Starship Earth May 5, 2022: Which Reality is Real? [videos]~ May 5, 2022


May 5, 2022: Which Reality is Real? [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

May 5, 2022

Coulda sworn I hit the ‘publish’ button but here it sits… until I get back to work and find it languishing in the drafts folder… timing is everything and this is now older news. More coming in a separate post; a double header for Cinco de Mayo.

There are certainly some interesting narratives out there, pulling us in various directions to see the world in specific ways. Some are easy to identify as false realities, but others are more challenging to discern. It helps to innerstand that what we think we see isn’t even close to the real thing.

If you believe your eyes, you will be mislead. Take, for example, this image of Mike Pompeo with a “wardrobe malfunction”. As far as we know he hasn’t had a tracheotomy. Link to Telegram.

There’s the “seen” or visible spectrum—but we’re assured there are major things unfolding in the unseen for our distinct benefit. All around, the news is largely positive.

Simon Parkes updated us on the very visible sagas such as to what has been happening in Ukraine and that has a positive spin. Roughly the first half of the video concerns the Connecting Consciousness group update as it appears the Missouri coordinators want to create a splinter group outside the CC umbrella.

29th April 2022 Update Current News

James Gilliland begins with his takes on the more familiar scenarios in the news but as always, gets into the less talked about aspects of reality later on in his update from April 23, 2022 and he’s always realistic but positive.

What has been going on in Ukraine? Treason. Check out this Telegram from Karli Bonne. It’s clear that Trump was referencing the Act viewed in this post in his address. “We have it all.” Major sting operations.

James Gilliland – LIVE As You Wish Talk Radio

There is currently a big question mark around the negative predictions concerning the food chain. Will the ones controlling and/or intervening allow the People to starve, or not to starve? I know which camp I’m in and I’ll not allow my thoughts or energies to entertain negative or extreme outcomes.

The dark would love to see us all mired down in oppressive and fearful visions to help facilitate their dark energies and agenda. If you set aside extra food and water for two or three weeks or whatever feels right, what else can you do? They’ve been engaging in horrific activities to taint our food supply and it has to be cleaned up. The dark may try to starve us out but they will not be successful. Truth be told, it seems we’ve been made into unwitting cannibals, and we hear it’s largely baby flesh.

Another One, Fire Damages Food Processing Plant in Northwest Fresno

Pay careful attention to how angry Democrats get when they are not allowed to kill babies.

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) May 3, 2022

Ezra Cohen-Watnick posted a second false flag warning on Twitter. He was correct with last week’s prediction and I see there are a number of subsequent interesting Telegrams from Ezra… Link to Telegram. He also confirms what I said above about “leaks” being intentional strategy. Fascinating.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/2/2022 7:49 PM]
Military under guise of riot control.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/2/2022 7:51 PM]
It’s not a leak its a warning to them.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/2/2022 8:13 PM]
You were born for this moment.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/2/2022 8:30 PM]
The leaker is Sotomayor.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/3/2022 11:02 AM]
Antifa has been deployed.

There has been much attention on the SCOTUS results on Roe vs Wade and we saw barricades erected around the Supreme Court building in DC as a result of a “leak” that the ruling would be overturned. Nothing “just happens”. It’s all choreographed and timed to a “T” and it seems that “leaks” are always intentional and timely—-whether from the White Hats or the Black.

Roe was leaked to take heat off of the Pfizer data dump.

The vaccine information is bad, very very bad.

Pfizer, CDC and our government all lied.

— Marc Lobliner – IFBB Pro (@MarcLobliner) May 3, 2022

Pfizer data released today. 80,000 pages. Pfizer knew vaccine harmed the fetus in pregnant women, and that the vaccine was not 95% effective, Pfizer data shows it having a 12% efficacy rate.

— Stephen Harris (@joehonda7) May 3, 2022

Phil G added… Link to Telegram.

BREAKING – Naomi Wolf just broke on Bannons War Room that Pfizer knew their 100mg dose destroyed recipients white blood cells or suppressed them at minimum. Claims this could be why the vaccinated keep getting Covid or other illnesses. This info came from the reports they wanted to hide till 2075.

Essentially Pfizer, FDA, CDC knew these jabs would destroy immune systems.

You are beginning to understand why the propaganda media is no longer talking about Covid.

