Enjoy the show! —As the first sparkling rays of sunlight begin to softly caress Planet Earth’s lands this Fall, so too shall a massively spectacular storm begin to simultaneously gather both mass as well as momentum in its (most glorious) wake. For indeed, is this year’s ‘Fall’ destined to be a whole lot more than just one that is (merely) metaphorical, or even simply literal, for that matter. And, as has so very often been repeated as of late, this particular Storm – the one for the (history) books, as some would put it – is one that is going to be Biblical.For this particular ‘Storm’ in question is one that we have all come to know over the course of the last few years (or more), as that which is fondly known as, ‘The Great Awakening’. — The Great AwakeningAll shall be turned upside-down. All that remains shall be turned inside-out.Unanticipated skeletons shall be seen tumbling out of unexpected closets.Every riddle shall be provided a solution. Not a rat shall find any takers.And all who have yearned to harm holy life upon this beautiful planet shall be (duly) taken to meet their maker.And so it is.And so it begins… —Needless to say, it will be chaotic.Challenging? To say the very least.(Potentially) stressful? You bet!And yet, are not the shiniest of diamonds forged under the mightiest of pressures? You are that diamond.That unimaginable brilliance. That incomprehensible glory. You are the One.The only one who could ever pull humanity safely and soundly through this all. After all, God woke you up early for a reason.No such thing as coincidences; remember? Remember, remember.And do take the lead (in guiding the sleeping masses back to love, light, joy, wisdom, healing, abundance, unity, and peace), wherever that you so can. For indeed it is TIME. — Be the ONE. —The following message is a brief summary of all that I’ve attempted to bring to the forefront of your consciousness(es) over the course of the past few weeks and months (or more) — all in preparation for these very moments of great reckoning and changeover. In the very greatest interest of humankind, I would ask that you find a way to secure a copy of this message in some way, shape, or form here; should you (or one of your loved ones) need it handily available for easy referencing at any given moment. You could also perhaps consider printing and sticking it to your fridge; or maybe use (some of the advice provided here) as a wall poster; or even as a ‘sticky note’ upon your phone or PC nonetheless. For trust me on this, right now may not be the very best (or wisest) time to rely merely on your own memory for the (timely and accurate) remembrance of such things. Besides, something as easy and available as taking a simple screenshot (or copy-pasting this text) costs you virtually nothing, really. So why not make the most of it?Feel absolutely free to readily (and handily) reference the following message any time you so need to – in order to sail as smoothly as possible through the ‘Storm’ – in turn also helping out all others that you so know of in sailing as smoothly as possible through it all in here as well. So that we all may be able to cross over safely over to the other side of things here, of that which is the (publicly visible phase of the) oncoming ‘Great Awakening’.Now go make your maker proud. And enjoy the show! Cheers! 🙂 (And much LOVE and GRATITUDE to YOU!) — (5D) Gameplay Tutorial: The Great Awakening — ONE: Attempt your level best to maintain your inner peace, sanity and stability at all times. Stay as calm, composed, cool, and confident as possible throughout all chaotic situations. Remember, the sleepers and the sheeple and the NPCs will all be following your lead and exemplifying your behaviour at the end of the day. So take the lead, and (energetically) dictate their behaviour accordingly. — TWO: See chaos, anger, rage or violence? Or someone desperately attempting to cause such? Send that place (or those people) your Love, your Light, and your very deepest Prayers. Also make it a point to always (and immediately) ask for Divine Assistance and Divine Intervention with regards to all such situations, for the very highest benefit of one and all. Then, watch as the situation resolves itself utterly miraculously in absolutely no time whatsoever! Just try it. (Always) works like a charm! — THREE: Keep approximately two weeks to a month of groceries, essentials etc. on hand (at the very least) during this time. Also do likewise for any other critical requirements such as medicines, batteries, candles, generators, tyres, etc. Re-check and re-verify your stock every now and then to make sure that it’s all up-to-date and everything! — FOUR: Certain outside forces, activities, events, situations and people may begin to (seemingly) spiral out of control or go neck-deep into chaos, or even (certain degrees of) madness here as well. This is to be expected here (as a part-and-parcel of this whole mass awakening process). So relax; for this indeed won’t last all that long. Once again, send these ones your Love, your Light, your Prayers, your Blessings and also your Peace. Also, don’t forget to immediately request Divine Intervention and Assistance in this regard here as well — for a thoroughly speedy, timely, and amicable resolution and recovery of such situations (for the highest good of all concerned) here! — FIVE: When the normies, sleepers, and NPCs begin to awaken en masse, our