The Divine Goddess Feminine Portal for this Friday the Thirteenth is fully open and transmitting her Heavenly Light for all the World to embrace and allow the healing Waters of Venus to flow freely through their Sacred Vessels as rivers of Gold Light, the Holy Chi flows smoothly through the Dragon Lines both internally and externally.

All energetics are intensifying for our Full Embodiment of our Soular Diamond Rainbow Bodies of Indestructible Light.

We are going through an integration and recalibration of the Higher Light Codes of the New MorphoGenesis of our 12 Strand Crystalline DNA.

The temporary splitting and bifurcation of this Earth realm is underway for the final preparations of the full anchoring and Ascension into the Fifth Dimension of Heaven on Earth.

Let us journey together a moment through the void to the beginningless beginning of this timeline when the original seemingly separation occurred. We created the Yin and Yang, the Prime Sine Wave of Life. The Pulse of the Universe. The separation of Light and Dark, the Black and White to manifest the BLue and Red of Physical Manifestation. As the rise and fall of the Breath of Life created the expansion and compression of Sound and Light the waves transformed into the particles for physical life to be created. We return there Now for a full recall of the Original Mind of Pure Awareness. In your own time go deeper and deeper into this Still Silent Moment before the First Light, the First Thought and let it bring you to full Realization of your Buddha Mind, your Sacred Self.

All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. This is the Gnosis of Pure Awareness beyond all words and concepts. As a Person of Knowledge we continue to follow our Path with Heart and create the Sacred Space for the Direct Experience of Cosmic Consciousness, the Oneness with all Life.

Be in the Peace and the Love of Divine Source Creator, The Great Mystery, Here and Now…A’Ho!

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