The mentality of the brainwashed and programmed takes us to new lows. Did you ever think you would see the day when people were claiming men could birth babies and wear bizarre apparatus for breastfeeding or that there are 76 different genders? How can we even have conversations about these fantasies? It’s like people have lost the ability to reason. Perhaps they really are unable to function in the new, higher frequencies. The world is going looney tunes.

So men can get pregnant but only women can get abortions?

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) May 3, 2022

At some point, the whole truth about the US 2020 election is going to burst forth in the news, arrests will take place, and the situation will be set right. Arizona fraud was key as shown in the evidence in the following video. It’s astonishing that nothing has been done about the election rigging in many states.


It’s not over, and they know Mike Lindell has some important information to share on the details of the election rigging.


— Ultra MAGA Poso 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) May 3, 2022

And lets not forget the financial cobra’s nest. You probably heard Deutsche Bank was raided, and it continues… Link to Telegram.

BQQM!! They are cleaning house in Germany. Morgan Stanley just got raided, 2 days after Deutsche Bank’s raid. Germany is the banking brain of the whole EU. Last year I said over 10,000 bankers got arrested — don’t you think some of them sang, if not all of them?? How many bankers have died since? 💣👀💣

Morgan Stanley Raided in Frankfurt in Tax Fraud Investigation

Deutsche Bank HQ in Frankfurt raided over suspected money laundering

Over 10,000 high level bankers have been arrested this year alone

And Elon Musk is still front and centre. Here’s someone who believes Elon might actually be Nikola Tesla. Link to Telegram. We see in these posts that Giga Berlin has Tesla coils atop their Tesla factory which Elon commented on. Most of the text is French but you get the idea. In the previous post from Black Bond Patriot he gets into the healing frequencies Tesla worked with, with English. Link to Telegram.

Here’s some positive news for Hawai’i. Can they make it happen?

ICYMI: B.J. Penn is throwing his hat in the ring to become the next governor of Hawaii.


— Rebel News USA (@RebelNews_USA) May 1, 2022

We certainly hope that the impending action we “feel” is on our doorstep will wake the somnambulent public. Link to Telegram.

The final step of slavery is when the slave mentality has been internalized by the slaves themselves, and they actively seek their own repression. Whereas Americans formerly valued resourcefulness and independence, they now muzzle themselves voluntarily.

The nonsense continually pushed in Canada despite the recent Rolling Thunder protests in Ottawa and those in Montreal is astounding.

Vaccinated Canadians can sit with unvaccinated Americans, British, Australians on planes, trains.. but not unvaccinated Canadians.

Someone explain this *discrimination* against Canadians to me.#canada #Ontario #mandates

— Anna (@IhavedreamAnna) May 1, 2022

Hamilton to fire unvaccinated employees at end of May

They just never stop in Ontario.

University of Toronto, Toronto Ontario Canada

The controlled education institutions support the deep state commitment to destroying the nation by dividing the informed and uninformed, slaves vs. the free-thinkers and pitting them against one another.

University of Toronto fuels the hatred with scientific fraud

It’s time justice was done. Kerry Cassidy shared this on Telegram:


Let’s start with those already now identified:

1. The CDC.
2. The WHO.
3. The governments of all those countries who mandated masks, tests and/or injections.
4. The vaccinators/medics/doctors/nurses/paramedics
5. The schools
6. The Hospitals
7. The Health trusts
8. The Health departments
9. Most corporations
10. Scientists who advised the above.
11. MPs/government ministers
12. The Unions
13. Shops
14. Transport systems
15. The police
16. The army
17. Anyone who conspired, aided and abetted, or was complicit in assisting any of the above.

I’m exhausted just from writing that list….

It’s so depressing to realise that so many members of our society are CLUELESS about the Nuremberg Code, the Nuremberg Trials and the Rule of Law.


All those in breach of the Nuremberg Code WILL be held liable for their actions and omissions in imposing/mandating/directions/policies/statements/advertising etc in relation to tests, masks and injections

Good will win over evil in this spiritual battle. This we know, but in order to vanquish the enemy, we have to observe them, and acknowledge the darkness. Link to Telegram.

And that concludes this post. Tomorrow [Wednesday] we have guests coming for dinner so I doubt I will be on the bridge but will approve comments as I am able.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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