Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed- May 15, 2022

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed dies aged 73 – CNN


☝️ this DEEP STATE death is very important… In what’s happening behind the scenes<

_Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed is money laundering for Clintons and current money laundering operations of UKRAINE>AID ( US AND FOREIGN GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE to many programs projects… Including Clinton foundation $$$$$$ the money often ends up in UAE )///….

CABLES:; bin Zayed was removed and replaced through [ INFILTRATION ]>>>

Black Hat > MOLD >Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

is a placed ACTOR////

> back story Bin Zayed is ( was) the keeper of foreign oil and several foreign aid money …. >One day after Biden calls off oil and gas leases in Alaska/gulf of Mexico bin Zayed dies.

Bin Zayed was one of the worlds richest rulers ( Forbes)… Had secret assets in shell companies across the world including BLACKROCK ( top investors names hidden from Public)….. He was Deep State agent inside the CABAL and went ROYAL Military academy in Britain and when Britain with drew governance in the region Bin Zayed was appointed leader of the UAE military and the department of defence.

Zayed hosted >World Economic Forum and gave billions to the them, .. He also help and funded NATO to over throw Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi who would not join the world banks and was killed for his gold , Gaddafi was going back to a Gold back banking system …. The CLINTONS ,DS plan with financing from Zayed and money laundering / military munitions placements through Zayed help/ KILL Gaddafi.

Inside of WikiLeaks Zayed was named and was connected to foreign military contractors and was connected to funding BLACKWATER mil. ( Cia_ Clintons CABAL Merc. Military contractors).. eventually Zayed hired BLACKWATER directly to work for UAE ( this illegal move of Clintons/ state department and UAE working with the same military contractors involved allot of shared classified information and War crimes)///

Three us intelligence and military officials have admitted to providing sophisticated computer hacking and technology to the United Arab Emirates . This spy operation from the Clinton Blackwater agency gave UAE capabilities to hack into the TRUMP computers and other world leaders.

( Fortunately WHITE hats MiL. Were watching)..


What does ask this mean?

In the CABLES; Zayed was a TURN COAT and gave up all information two years before this death to white HATS Mil

Alliance… All data, information and servers were given to White HATS Alliance….. Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, TRUMPs personal Allie and friend spearheaded the silent operations against ZAYED in the past 3 years…. And Turned HIM .. ( TURN COAT.> Think Bush before his death)///

The new leader . Is an installed

[ INFILTRATION ] leader…. To cause chaos in black hats operations / // /

Behind the scenes…. people are dying and being killed…. Some are turn coats playing ACTORS


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