The Eagle and the Condor Lineage – May 19, 2022

The Eagle and Condor is the prophecy of the Divine Union called Hieros Gamos. This is The Shakti and Shiva Union, the Christos and Magdalene, Yin and Yang – Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Sacred Union. The prophecy of Mayan and many Ancient Cultures is in the time of the Great Shift/ Awakening the Eagle and Condor will Unite in Divine Unconditional Love to transmit the highest codes of Love, Joy and Abundance for all of humanity.

The following links are ways that you can support us on our great mission of manifesting Heaven on Earth. We have many visions for the New Earth, some of which are healing centers, sanctuaries, rainbow tribes in sustainable communities, schools for crystal children, great art with galleries and museums.

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