Ally Raye – May 18, 2022

Life may at times seem confusing, challenging, and without order. But, when you live from your HEART and interpret from your heart’s wisdom, you discover that everything- absolutely EVERYTHING- is perfect.

What you think you see on the surface, is actually not at all what is “really going on”. Beneath the surface is an ever-unfolding Divine Love. It’s there in every subtle detail. If you could see every “perceived problem” from the heart’s perspective, you could never again curse anyone or any circumstances.

When you truly KNOW this, you become FREE and you become ONE with the LOVE that is truly ALL THAT IS. There is nothing that at its essence is not LOVE.

And, when you perceive your “problems” in this new way, you will see the purpose, the gift, and the LOVE in absolutely everything.

It is through the HEART that we find deep healing and feel profound GRATITUDE and LOVE for absolutely everything- including our own BEing.

And, we remember the truth…


Love Is. Love Is. Love IS. 


God Is. God Is. God IS.

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