Real Reasons to Never Talk to Police ~ May 16, 2022


By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 16, 2022

I don’t look for Novel Stories (Hearsay), I look for Evidence.

The REAL reasons you should never talk to the police!

Their objective is not Law, Justice, Equality, or Rights. Their objectives are CONVICTION, Promotion, Pay Raise, Power, Adrenalin Rush. If Policing was Constitutional there would be an Amendment, but Extortion, Racketeering, Human Trafficking (Slavery), RICO, and other criminal acts can not be made Constitutional.

Attorneys don’t know who they are working for, but I know.

I assume you are an Attorney (Attorn) and member of the BAR Mafia (BRITISH Accreditation Registry) headquartered in the City State of London (~1649) and Foreign Agent.

An Attorn is someone under new management like a trader; Exiting the jursdiction of the Constitution and joining the Vicar of Christ on Earth (Pope). The Pope’s Christ is Dagon / Poseidon / Lucifer (King / Ruler of the Sea) and Admiralty Law, this is why the Pope wears a fish head.

Different language use different words for the same thing:

LuciferSet / SethPoseidonDagon
ApolloRa / ReHeliosNimrod

The most misunderstood aspect of Apoll & Lucifer is they are not two but one, like Dr Jekyle & Mr Hyde, one by day and the other by night. Two personalities of the same entity. The god of Psychopathy, because psychopaths suduce their victims with “good” and murder them with “bad”. They are not both good and bad, they are bad employing “good” to deceive (evil).

The Positions held by Attorneys include:

  • SCOTUS (See D&B for Private Corporate status)
  • Congress
  • Attorney General
  • DOJ
  • Federal Judges
  • Governors
  • State Legislature
  • State Attorney General
  • Local Judges
  • Mayors
  • Prosecutors
  • Defense Attorneys

It’s a rigged system (Latin for Sewer).

If you can’t see from this that the Legal System of Admiralty Law is a Monopoly of Criminal Enterprize for the purpose of enslaving humanity, you must be stupid as well as corrupt.

Peace, love, and blessings,


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