very first priority (as the awakened collective) would be to keep them calm, composed, and under control. For the last thing that we’d ever want on our hands here is a bunch of uncontrolled zombie NPCs set loose all over the place. And I’m talking here primarily of NPC zombies of the type that have been awakened all of a sudden, and who just so happen to also have been enraged beyond any and all reason, here. Basically, folks with zero self-control and zero self-awareness is what I’m primarily getting at, here; as also ones who just so happen to have zero self-awareness or zero real clues as to what’s even really going on “out there”, so to speak. To achieve this end, I’m giving you all a cool little formula in here (which will work absolute wonders for one and all — take my word for it). That formula can be succinctly summed up as the ‘3Cs Of Awakening Assistance.’ In that the very ‘first C’ stands for ‘Calm-down’. In that the more calm, cool, confident, composed, and cool (at-peace) you are, the easier your job even gets here. That’s because all normies, sleepers, and NPCs have been permanently conditioned to take their cues from all others around them – not too different to how real life sheep tend to act, think, move, or behave, here. (Hence the reservation of the term ‘sheeple’ for them.) So, when they see you as being all calm, confident, cozy, composed, and chilled-out in here, they too will take their cues (from you) accordingly and mirror and mimic and reflect and replicate the same thereafter out of sheer HABIT ALONE. Make no mistake, they all will indeed ultimately have to come to terms with all of the given uncomfortable truths (at a mental / emotional / spiritual level) eventually; and yet, for the time being at least, major crises will be averted here through this surprisingly simple tactic and (in-active) action of yours. Never ever underestimate the power of calmness, confidence and pure be-ing! Think of this as something that is a helluva lot like a ‘controlled demolition’ of sorts – so to speak – in which the control button is basically your own calm and collected radiance. The rest will resolve on its own. This concludes the very first C. The ‘second C’ in here stands for ‘Console’. For yes, you will indeed have to console these ones and be kind towards them in general here (even though you may be highly tempted to do otherwise), and for your own good (and everyone else’s highest good) at that. The reason for this I’ve already explained just a few lines above. So less logic, debates, reprimands, scoldings, and “I told you so’s”; and more of that empathy, compassion, and, if needed, more of those hugs here please.Think of this as your entire life’s ultimate Emotional Intelligence (or EQ: Emotional Quotient) test. Besides, forever remember that we all are in this storm together; and once the storm passes, all we will ultimately have is each other. Never ever forget that, and consider your moves here accordingly. And, in case you still want to scold and / or reprimand them, at least see if you can be just a tad bit more considerate here, and reserve it for laters once the dust (that has been stirred up by the said storms) has at least settled for a bit; and the massively bitter impacts (of the said storms) have been somewhat digested, absorbed, and dealt with accordingly. But, in all likelihood, you yourself would not want to do that here ultimately, because merely seeing their guilt for all that they’ve allowed to happen and fester within this world of ours – or done to innocents, to themselves, and also to you – would likely be more than enough of a harsh punishment for them anyways. As always, kindness goes a long, long way here. Besides, in the end, you get and reap from the world what you give and sow in it. Love, Kindness and Compassion reaps more of the same. The polar opposites of those things, naturally end up yielding you (the polar opposite types and varieties of) such results and experiences here accordingly. Cause and effect. Karma. So please, treat them the way that you’d want THEM (to have) treated you in here, as if you were all in each other’s shoes for a bit, here. And that is all that can even really be said here. Now, the last and final ‘C’, the ‘third C’ here, stands for ‘Compact-ify’. In the simplest of terms, what I’m asking you all to do in here is to keep what you have to tell them Short, Simple, Succinct, and To-the-point (for the time being in here at least). In short, keep things Compact, Easy, and Simple-To-Grasp, at least for now. Because simply going through and overburdening them with endless (and rather complex) dosages of info at this time is essentially a lost cause; not to mention quite illogical, extreme, and unnecessary here in any case. So save those deep and twisted rabbit holes (for them to explore) for laters. Just give them all a compact gist of what’s really even going on out there – and also some ideas as to what they can or can’t do next (to get one and all through to the other side) – in as Short and Simple and Clear and Crisp a way that you can quite possibly so put it. And, if they still keep on asking for more, just give them (some of that) info bit-by-bit and morsel-by-morsel, like how you would spoon feed a baby, essentially. Finally, try not to spoon-fed these ones with regards to literally everything, obviously; for they too have to learn as to how to do their own research, here. They