Ally Raye – May 21, 2022

behold the Dragon

Beloveds, if you find yourself overwhelmed, confused, emotional, trapped in mental loops- or any manner of despair- bring yourself back to your breath.

Place your hands on your heart and breathe long and slow. Allow yourself to breathe easy as you are being “unwound.”

You don’t need to “do” anything. The unwinding is happening for you. Simply sit and breathe in peace.

As much as possible, allow yourself to be the witness of what is happening without identifying with it.

It is all simply “energy in motion.” It is all energy moving in a manner to assist in your “blooming” and propelling you through a Divine tunnel within your HEART.

All is truly well.

Take it nice and easy.

One long slow deep breath at a time.

You are so very very loved.


Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. 


God Is. God Is. God Is.

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