May 9, 2022: The Approaching Perfect Storm


What do you think the chances are that the White Hats are going to bring a culmination of the many balls they’re juggling together all at once? What if the truth and subsequent legal actions about the rigged election and Biden’s removal, the truth about Covid and the vaxxes, the role of the lying treasonous turds in the lamestream media in world events, and the Durham determinations all converge on the masses at virtually the same time? At least the same week, if not mere days apart. That would be the perfect storm, would it not? And there is still the pedophilia/pedovoria to address as Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list and courtroom results are getting worse and worse with delay tactics. It’s looking like a perfect storm on several counts may become a reality.

Something to watch for?

Major Death announcement coming this week.


Elon Musk is suggesting he is a target. But is Elon really Elon? Check out this Telegram post. We may have another “actor” in the “movie” here, folks.

Dan Scavino Jr. posted another “red line” message so folks are watching closely.

If you have not yet watched the Earth-moving 2000 Mules documentary, you must do so. Despite knowing the election was rigged and stolen, at some point your jaw will be on the floor. There were 80,000 people watching on the 2000 Mules official website along with me, and many thousands of people watched in other places and earlier in the week at select movie theatres.

As we have discussed multiple times in the past, the left would like us to believe that “voter fraud” is the problem. That means the odd person voted twice or something minuscule and ineffective like that. This is not about “voter fraud”. This is ELECTION FRAUD. It is a massive organized crime operation designed to overthrow an election by any means necessary.

It required planning, funding, hiring, execution, and the coordination of many people in many places. When you hear the statistics from True the Vote as to how many mules there were, it’s astonishing, and, I hope, infuriating. There were only 200 tracked here in Maricopa County, but in Michigan it was 500. There were OVER 2,000 mules stuffing ballot boxes with illegal ballots. That was just a conservative and 100 % result where the criteria were met. There were far more that were also very suspicious but were not included in the initial count. You have to see the movie to believe it.

This video below was viral on Telegram but I found it on Twitter for you folks who aren’t on Telegram. She sums up the general consensus of many after watching the movie, I’m sure.

An angry voter after watching 2000 mules.


— TX_PATRIOT (@LG_HALEY) May 8, 2022

As you must know, the enemy will expend a great deal of energy “debunking” the facts collected by True the Vote and presented in the D’Souza film, and they are lying and spouting nonsense in a pathetic attempt to do so. In what reality can you say that video evidence and cell phone geotracking are not valid proof?

I can tell they are tracking my whereabouts very closely after I visit a mall and then I get ads on my PC for the same kind of products I viewed in the specific department I was shopping in. There is no question about the validity or accuracy of geotracking.

As pointed out, geotracking is highly accurate. Common sense and logic will see us through to the truth and shred the lies and disinformation. The criminals can see their inmate numbers and jumpsuits already, if not a firing squad or a gallows. Link to Telegram.

The CDC is geotracking people to see if they are social distancing. If geotracking were not highly precise and accurate—as the bogus “fact checkers” claim—how could the CDC use it to determine if people are standing 6 feet apart?

The fact is, the whole world is aware the American 2020 election was stolen. Any moron knows President Trump was reelected in a landslide and only a mind-controlled or bribed snowflake Trump-hater would vote for Joe Biden.

Men with Trump’s popularity, charisma, dedication to telling the truth, and bond with the common man who as a result fill massive stadiums with overflow attracting hundreds of thousands of people and go to every rally with the ranking of a rock star are going to lose an election to a decrepit, lying, bumbling, hair-sniffing, pedophile who sells out America to China and collects millions of dollars along the way for himself and his family and is lucky to attract half a dozen people to a “rally”.

I’m not denying Joe Biden got 81 million votes. I’m denying Joe Biden got 81 million votes from 81 million voters.

— TheBSDetector (@burn_loot) May 7, 2022

And it wasn’t only a rigged and stolen election, now was it? There were so many crimes perpetrated to achieve the New World Order agenda in that election it’s hard to know which one was worse, but the single most important fact remains that to overthrow a sitting president by rigging an election and nullifying the votes of the American people is treason. The penalty for treason was fairly recently modified to “capital punishment” in America. Qincidence?

The cabal and their minions are never going to own up to what they did. You’re not going to hear these mules or Stacey Abrams admit, “Yep. We bad, we bad.” We don’t have to prove that the election was thrown in every state; only a handful to overturn the election result and reinstate the true President: Donald J. Trump.

Here in Maricopa County Dr. Kelli Ward tells us that despite the law, the drop box cameras were not functioning/turned on—but many were across the nation and millions of hours of data collected on the activities of the cabal’s minions don’t lie.

The best suggestion moving forward probably came from General Michael Flynn. He called on every constitutional sheriff in America to uphold the law and arrest the culprits.

And this is the next step, as reported by Gateway Pundit.

NOTE TO STACEY ABRAMS – FIND A GOOD LAWYER: True the Vote Announces They Are Releasing Addresses of ALL Ballot Trafficking Stash Houses

How, my friends, knowing what we now know, can we expect anything but mass arrests? How can there be any excuse for not arresting these people for organized crime and treason? Will the American people demand justice be done?