too have to learn the arts, sciences, and ‘ropes’ of discernment, here; both by themselves, as well as for themselves. And also do they (very much so) need to develop their own inner abilities to sniff out the truth (from that which is not of the very highest truth, here); all as a part and parcel of their very own journeys of growth and evolution here no less.So at best (and as and when the dust settles down considerably); you can give them a few links or two to get started with, here. And – as for the rest of it – you must then leave it to them to figure out and learn by (and for) themselves as to how to even really do all of this; for indeed are there no real “short cuts” to learning any of this stuff, here. It just has to be done the hard way, much like you and I have done in our own unique journeys towards awakening, discernment and (self) expansion, here. This in turn will mean giving them all a big and firm “no” to their requests (for additional information) from time to time; as also telling them as to just why you just simply had to do this (to them). Because it’s the only real way to get them to awaken (by and for themselves, here). Hard love and everything! Lastly, there is also a hidden ‘fourth C’ (easter egg!) here that stands for ‘Celebrate!’ You can see this as the next (logical) step to point #1, aka the point where you simply “calm-down”. And, once you have been truly successful in establishing the energies of Peace, Calmth, and Camaraderie upon and within your very world — you are then free to turn things up a notch by taking things to a next level (energetically and spiritually), all through a perfectly timed celebration! Even better if you can somehow arrange this with your near and dear ones on, say, a holiday or such! In that you celebrate, because humanity is finally free at last. And because all that is holy and sacred upon Planet Earth (and all of life itself!) is finally free. You celebrate to turn up the levels of joy and happiness within your world (as well as the remaining world) up a notch; and also do you celebrate to take the immense pressure and guilt off of the minds of all awakening sleepers and NPCs, thereby offering them some respite, some comfort, as well as some peace, here. As also preventing them all from (potentially) getting all suicidal and such, here; whilst also reminding them that nothing and no one is ever really “beyond” redemption really — thereby offering them great comfort, forgiveness and relief in the process.Other ways of celebrating life include (but are not limited to) spreading love and cheer around (much like folks did in those global trucker convoys); indulging yourselves via some singing and dancing and festivities and other types and manners of revelry; getting people together for whatever excuses that you can possibly make (be it a bonfire or a barbeque night!) You may also choose to go here and uplift and inspire everyone that you so know of (or meet or communicate with) – through all of your thoughts, words, actions, and intentions here – in turn sharing your light and your love, and even sharing your smiles here no less! You could also well be making snowmen here and / or having paintball-gun fights and such; or simply reminding one and all of the incredibly amazing times that are about to come through for all of humanity here no less!In conclusion, to sum up our ‘4C’s of Awakening Assistance’, what we ultimately have in here is: Calmdown, Console, Compactify and Celebrate! And on the behalf of all of this planet and the very entirety of mankind as well, I thank you all for your service! Thank you so much for showing up!— SIX: It is highly likely here that most mainstream media outlets, social media platforms, as well as many alternative news media outlets and such as well — will either purposefully, or else naively end up drumming up unnecessary fear porn, drama and panic amongst the masses, here. My suggestion? Straight up disconnect. From your TV, as well as your Internet, as well as off of all other forms of electronic connectivity in here as well. In turn keeping all unnecessary headaches and anxieties at a safe distance — for nearly all of them are manufactured fake news pieces anyways, and only (and specifically) designed just to screw with you, your inner peace, your mind, your emotions, as well as your very consciousness here no less. Finally, if it is indeed that extremely essential for you to keep tabs on all current news updates or such (for your own personal wellbeing, or safety etc.), or for your own security concerns and such — just go check the news (headlines) once (and quickly) every few hours, or simply depute the most strong-minded folks within your home (on a rotational basis) to do so for the rest of the household. That is, only in cases where you truly don’t want to miss out on any essential warnings and updates from the government or the military or whoever. Be wise, and do whatever you so need to here, for keeping your mental peace (and your mental sanity) in place!And don’t worry, the world won’t exactly come collapsing down (like those nuked twin towers) if you stopped watching the darned news here for a wee bit, trust me (coz I’ve tried, and I’ve tried it a helluva lot, here). And both you and I are still very much so here reading (or writing) this shit. Thus proven. “Scientifically” and everything! — SEVEN: Spend as much time as you possibly can in