Seraph Knight ~ May 24, 2022

Original Template Encoded

With Love 

Family of Light now is Not The Time for Seperation.

Many Souls are on different Paths and Learning here.

Many do not hold our truth and that’s ok.

We are not here to Direct another’s path just to shine our light and Share our Knowledge and Wisdom.

We are at a Tipping point here as Gaia is shifting Phenominally into the Higher Vibration.

As her Energetic Grids shift and Realign to the Higher frequencies.

We are all feeling the Shift whilst Intergrating into our Physical bodies as our Physicality is Morphing.

Now is not the time to Fight the Old but Embrace the Dark within and in the Outer World with Love.

These are Exciting and challenging time’s for Humanity.

But we are Upgrading our DNA Encoding Blueprint template.

We are Returning to the Original Template Encoded within us all as we Realign with the Divine within us all.

Timelines are Dissolving and we are all Dimensional Jumping at times within our sleep or during the day as we have many experiences here each day for our Growth back to our Divinity.

Many will come into your life who are aligned with your Higher Consciousness, this will be shown over the months as you remain in your Higher Consciousness.

Rewind, Recall and Remember your Power, freedom and Sovereignty as we stand as one intricate layer of Source Creation.

We are Here for Unity and Oneness.

We are One, it’s Time to Connect with your Higher Self and your Soul Tribe in your life.

Even if there a distance away, Connect through Messages, Facebook or Face to Face. We are the Ones who we’ve been waiting for.

There are many who are Creating Seperation from their Minds due to their Own Beliefs and Programs.

Together we Rise in Unity Not Seperation, we are in this together as One United Heart, nothing more or less.

We are the Support network as we Support each we create a Gridline that spreads across our Earth that interconnects every other Soul here. I Love you all Star Family.

Blessings and love to you all Dear Hearts.


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