News Today – May 19, 2022

ELON MUSK comes out against DEEP STATE publicly….

tells the audience who ever is writing the teleprompter for BIDEN controls the U.S. (alludes to deep state)///

_hours later.. MUSK comes out as REPUBLICAN….


>) WIRES;: THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD BECOMES A REPUBLICAN AND GETTING READY TO MOVE BILLIONS$$$$$$$$$$$$ INTO RIGHT WING CAMPS that support free speech….. MUSK is advocating To BILLIONAIRE’S ( friends) across the World to bring in Money to TRUMP selected mid term winners and MUSK is getting ready to bring HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS TO 2024 ////

And coming forth with new projects/apps/Plattform Catered to FREE SPEECH

(in other words…. Where DECLASSIFICATION LEAKS are shared world wide among Free Speech FREEDOM FIGHTERS, PATRIOTS, ANONS…..)////


The Storm is coming in heavy

Almost every MAJOR country is preparing for CIVIL UNREST connected to the [COLLAPSE]

Of world economy/food shortage growing/ high gas prices/supply chain disruption..

>>>>> The collapse of FIAT SYSTEM is just beginning ( where the sheep can finally see their is something happening and BIDEN or their governments are lying….)///




you were warned of all these EVENTS for the past year ..

Buckle up.

The news is fake

The war is REAL


Over 400 sites across U.S. are planned for Liberal protests against SCOTUS possible turn over after Justice Robert confirms the Leaks…

These 400 planned protest>WILL,< turn into riot’s as being planned by deep state and antifa and left wing extremist….


National Guard is expected to be deployed in all U.S. States….


When clashes become to heavy

And dangerous and violet…. Its HIGHLY expected Army divisions Light Infantry units WILL be deployed/// > training for Army units begin in secure locations through North American regions on how to combat inner city Civil disturbance operations//

UN is also currently holding Military drills on combating Civil

Unrest I’m large cities> gray Zones////


It had been EXPECTED by Q drops that the DEEP STATE would turn to violent protest across the U.S. .. And in this moment Military divisions would be deployed under crowd control …/////


I had WARNED long ago… Chief Justice Roberts SCOTUS was a TURN COAT(playing a part and placed by WHITE HATS…his crimes were Massive and connected WARS through FISA courts and TREASON //// his wealth is was heavily connected to human trafficking money laundering in Ukraine, Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia ( old Clinton world Saudis ties.. Now ending)///


Behind the scenes….. The White operations are targeting [ 🎯]

_The >>>>>[ SENATE ]<<<<<

( Captured foreign operations >>>>>the Senate is headed into EXPOSURE<<<< collusion… Collapse…..)/////


Down South….. The cartels are in DEEP War inside KILLING FIELDS

and taking sides Along White HATS or Black hats operations ///

If you don’t understand yet… Cartels run Middle American/ South America……

You can’t fix the U.S and world DEEP STATE if you don’t take down CARTELS that run countries and that work for the DEEP STATE CABAL//// it connects oil. Shipping, produce, foods, paper, coffee , natural resources…….



MAJOR news is about to hit from Middle America / South America.. That WILL effect the U.S……./// this EVENT will silence Ukraine for awhile but U.S. citizens aren’t ready for this Event.. And will be shocked

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