connection with nature. Effortlessly keeps your mind, your emotions, as well as your energies in utter Joy, Stability, and Peace, here. Cuddle your pets. Cradle your plants. Hug your trees. Go collect some rocks and pebbles and crystals, and place ’em all around your home. Do whatever it takes to be in greater harmony and unity with nature. Consider this as being my very own (top-recommended!) pro-tip! — EIGHT: Spend all the more time doing things that you truly enjoy doing. These (activities) keep you filled with Joy, Relaxation, Stability, and Peace. As also do they assist the rest of your world by providing them with a living-breathing example of how to maintain one’s highest calm and composure during chaotic times such as these.Now, these could well be creative expressions such as creating Art, Poetry, or Baking. Or sporty expressions such as Soccer, Golf or Skating. Or work expressions such as Washing, Mowing, or Raking. Or even indoor leisure activities the likes of Checkers, Chess, or Gaming!Or you could simply be Reading, Chilling, enjoying a hot cup of coffee by the spring breeze, Sleeping or Waking!So why even bother suffering…when all of that fun is yours for the taking? 😉 — NINE: Be as kind as possible. Be as compassionate as possible. Be as forgiving as possible. Be as loving and caring as possible. And be as giving as possible, during this time. For now is pretty much THE MOST critical time for putting out our full plumage of humanity on as full and as unfettered (as opposed to unfeathered) a display as is even really possible, here!If nothing else, just be and stay as neutral as possible, here. For please remember: most sleepers will (consciously or unconsciously) be taking their cues from your behaviour, here. So set an example that you’d be glad and proud to see getting followed by one and all — if for nothing else, then only for your own good and safety, here! Because who even knows as to what a sleeper or an NPC might do to you (or other innocents around you) as and when literally all of the veils pulled over their eyes begin to be ruthlessly torn down apart? So take this approach first and foremost for your very own safety, and also for the safety, protection and wellbeing of all others around you here as well. Also, who knows as to just when you might just end up needing something from them (i.e. the sleepers and the NPCs?) So be wise, for indeed, it is in your own greatest interest, here.Think and plan light years ahead of time. Think 5D Chess, and NOT 3D Checkers! — TEN: When in doubt, de-escalate situations. Diffuse any potential explosions (be they of emotions or guns) before they even have as much as the very slightest of chances of setting off. Remember, you’re far better off being diplomatic here (than dead). Finally, if a discussion is turning into a debate (or headed straight towards doom), back the f off from it with immediate effect. For now is probably not the very best time for indulging yourselves in such. More dialogue, less diatribe. Now that’s what you call the true “art of the deal!” — ELEVEN: Pray more (for a Better, more Joyful, more Abundant, more Peaceful, more Loving and more United world) daily. Imagine and visualize it as best as you can, and put out those high vibing thoughts and intentions out there! Bless the world more. Set (either verbally or mentally) Daily or even Hourly intentions for a more Joyful, more Peaceful, and more Abundant world! For remember, everything that you put out as a Thought, Word, Action or Intention — eventually finds its way back to you, and also makes its way back into your very world! So go use this power fully wisely!This could be as easy and simple as stating a quick and clear intention (of all that you desire for the world to experience) to either God or the Universe, whenever you’re having a free moment of time (or more) each day. Something as short and sweet (and simple) as: “I wish that ALL upon this planet find perfect Health, Joy, Peace, Love and Prosperity!”And that’s all it even really takes! Your contribution to the world has accordingly been made, guaranteed one hundred percent! — TWELVE: Rise above any and all nefarious attempts and false-flag orchestrations aimed at wedging divisions either between people or between groups of people. Stay United. Stay Loving. Stay Together. And Stay strong. And (all of the above) against all odds at that! Steer clear of any juicy-looking baits being hung to a hook by the elite 1%-ers — especially so when the said baits pit you right against the remaining 99% of the common masses! Masses, who are no different really to you yourself! Pick your sides very, very, wisely, here! — THIRTEEN: When in doubt, focus on what’s ‘positive’ in any given situation. After all, even the darkest of storm clouds have the shiniest of silver linings. Find them. Love them. Appreciate them. And be Grateful for them. And above all else, share the news of their presence with the rest of the world whenever and wherever such an opening (into people’s minds and hearts) even arises! — FOURTEEN: Whatever you place your focus and attention on (be it real or imaginary), your energy goes there. And where your energy goes, reality is created (of and from it) accordingly. So it does not matter whether you focus on uplifting news items from the “real” world, or those that are entirely present only and ONLY within your very visualization, intention, or imagination.
