The CYCLE is OVER! ~ May 10, 2022


Something HUGE is Coming

Editor’s Note: Our ability to “bring” change is to first change our viewpoint, our perspective. When we can “change our minds”, we open the door to changing our hearts, and as we change our hearts (the way we feel), then (and ONLY then)…do we change our own personal world here on Earth in this lifetime.

We BE come the Cause for what we experience! Wait…how does that work when we are in the world of geo-political happenings? Your own personal world is yours to the degree you imagine, and this is why the ability to imagine has been squashed by the dark on planet Earth.

If you imagine you are controlled by finances, then so BE it…you will BE in a financial situation you cannot control. If your doctors offer little hope for your illness unless you comply with their treatment, your health will be as they determine. May I suggest you feel in a different way about your health, even in the face of pain?

Individually, we (including me) have our own set of circumstances which require us to change the way we view our lives. Imagine, if you will, being surrounded in an invisible “bubble of LOVE” where you can relax and breathe deeply. All is cozy, relaxing and soft. At that point, you have imagined, and are actually IN…

Quantum Joy!


Something HUGE is Coming.

In the coming months. . . We will BE able to See in our Skies more of the Galactic Federation’s Ships. . . camouflaged or not. . . in fast flights or parked. . . as well as. . .

We will also perceive more the Presence of the Sacred Divine Dragons that were Released from the Inner Earth to start their work of Surface Cleaning.

They have been setting up special fortresses in the GREAT CAVERNS scattered across the planet and Lovingly calling out to those who have an Affinity with them so that together they can HEAL the Millennia Energies of pain and suffering still present across the Morphic Fields.

Many of them are in Fifth Dimensional Physical Bodies or Plasma Bodies. . . and We on the surface will have the opportunity to initially interact more actively with all of them in our Dreams or Meditations.

They come bringing their SACRED FIRE of Purification.

There will BE Greater Dynamism in the coming months as Life on Earth appears to return to Normal.

But We will find that it will BE a Different Normal as WE are much more AWAKE than ever BEfore.

This will also open NEW DOORS for us to move forward with our SOUL Plans. . . more and more Free from the dark influences that. . . day by day. . . are REMOVED.

Also We look at our watches and notice the Time passing too fast or too slow. . . and this is a result of the Adjustment in the QUANTUM FIELDS of the Earth. . . work done by the Andromedans.

When this Adjustment is complete. . . it will bring more Smoothness to our Thoughts and Emotions. . . and We will BEgin to Feel within us a Sense of Completeness that Everything is in the Right Place and at the Right Time.

It is also important to emphasize that while all these CHANGES are taking place. . . We will BE able to perceive the Rearrangement of our daily lives. . .

in which CHANGES are increasingly taking place. . . “pushing” us to points where We need to BE and Do what We need to Do.

Let’s NOT BE Alarmed if. . . from one Moment to the Next. . . our lives seem to BE turned Upside Down. . . as this is also part of these Necessary Movements.

Those of us who live in specific regions of the Earth will BEgin to Feel the Time to CHANGE. . . to go Farther and to HIGHER Places. . . also Because there is more Fresh Air there.

Our Bodies are CHANGING and there will BE a Natural “Detox” process going on in the coming months and years as Mother Earth will release Special Elements into the Air and Water to PURIFY our Bodies of toxins.

Mother Earth works with us and WE Need to BEgin to Understand this.

She wants to Help us in our Processes. . . but it is essential to understand Her responsibility as humans to protect the Earth and take care of the Whole System. . . the Fauna. . . the Flora. . . and this Entire Realm.

We Allow our SELVES to Enjoy more of the Beauties of the Earth and Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset.

We Watch the Stars of the Celestial Vault at Dusk and Allow our SELVES.. . too. . . to Enjoy a simple BREEZE touching our faces.

This brings us closer to Gaia – the SACRED EARTH – and Aligns us with the Sacred Crystal Heart at the CORE of the Planet.

We will continue to UPHOLD the Banner of FREEDOM. . . LOVE. . . and PEACE!

And Let’s BE Assured that this Echo of Pure and Sacred TRUTHS has been Heard by All the Divine Civilizations of this Universe and they All work together NOW to continue with the Complete Liberation of Earth and Her Reintegration into the Cosmic Community.


Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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