May 18, 2022: The Changing Red Tide—Tsunami Incoming! [videos] – May 18, 2022

The election shit-show is in high gear in America and the social issues that define Humanity are front and centre. There are many choices for us on the table currently and we need to be informed, sane, and choose wisely. The service-to-others high road to ascension must take precedence over the service-to-self leanings that have been too prevalent for too long.

The climate in the world–or at least America—around personal rights is absolutely frightening. Listen to this short clip below about a woman’s right to choose—and weep, because if we don’t turn this mentality around, respect for Human life will evaporate. The edgy nature of the White Hats’ education process is red-lining now so as not to be missed by anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

This kind of extreme isn’t something you inherit when you use the “liberal” label. It’s conscious thought and this reality is a proving ground.

Almost as bad, is the switching gender insanity. All along we’ve been saying that unequivocally, men cannot bear children—and now this. Please make it stop.

Doctor planning womb transplant to allow a transgender woman to carry children

The elections are getting climactic as results filter in with various reports of irregularities and “too close to call” and recounts required such as with the Dr. Oz race. Pennsylvania is going to be a nail-biter. Link to Telegram.

6th largest county announced a defect with their mail in ballots, so those aren’t even counted yet.

They said it will take days… and those ballots are definitely larger than the entire current margin of victory

“Can’t tell ‘em, gotta show ‘em”?

Kari Lake says Republican voting turnout is waaaay up = red tsunami. Link to Telegram.

It’s also a red letter day because I finally joined Truth Social. My Starship email was blocked and I never got the confirmation link so I had to use a personal account, which worked fine. Connect with me if you’re on Truth Social: @moochacha369where I’m the same grumpy kid giving the cabal the stink-eye since I woke up many years ago—except I identify as a woman. The hair’s very similar, though.

Nancy Drew showed us 38 flags in Washington, DC recently and the significance of that is now revealed. Santa Surfing brings together some background and explanations about what the Earth Alliance is doing to return America to the free Republic and lock out the cabal in her video below. We’re making history, folks.

5/17/2022 – SCOTUS Announcement! Article 5! 38 Flags – Convention of States! Truckers!

Ezra Cohen posted the following on Telegram so things must be going well for the Resistance.

End of the Democrat Party


The Bird Sang

We’ve talked about the fear porn the cabal is always putting out and they’re amping it up. I don’t believe Americans will allow another “scamdemic” but some countries are not as clear on the agenda so…

As for the baby formula fiasco… we have an update.

I noticed that Arizona is really getting it together to fix our broken state and our representatives are doing their jobs. Will Gov. Doug Ducey do his?  Link to Telegram.

JUST NOW: The Senate passed HB2237, preventing same day voter registration and classifying a violation as a class 6 felony. It now heads to the Governor!

And this bill, too. Link to Telegram.

JUST NOW: Arizona Senate has passed HB2453 which prohibits governmental entities from imposing mask mandates. 277 conservative activists signed in to SUPPORT this bill on RTS! It now heads to the Governor for signature.

It’s been another busy day and my “to do list” never seems to get any shorter. Something always suffers, be it the blog, or my half-finished projects, or cleaning, or Eli’s lack of training time, or the research I’d like to do. The Pet Detox Summit was fantastic but I was only able to take in half a dozen experts’ presentations out of the 5 days. I’m looking more deeply into “rabies” and vaccinations and will have to make a decision soon.

Signing off for now with thanks to the crew for the interesting shares and updates every day. ~ BP

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