May 20, 2022: Our Evolving Reality [videos] – May 20, 2022

That wacky day has rolled around again, as it always does. Friday. It always feels good.

Have to begin the morning post with morning talk. I laughed out loud about this on Truth Social because I have wondered if this face is real, or a mask. Can it be real? Has she changed? Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a real piece of work.

Mel Q wrote a book using her Telegram posts and brings us this bit as a sample:

4 year delta
General Flynn is saying to “Follow the PEN” and calling out ‘We The Media’ (WTM) as CIA/MOSSAD in his post today. Moab, Jordan is the location where the Moloch worshipers from Babylon migrated to, pretending to be Israelites.

“The Beast” has been controlling WTM and following and attacking real Anons, God, the 144k & the Alpha/Omega. Headed up by CIA/MOSSAD Asset Jordan Sather (Page 126-131 in my book) and infiltrated by other CIA/MOSSAD assets. They are Fake News and Shills!

Trust your ‘knowing’ when reading their content. Use real discernment when deciding who you follow.

Follow the PEN > Make sure you read my book to catch up on the truth.

Law of War 11.1, 11.4, 11.9, 11.14, 11.16 Spiritual Assistance, 11.19
TruthSocial @littllemel

Are you following the alleged Q account on Truth Social?

This is an important update from Kevin Annett in Canada. It is time for Humanity to step up and engage. The text is printed below the video on YouTube if you prefer to read. 4 min.

Republic Alliance forms to fight global tyranny: July conference will unite patriots internationally

Allison Coe posted a new video a few days ago and hers are always fascinating. If you’re not familiar, she is a quantum hypnotherapist and her clients ask her to delve into their higher selves for details we don’t get anywhere else on topics no one else talks about. It’s riveting listening. 1 hr. 18 min.

Builders, Creators, Shifts and Holograms

Still on the woo-woo side, a “what if?…” for those crew members with unbridled curiosity. We’re going to revisit a Q post and Ezra Cohen’s Telegram, the alleged John McAffee Telegrams, Juan O’Savin material, and Jetson White’s theories. I found this really intriguing last night.

As we know, Q’s messages can mean many things and while they suggest a direction, the reality can be something entirely different, or in addition to. We have to think outside the box.

For example, Q said, “Watch CA”. At first we assumed it was California because so much has happened there, but being Canadian, I also applied our country acronym CA and then look what happened in Canada recently! Now everyone is watching “CA” of the north.

First, the Q post; an excerpt from Post #916

Mar 10, 2018 1:04:36 PM EST

We are saving Israel for last.
Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.

Ezra Cohen’s two Telegrams from yesterday at 11:13:33 am [3 x 1 and 3 x 3]

Eyes on Israel now.

The Final Temple.

Temple could mean our personal temple, I think. Our avatar.

An alleged John McAfee Telegram post referencing Israel. There’s no telling who really wrote this but it’s someone with an axe to grind. “We never left.” Who is “we”? “Flowers bloom in June”? Is that a prediction about the timing?

David Nino Rodriguez posted the following and he speaks with Juan regularly.

Juan said watch McAfee

When I Pass Through the Sun
Remember My Heart is as Light as a Feather;
April Showers til Your Flowers
Bloom in June;
Saving the Best for Last;
The End is Right Around the Corner;
EL Papi is Back;
Define Stage Set; VVORLDVVIDE;
Making America Great
3 Times;
We Never Left;
A Week to Remember;
Blackout Necessary; Down She Goes;
Israel Next;
Define Israel;
3 Diamonds in One;
Mark My Words: Promises Fulfilled;
Hi Jack, Remember Me?
Where’s Snowden??
Treason Doesn’t Play Well in the End;
Where’s Hunter?
He Who ConQuers Death
Shall have Everlasting Life;
Where’s Jared??
Think Knees & Elbows Blown Out;
Life Alert; Help He Can’t Get Up;
He Kisses the Floor in the Name of God Now;
That Holy Spirit Doesn’t Fuck Around;
In Effect;
MOAB En Route: Tracking;
They Wrote out the Mother but
Kept the Father;
10 Days;
Remember What We Said Last Week;
Last Trump’et There is NO Going Back;
Do You Hear That???
sssshhhhhh Just Chill Life is Good;
God is Here…
Night and Day We Pray;
All Eyez on the Son and Moon;
The End Won’t be for EVERYONE;
Difficult Times; Difficult Truths;
May the Forth be with Us
America United Again Again;
Forever; Eternity;
As Darkness Falls;
Every Lie Will Be Revealed;
Looking for the TRUTH??
Look into a Mirror and Buckle the Fuck Up;
Tied the Hands @2.5
H[QWL]ING; In the End We Regret NOTHING;
Hello George.
Iron Eagle.
Wizards & Warlocks.
White Rabbit.
Lord Sativa 420.
Alice & Wonderland.

Now watch Jetson’s video below posted on May 17, taking into consideration the clips from Juan O Savin, and keeping in mind the prophesied Rapture Event. What do you think? When the “education process” or awakening curriculum the Earth Alliance planned is complete, what is the last step? As McAfee put it… IsRaEl? Are WE what they refer to IsRaEl, the last of the Adamic Bloodline?

If Q’s message and these subsequent ones referencing Israel and it is the Rapture, then it would have to be last, wouldn’t it. Not a question. We would be changing the game forever. 10 min.

PART 5 – 4/11 Takeover: The Rapture

Of course the patriots have all kinds of people putting out information and DISinformation. I believe Phil G. is part of that, and I pick and choose what he says as truth, for that reason. I believe some of the good guys say other good guys are disinformation or don’t have good intel as part of the obfuscation to keep the enemy off balance and unable to figure out the strategy or timing of the Earth Alliance initiatives.

Last night Phil did a great live show in which he defined 4 phases of the take-down. He called them:


While I believe it’s correct to some degree, I don’t take it all literally or to be 100% truthful. With over 3 million listening, you know some of them are the enemy. Phil told us what these phases would entail and we’ll see what happens in the “conclusion”… one day… hopefully soon.

I am of a mind that this artificial construct/holographic reality/3D simulation is too diseased and infested with evil to be appropriately cleansed and livable for Humanity and I expect something drastic will have to happen to save our race so I’m open to possibilities.

If Jetson is correct in assuming the dark will attempt a global attack on us all, and the Earth Alliance is going to wait until the last second to yank us, things could get dicey but I believe the psychopaths will get their “reset”; it just won’t be what they expected.

I imagine there is satisfaction in Kayleigh McEnany getting to break this Hillary Clinton update.

I hope the Canucks enjoy the May 2-4 weekend with a case of 2-4 or whatever turns your crank. I miss those camping days at the beach with friends or family when the first really nice weather came around and the buds exploded on the trees, running around barefoot in the super-fine sand amongst the cedars of Lake Ontario, riding the green waves, eating beefsteak tomatoes like apples and at night, poking the campfire. And lest we forget—ah… the unforgettable aroma of RAID to keep the mosquitoes from having us for a midnight snack in the tent. Times do change. Now I live in the desert. My castle for a soaking rain.

I look forward to a world without poisonous plants and animals, biting insects, toxins, subterfuge, lies and coverups, illicit businesses, Human sacrifice, bloodletting, war, greed, and slavery. It’s coming but they can’t tell us the whole truth. Most of us wouldn’t get it anyway and they don’t want to scare anybody.

Ciao for now. ~ BP

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