May 23, 2022: In the Eye of the Storm? – May 23, 2022

Did you feel the lull? Simon Parkes also took a brief respite, as requested.

I am taking a few days off while a few things play out on the world stage 🙂

The Dinar Chronicles will also be on vacation for a few days.

Some of your favourite intel providers have quite by chance also booked their vacation same time as me.

I look forward to re – connecting in a few days.

We understand that when the Supreme Court delivers its verdict on the election and the psychopaths would undoubtedly in that case try to create panic and chaos, the National Guard will be deployed and ready to maintain the peace. It will be interesting to see what happens with the election results.

Gregg Phillips said the first two dominoes have fallen in Arizona. Link to Telegram.

And I have to wonder what’s up with the truckers. It’s been five months or so of convoys. What [or who] is in those trucks?

Fun and games at Davos. Looks like Jack Posobiec was there to cover the World Economic Forum [globalist/cabal] meeting and this journalist must have sent the video off before she was forced to delete it. Link to video on Telegram.

BREAKING: American Journalist @Jack_Posobiec was detained by Swiss police and they refused to give a reason why.

Is this why he was harassed?

I thought this was interesting. Waiting for them all to be in one places makes for an easy round-up. What if we read between the lines…? Link to Telegram.

Wouldn’t it be grand if all those elites who are going to Davos… couldn’t leave because their planes were confiscated?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

If you’re a long-time reader you might remember when SerialBrain2 told us that “the wall” is not just about keeping illegals out. [S]he said it was technology. It’s never what we think. We don’t think big enough.

Q1009  The WALL means more than you know. The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more.   Q

These guys bring us video in support of that theory. Video on Telegram, or Tik Tok, below.

The Border Wall is an Instrument.

CHECKMATE…432hz +++

Schumann resonances

Phil chimed in.

See why they didn’t want Trump to finish the wall?

It never had anything to do with border security.

If it was all about border security, they would have allowed the wall to be finished.

The wall was designed to allow free energy to be distributed on a massive scale. It was the final piece to building out the infastructure that Nikola Tesla gave us many years ago.

The Cabal does NOT want free energy. They enjoy sucking your bank account dry every month with their illusion of “utility payments”.


CNN Tells Low-Income Viewers to Abort Their Babies: “Only the Wealthy Should Reproduce”

Whoa—Bill Maher delivers a cutting monologue around transgenderism and the sex change revolution.

WATCH: Bill Maher is alarmed at number of children identifying as trans

Archbishop Vigano remains outspoken about world events in warning to the masses. He’s more like a Pope than the Pope.

EXCLUSIVE: “Yielding of Sovereignty Is Considered the Crime of High Treason” – Archbishop Vigano on Nation States Handing Over Sovereignty to the WHO

Eli likes to sleep upside-down along the baby gate

Eli will be 21 weeks old on Wednesday and he has grown into a fun little guy who is dropping teeth like our fruit tree drops lemons. He has some marvelous big-boy choppers now but he still has those lethal baby canines that gouge me occasionally. He is much better about resisting the urge to bite now, I must say. He has gone from 7 lb 8 oz to 35 lb 4 oz and I am at my limit for carrying him. Compare his size on his bed after nearly three months.

Eli plays on his own a lot but enjoys the tail chaser game, tugging on the rainbow husky dog he picked up at the yard sale across the street and is expanding his taste for various foods. He has eaten raw potato, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, banana, apple, watermelon, seaweed, cheeses, and gobbles up his supplements with his raw dinner of surf ‘n’ turf, duck & goose, or beef, so far.

Home-baked chicken treats are a favourite, and he shares my morning toast and inhales the egg Dad makes for him on Sundays. He seems to enjoy his raw food dinners even though they’re icy cold. Since he likes the kibble-dispensing ball so much, I usually let him feed himself with a little of that so he gets exercise at the same time. He finally finds the Trader Joe’s peanut butter and banana biscuits palatable but won’t touch the pumpkin treats our neighbours gave us—yet.

He has stopped barking impatiently while I prepare his food dish and is a nice, quiet Golden; one of the things we love about them. He has a sense of humour and loves to bring me a furry slipper just to show me he has it. With Mica it was socks and he would give a muffled growl while he pranced around. “I’ve got your sock; chase me if you want it.”

Yesterday Eli did his first real swim, paddling rapidly like a big boy instead of “kerplunking” along, lifting his front paws out of the water as he did the first time. He nabbed a ball in his mouth while traversing the pool and had a great time swimming with Dad; still enjoying our lounge chair and soaking a towel afterward but not so freaked out about the feel of the water in his coat. And now he dries a little curly with the feathers on his tail hanging down a bit.

ready to enjoy a bone

A neighbour pointed out that he has a “square jaw” on the bottom and that little chin is adorable. He revels in the attention he gets on walks as many people can’t keep their hands off his velvety coat and love visiting with him. He has a blast at the dog park and “plays well with others”, assuming the submissive position if an overly aggressive or playful dog intimidates him.

Eli is getting a little more freedom within the house and has figured out that if he goes upstairs, he can come back down and get a treat because he creates havoc in the loft where it’s open and we don’t want him up there so we lure him down with the promise of a snack. He navigates the staircase masterfully now at top speed to claim his prize.

Chow time for Eli. See you next time. ~ BP

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