Star Sentinels ~ Galactic Center / Pleiadian Energies ~ WORLD TURTLE DAY ~ Dragon Riders have returned to Earth – May 23, 2022

Happy World Turtle Day, where we show our appreciation to our turtle and tortoise nations and their Sacred habitats. The Theme of the Day is slow and steady wins the race. It is with consistency and persistence that we achieve our highest state of Pure Awareness. This is accomplished through the Self Realization of our Buddha Nature. From the very first not a thing is, Mu.

The Cosmic Rainbow Dragon is Rising up within the Living Heart of all the Pure Golden Ones of our Starseed Earth Angelic Ground Crew of the 144. The effervescent glow is emanating from the Secret Queen’s Chamber within the Resonating Heart Center of our MerKaBa Vessel of rotating light. We continue our Journey up the Spiral of Ascension through the resurrection and relinking of our Pure Awareness with the Cosmic Consciousness of God Source Creator.

We witnessed much activity on the Schumann charts again today with multiple beams of light appearing at amplitudes of 27hz, 30hz, 45hz and a big blast at 48hz. As this realm gets inundated with fifth dimensional energies our starseed Ground crew feel as if we are walking in between worlds. As Earth Shamans we literally are, between the known and the unknown, the Tonal and the Nagual as we bring the 2 Paths together in the Middle Path with Heart, As Peaceful Warriors of knowledge we transmit our highest Light and Love for the betterment of all Life on Earth and all realms, dimensions and timelines…Here and Now!

Pachamama continues to get  flooded with massive waves of Higher Dimensional frequencies of Solar Radiation and Gamma Plasma Waves from the Great Central Sun and beyond, directly from Source; the Great Mystery. We are in the process of resolving, dissolving and transcending all that stands in the Way of our Great Awakening and Ascension process. We release and let go of all that remains that no longer serves us and Gaia. we no longer hold onto beliefs and concepts that prevent us from our Eternal Bliss Consciousness for nothing is as it seems nor is it otherwise. This is the paradox of emptiness is form and form is emptiness. All things are intrinsically linked for one cannot exist without the other. But Truth is the Eternal unchanging principal beyond all duality and beyond all existence. What we call Bright Virtue or the Unborn Mind of Buddha.

We drop and heal all karma and false contracts that keep us from our True Victory of the Light. In the end Love always wins, it is only a matter of time but all exists in the Quantum field of this Eternal Now. We bridge the worlds of what is and what can be, all that is possible. With our Infinite potential of the Great Spirit we work hand in hand with the Almighty Creative Power and with our Divine Will, our I Am Presence, we Co-Create the Paradise Mother Earth has always evolved to be, in this Now!

We are the Rainbow Bridges that manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven…A’Ho!

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