In other words, whatever (desired reality) it is that you choose to focus upon (or place your attention on) the MOST — that EXACT scenario will eventually become the reality for you and for the rest of your world here as well.
In other words, merely (and simply) by your just “imagining” a Free, Beautiful, Kind, Loving, Happy, Peaceful, Joyful and Abundant world; you are well on your way to bringing it to LIFE. Why? And how??? Because THAT’S just how very powerful all of you reading this even really are, ultimately. So why even waste this free gift of Free Will given to you by God? Go make the most of it!
Finally, if you truly suck at the art of Visualization or Imagination, try some other fun ways such as (either verbally or mentally) setting an Intention to be living inside such a world daily; or even just writing about what your desired (liberated) even really looks and feels like to you (in your diary or notepad or such). You can even sketch it, paint it, or make songs or poems, or straight up entire videos and podcasts about it if THAT’S your prefered way of going about and doing this. Or you can simply look for things that bring you joy in your very own “real world”, so to speak.
Regardless of how you all choose to do it – and as to what methods you really even choose to help bring such a reality to life – such a reality will find its way to you one way or the other.
So do indeed then keep focusing only and only upon your very highest vision for this world, and you are eventually guaranteed to get there. And you’ll be getting there all the more FASTER the more that you place your fullest trust and FAITH upon this process, as also the more that you trust in YOU whilst letting it all unfold in perfect divine timing (for everyone’s highest good). For it is, indeed, that simple!
After all, your ATTENTION (FOCUS) and your PRAYERS (and also your BLESSINGS) are but the EXACT. SAME. THING!
Do use those wisely!
FIFTEEN: STOP LOOKING AT THINGSthat make you scared, nervous, afraid, or angry. Even if the given outlets and / or portals that you’re receiving these (stories or news items) from just so happen to be your regular and legit ‘spiritual’ or ‘awake’ hangouts no less. For wallowing your arse off in an ocean filled with negativity and depression helps exactly no one. Quit dooming, and focus on what you actually wish to see, experience, and fulfill in your very own life — for yourself and for the rest of your very world, here as well. Why? Because of point number thirteen given above, that’s why.
What you think about, you bring about.
And yes, it indeed is that simple.
SIXTEEN: Group Prayers and Mass Meditations are by far the very fastest ways of getting yourself to your desired reality. This is so because each new person (meditating or praying together) increases the power (and pace of arrival) of your desired creations exponentially. That’s right, exponentially. For here, 10 and 10 and 10 and 10 and 10 and 10 coming together doesn’t exactly equal 60; it instead equals 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000,000. That’s right, just a mere 6 people coming together to set a benevolent intention increases the collective manifestation power (of the said people) millionfold. So why not go out there and make the most of this powerful, profound and magical, truly world-changing solution of all solutions, here?
So go and take the lead in organizing hundreds and thousands and millions of such truly powerful and easy-to-execute group prayer and mass meditation sessions — be it within your own groups, local communities, neighbourhoods, offices, or even within your own respective homes (with your near and dear ones) no less!
Now is your chance to truly BE that EPIC ol’ superhero that you’d FOREVER dreamt of being!
Got it?
Now go rescue that cat.
An Additional Note: DO NOT FORGET TO CALL IN additional Divine Assistance (i.e. God, Angels, Archangels, Saints, Sages, Galactics, Masters, Deceased Loved Ones, etc.) whenever you’re so putting any kind of good intention or prayer or blessing out there into this incredible world of ours. Ask them to infinitely amplify it (i.e infinitely amplify your very Intentions, Prayers, Blessings, Gratitudes, Desires, Visualizations, and all other similar positive energies); and also ask them to add in their own energies to it here as well. One, because this help literally comes to you for free; and two, because all that you even need to do in here is to just ask them (for the same), as these ones are absolutely not allowed to do anything without your explicit Free Will request or approval, here. And three, because such help is, by far, infinitely more powerful, and many, many leagues ahead ofwhatever it is that you can even as much as begin to imagine or comprehend, here!
