The ATLANTEANS and the CHAKRAS ~ Transitioning from Pyramid of Life To Circle of Life – The Bird Tribes Are Converging – May 18, 2022

On this powerful day Solaris continues pumping out multiple Solar Flares as he produces 18 sunspots from region 3007 and activated sunspot number 173 today, this is encoded with our 37 into 73 code of Heaven on Earth. The synchronicities are constantly being projected into our Consciousness for the Gnosis of the Great Spirit to transmit the higher Wisdom into the Minds and Souls of our Starseed Ground Crew of the 144. Along with the Gamma Plasma Energetics flooding this realm from the Great Central Sun we have had many pulses of  Higher Resonance appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 25, 20, 19, 35 and a massive blast at 43hz.

The Pink Ray of Lady Portia and the Pink Rose of Divine Feminine Magdalene is being transmitted mind to mind to you for full integration of the Unconditional Love of the Holy Mother of the Virgin Waters of Pure Consciousness. The innocence of all Life. The Fires of the Passion are blazing bright in the living hearts of all Guardians of the New Earth, preparing all for the resurrection and Ascension into the Light.

To free yourself from the false matrix you must find the peace within your body, heart, mind and spirit. Step off the ferris wheel of the karma of samsara and into the Dharma, the Truth of the Great Mystery beyond all concepts and is unchanging. It is in the silence and stillness in your Source Center that is the Path and Portal to freedom and redemption. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Love is the only Way, Life is Eternal and timeless in this now.

The false lower self always tries to pretend that the battle is outside itself when in reality the battles are always within .We must release and let go of all battles To free ourselves from the lower 3-D matrix. For in Truth nothing is as it seems nor is it otherwise.  Please remember that all beings are born Perfectly Awakened Buddhas but the Pure Awareness is converted to the 3 hells; the frightened animal, the angry demon and the hungry ghost. All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha.  The Power is in the Silence, the Truth is within the Stillness This is the Kingdom of Heaven within.   Our True Nature of Pure Awareness. The Original Unborn Mind of Spirit that is always Free.

We are in the final phase of clearing and purification of all Nadis in the Physical Vessel as our Vehicle of Light (the MerKaba) comes into full Spin Phase of Transformation into the Rainbow Body of the Clear Light of Bliss… BE this Here and Now…A’Ho!

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