurance, vendors, etc.)

➡️ Big Pharma (deep as ocean)

➡️ Abortion and sub-industries (sickos)

➡️ Law Enforcement (Police, judges, “lawyers”)

➡️ Social “media” (Big Tech)

➡️ Mainstream media (“news” outlets, newspapers, etc.)

➡️ Food (yes, food; research)

➡️ TV; Hollywood, etc. (sold out)

➡️ Shipping (think)

➡️ Banking (lending, credit, etc.)

➡️ Power – (oil, nat gas, electric)

➡️ Street drugs (including OTC; ex: fentanyl; we see you Pfizer)

➡️ Human trafficking (sickos)

➡️ Church / “religion” (hey there “Pope”)

➡️ “Charities” (Red Cross, etc.)

➡️ Schools (teachers, admin, boards, vendors) Yes, vendors; textbooks, etc.

➡️ Organzed crime (deep)

➡️ Military (whoa)

Any many, many others …………

Now, think GLOBALLY ◀️

It’s gonna be absolutely Biblical.

It’s so much more than a 4 year election. Much more. So any time you say “what’s taking so long?” refer to above.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as “follow the money”

Money. Power. Control. Sickness




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