As for Il Donaldo Trumpo’s question as to “who paid the mules”, some have responded with the Zuck Buck route.

Mark Zuckerberg spent $419 Million dollars on the last election, 😳 I wonder how the ballot harvesters were paid?

— Marie (@Dr0pp0) May 8, 2022

Moving forward, the world is changing and we like good news.

The first time I checked, this inspiring short video clip below had 417k views. It’s representative of the new energies, folks. Unity. Collaboration. Solutions. The high road. All for one and one for all. When a distress call goes out, you jump on it en masse and get it resolved.

No more “pandemics” that rage unchecked for 2+ years. Immediate, effective, Humane solutions work well when you nip it in the bud. There’s always a way and the synergy of many people piling on their skill sets, creativity and positive intentions is unstoppable.

One thing Twitter has taught me is how smart and compassionate so many creatures on this planet are.

🐢 💙

— TG (@TG22110) May 7, 2022

That incredible Schumann Resonance chart above appeared on Telegram on Sunday night mere hours after the large scale viewing of 2000 Mules. The Q&A that followed was excellent, too. The entire evening was riveting, gobsmacking, and raised the ire of many, many people. Now they get it.

Very large shift in consciousness took place in the last couple hours.
It registered on BOTH meters.
1005 am est

The maybe not-so-good news:

Princess Cruise ship returning to Long Beach under CDC investigation after COVID cases reported

Carnival Cruise Lines Hit With COVID Outbreak

Now we hear the CDC is investigating. Since when do we trust the CDC to investigate anything—a private, globalist corporation that has proven they are not our friend and sought to prolong the fake pandemic for years contrary to the Nuremburg Code?

I take it there still aren’t enough Humans who get that the jabs are what’s making people sick? Let’s keep ramming it down their throat until they get it.

CDC Investigating ‘Highly Vaccinated’ Carnival Cruise Ship

The above is nothing to be concerned about, in my opinion. The FDA is now saying we will simply live with Covid like any other respiratory ailment like colds and influenza. No big deal. People are slowly coming to terms with this and the fear is dissolving.

Once people realize the fake pandemic was the scheme to enable mail-in voting, they will realize they were duped, and they will be very unhappy at the upset and tragedy suffered by so many as a result of that disgusting ploy.

We are plagued with fake Patriots who have infiltrated the ranks of the MAGA movement and Truth Movements.

COVID frontline doctor allegedly outed as NYC school pediatrician with 9-to-5 job

Comedian Jimmy Dore gets into the scams within, thanks to Brasscheck TV for the heads up. See the video here.

Are they backing off in Canada? Is there hope?

So… Trudeau Government:#EndTheMandates too! Now.

When the federal govt states “extraordinary” measures are no longer needed, they admit their federal mandates are no longer needed!

Costing Cdns their jobs and their ability to fly (even in Canada) is definitely extraordinary!

— Sen. Denise Batters (@denisebatters) May 7, 2022

Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act was unjustified and a huge overreach.

That’s why we are taking Ottawa to court.

— Jason Kenney 🇺🇦 (@jkenney) May 7, 2022

The crew says the actor behind the Biden mask is Arthur Roberts. What do you think? Could be the blue-eyed version?

And the Oscar goes too…..#ArthurRoberts

— SilviaSisi (@sisisunflower) March 28, 2022

That bit above may be a little “woo-woo” for some, but for the rest of us, here’s a little more stuffing for the woo-woo files from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell on his Giza Death Star blog.


Many of us have been following the Q Military Intelligence team and their intelligence drops for some time but we are always learning new ways to interpret, aren’t we?

Some folks believe that if you ask Q, or Juan O’Savin or Trump or Gen. Flynn a direct question that their answer is gospel. Nothing could be further from the truth. “learn our comms” means understand what we’re telling you, how we’re delivering the information, the “encryption” methods, the numerology, Gematria, etc. and figure them out.

Try this one on for size. Colours, clothing, symbols, so much provides clues. Link to Telegram.

Have you noticed any “COMMS” in the picture?
YES > which ones? Comment bellow
NO > learn the comms by reading the comments bellow

If you’re getting too stressed out over the current events and trying to decode everything, try a little humour, which reminds me about those rubber rooms. Any news? One moment please.

Nope, they’re not ready yet, so on we go.

I’m sorry. These kind of things send me into hysterics.

So many new scenarios to consider these days

— Cory Morgan (@CoryBMorgan) May 8, 2022

I never even heard some of these terms before.

#ICYMI A Simcoe County District School Board’s climate survey asks Grade 7 and 8 students whether they are queer, fluid, pansexual, questioning or bisexual.

— True North (@TrueNorthCentre) May 8, 2022

If you’re up for it, Phil G. will be holding a live call tonight, he says 9 or 10 pm this time to discuss 2000 Mules and what he knows and can point out to us. Link to Rumble channel.

That’s all for now. Talk soon.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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