(Reader: Mary Hamer) Dear Commander Valiant Thor Regarding Climate Warfare ~ May 24, 2022

Dear Commander Valiant Thor,  5/24/22

*Why are you allowing the Deep State to destroy the Earth’s climate with Climate warfare?  Why do you, the Galactics & the White Hats allow the dark forces to bombard the Earth with artificial sun heat, to lower the Earth’s carbon dioxide levels, & blanket the skies with chemtrail toxins — to destroy the crops & cause famine?  For example, Space Commander & Pleiadian Mr. Kent Dunn has been encouraging people to grow gardens for years — But, now he says the crops are stunted due to the artificial suns increasing the Earth’s temperature.

*How much pain & suffering must go on before a powerful force in the Universe stops the insanity & fights for the Earth?  The human race never begged God to be enslaved by the Rothschild & Rockefeller criminal enterprise.

Thank you. Respectfully, Mary Hamer.

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