SEVENTEEN: So this one is a surprisingly super smart, super useful, and super resourceful trick to have under your belt. The trick firstly involves seeing any problems or challenges – requiring urgent resolution upon your world – and then, simply dissolving and transmuting the said problems and challenges (with immediate effect!) by sending the said problem or challenge its exact opposite energies!
See chaos blooming somewhere? Send it your (exact opposite) Prayers, Intentions, Energies, Blessings, and Visualizations. In other words, in order to help dissolve a chaotic situation or build-up somewhere, simply send it the Prayers / Blessings / Intentions / Energies / Visualizations of Order, Stability, and Balance.
See a riot or a war in progress (or one that is shortly about to happen?) Send it the energies of Love, Forgiveness, Healing, Compassion, and, above all, Peace!
See abject poverty? Send it your prayers and blessings for Abundance.
See hopelessness? Send it some Energies and Intentions and Visualizations for some Inspiration and Upliftment!
See darkness? Send in some LIGHT.
See hatred, jealousy, insecurities or fear? Send them some LOVE.
See problem? Offer solutions. Even if such is merely through visualization, intention or straight up TELEPATHY!
Whatever [ problem ] it is that you see, immediately respond to it by sending it an energetic [ solution ] to it in the form of it’s very exact [ opposing ] Energy, Intention, Prayer, Blessing, Visualization, or what-else-have-you.
Always works like a charm!
EIGHTEEN: Should you need help (out of a tricky situation or such), just try asking for it first.Because not only has our very society (and our very world) rather toxically conditioned us all against asking for help — deeming it to be some kind of a sign of personal weakness or something — but also has it made it into something to be greatly embarrassed or ashamed of. And so, unless you get over yourself and your ideas of excessive politeness, shyness, anxieties, worries, uncertainties, and fears and such, and actually, sincerely and genuinely make a real effort to ask for help — numerous benevolent ones out there (who would only be all too glad to help you out of a sticky or challenging situation), wouldn’t even be able to know that you needed said help, let alone be able to do something about it!
So when in trouble, just ask (for assistance). And no, it’s not that hard. (That’s what she said?)
If nothing else, just simply pray to the universe, God, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters (or who-else-have-you!) for assistance. And know for a fact that such prayers of yours will always, always, and always be heard, as well as get answered (most rapidly!) here.After all, these ones are always there to protect youfrom the unthinkable!
NINETEEN: Same as point number eighteen given above, and yet, quite so (enchantingly!) different. That’s because where point number eighteen deals with the issues of a newly awakening world, this point, point number nineteen, speaks of helping create the very world that is to come after. A world that all of us will be building TOGETHER; putting every last Skillset, Technique, Intelligence, Wisdom, Idea, Approach, Innovation, Solution, and Creative Output and Expression at one’s disposal to boot — in order to help out with the birthing of a brand new (or more like shiny and sparkling new) world.
Using the exact same logic as one discussed in point number seventeen previously, here too, shall we be looking at the root causes of ALL of our current world’s problems, and then, finding the exact opposite of those to bring us truly lasting, fruitful, and worthwhile solutions here. Solutions, that truly work for the very highest good of one and all.
For example, if the problem that we are looking to solve is world hunger, then the solution would perhaps be, to start thinking of something that is the very exact opposite of the same. Maybe converting terraces of all accessible buildings around the world into food farming gardens might just help matters? This was just a truly random example that popped into my head, but well, you get the point here.
Find problem (or challenge). And then, go find that exact opposite expression to the said problem (or challenge), in order to help resolve it with the very greatest of ease, and fast.
Discuss. Resolve. Map Out. Execute.
The End.
Easy as that!
TWENTY: Hit all social media platforms where it hurts ’em the most! And hit ’em HARD!!!
For far too long, shady algorithms used by most of the bigwig social media platforms out there have been pumping in (and actively seeding) conflicts, hatred, divisions, manipulations, fear porn, revenge porn, gaslighting, mass manipulation, and far, far worse things that are too horrifying to even speak of, here.
Us, on the other hand, we can single-handedly help bury this madness once and for good (and real quick at that) all by ourselves; all through the sheer divine power that is LOVE.
