Tom Cruise Cloning Program Goes Into Damage Control As His Ever-Changing Height Makes International News – May 21, 2022

In the past month… first it was Tom Cruise’s ever-changing face that caused a stir in the international headlines… and now it’s his ever-changing height… what gives?

Well… what if Tom Cruise is a series of clones?

What if Mission Impossible was a series of movies to slowly introduce the public to the super soldier program?

What if the Mission Impossible movie franchise’s scripts would never get funding or insurance unless there was a never-ending series of copies of it’s prime actor?

What if they really don’t care if one Tom Cruise dies, because another one is waiting on the assembly line?

What if actor adored and loved for his talents, is not in fact, human at all?

What if the celebrity cloning program has been in existence for DECADES?

What if the clones want to RULE THE WORLD?

Now… the latest Tom Cruise clone gives us an important clue… that clones may in fact, change height… this may be due to slight variance in the growing medium.  Or it could simply be that they are intentionally experimenting on different clones, to develop the ultimate super clone.  Cruise would be the perfect specimen for this.

Remember… the cloning program, is inherently an experimental program… so there’s the base clone which is as close to the real human as possible… and then the experiment would yield variance on whatever levels would be chosen to experiment with.

Anyways… for the first time in history, we have an alleged human who’s becoming well known for his face changing, and his height changing, who happens to have super human abilities. Anyone else noticing? Yup making international news. THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING IF THEY WERE NOT EXERCISING DAMAGE CONTROL, FOR THE ENTIRE PLANET IS NOW SUSPECTING SOMETHING WEIRD IS GOING ON!

2 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Cloning Program Goes Into Damage Control As His Ever-Changing Height Makes International News – May 21, 2022

  1. This entry gives one pause for thought. I don’t follow Cruise films that often any more so I wouldnt notice all these subtle changes in him however if this cloning was real, how come some of our favorite actors/actresses from yesteryear arent still around making movies etc? I see slide shows of many celebs as they age and a few maintain and keep their looks (mostly the women) like Ann Margaret and Raquel Welch and a couple others. The men don’t fare so well unfortunately so I’m not sure if Tom is exceptional or not. He definitely works at staying decent looking thru his years and thats commendable. His looks and talents keep money rolling in and you can tell he really enjoys making movies. Did you see the extreme ‘mountain retreat’ he just sold in Colo for $39.5 million?


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