Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “Details are Clearly Murky of Late” 5-25-22 – May 26, 2022

RV GCR Details are Clearly Murky of Late
Pun intended…

Recent communications with appropriate authorities cite that Reno is out of the picture – further parties in Reno are giving out tainted information with intention to deceive. (It’s this intention that will be the individual’s downfall. QFS knows all. Because, QFS has access to every written communication, every phone call, anyone makes anywhere, on any device.) Some parties in Reno are “leaking” information to keep people in the dark, with statements like: “In order for NESARA/GESARA to be seen they have to be in effect for 2 years before they can release RV. Tier 4B must wait.” Or, the opposite side of that coin, “Asset-backed currencies are now exchanging in US.”

We would love to see asset-backed ruble, or dinar, or yuan, or rial, being exchanged here in the US. In order to facilitate this exchange though, would require that US have equal standing with asset-backed currency. The Quantum System doesn’t agree that this is the time for this to take place. The bankers and others involved, for instance those holding debt instruments like the US Government issued Bond Notes; are blocking this event.

The word, “block” takes on many forms. Blocking can be through the Courts. Blocking can also be through influence.

The present US Administration is presently in an undeclared war and is pushing to get us into a formally declared war with China. We can’t be in a WAR for the RV to be done.

We have continual delays until We the People are safely able to exchange.

As evidenced on mainstream news, the present Administration is pushing hard to bring the US formally into a war with China. Until these “wars” are handled NESARA will not take place. This is a principal requirement of the GLOBALISTS written, PARIS CLIMATE ACCORDS TREATY, which we understand has the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET planned as part of ONE WORLD 2030 Agenda. It’s the “ADDENDUM” that we’re interested in seeing in place. We understand that DAVOS did not go as planned. Not for those attending, nor those watching from the cheap seats. We the People will not allow the DISSIPATION OF THE US CONSTITUTION. The original 1776 US ARTICLES, and all covenants providing for Sovereignty of the People, must be kept. No one is giving up their GUNS.

One thing we can count on is the Convention of States will formally happen before Midterm Elections take place – when though? The Quantum Computer, and its Artificial Intelligence, is handling the timing on all of this as it balances all statistical details provided from all over the world. The CABAL of Military Industrial Complex companies, and their sub-contractors, are still managing their “wargames” with strength and lots of money. We’ve been on hold for years so far. Nothing can happen until Tier 4B is safe. And nothing can happen for any platform anywhere until Tier 4B is released first. This is something we can hold onto.

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