By (once and for all) changing the very energy of that rotten and despicable ecosystem, that’s how.
By firstly refusing to post hate filled posts, comments, or statuses ourselves — no matter WHAT. Unless it’s all truly a life and death situation or something here, of course.
By refusing to get ourselves pulled into (or baited by) these ones into pointless “debates”, criticisms, hate-posting and rage-posting.
By only and ONLY posting Kind, Loving, Inspiring and Uplifting things and messages in there, at all times.
By only and only spreading Positivity, Wisdom, Love and Light; and absolutely not as much as an iota of anything lesser.
So that whether you’re posting a truly funny meme, a love-filled poem, or simply hitting that like and share button on someone else’s positive sharings, you’re doing your bit to dissolve absolutely all of the negative energies infested within those platforms, quite so literally.
And not only do you conclude matters here, you also speak about it and post about it (be it online or offline) with your loved ones. At least doing so won’t get you called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or whatever (anymore!), because thankfully, what most Social Media platforms out there have been (covertly and secretly) doing to us all, is now (majorly) common public knowledge, (thankfully!)
So simply go and inspire every single person that you so know of to actually start doing all of this stuff together with you; and then, just sit back, chill, and watch as all Social Media platforms across the planet get set ablaze with the absolute power that is Love and Light and God – something – that no AI algorythm throughout all of existence can ever really hope to match, let alone take on or beat!
For LOVE is pure magic. And magic beats any and all varieties of tech all day, any day, and every single day!
Finally, along with ALL of the above methods, also send all Social Media platforms out there your Energies, Intentions, Prayers and Blessings of Love, Light, Unity, Peace, and pure Inspiration, Upliftment and Fulfillment! Visualize ALL of your Social Media feeds filling up with Kind, Loving, Inspiring, Peaceful and Beautiful posts and comments ONLY; and thy will will be done! (You’ve just got to try it to see it!)
TWENTY ONE: If you’re addicted to reading other people’s predictions (of what is likely to happen in the very near future etc.); or, in case you’re always finding yourself awaiting the next-big-predicted-date when something massive is going to happen in the world out there (but mostly doesn’t); you, my friend, could likely be a “hopium” addict. Which is perfectly fine – nothing to be ashamed of here really – for we all have done so at some point or the other in our lives most likely. However, when such a tendency threatens to get in the way of your living your very LIFE, or has you giving away your innate powers (as a thoroughly empowered CREATOR being) to others (by expecting them to predict everything for you); you, my friend, become a person that is fully enmeshed in victimhood and victimconsciousness (as opposed to being an empowered Creator consciousness, here).
So, the very first step towards getting out of this mess is, firstly, by thoroughly becoming aware of, as well as acknowledging (to yourself), that such a problem even exists (within you) in the very first place to begin with. And that requires some truly perceptive, dedicated, sincere, committed, and focused self-observation, self-reflection, and self-assessment here. Then, the next step is to actually GO DO SOMETHING about it. To take your (ill-delegated) power back; and to take charge of you creating your OWN DESIRED REALITY as and when you see it fit to do so. For such is indeed, your very first step towards true empowerment and creatorship!
Finally, you could either quit such a tendency – i.e. an unhealthy obsession with reading predictions from external sources, or having others dictate your very reality to you and for you altogether – cold-turkey, or else, gradually. In that, you could simply decide to permanently stop reading such messages one fine day, and then, simply stick to it through thick and thin, no matter what. Or, you could do it in a somewhat slow, contained sort of manner and fashion, by firstly giving yourself a few weeks or so to quit relying (on other peoples and external sources) for your daily dosage of unimaginably addictive hopium.
I personally tried out both said approaches myself to get rid of such toxic tendencies — and while the former (i.e. the “leave it cold-turkey” approach) didn’t really work out for me that well — the latter (i.e. simplygradually giving up on the said tendencies), did indeed work absolute wonders for me. Needless to add here, that this is something of a test of one’s true, highest, character; and therefore, requires quite a fair amount of (self) Discipline, Dedication, Sincerity, Focus and Strict-commitment to pull off, here.But it can indeed be done, and I myself am very much so a living-breathing example of the same. And since it’s not thatdifficult exactly at the end of the day, you too can do it easily. For whether anyone else does so or not, I do indeed most definitely believe in you!
So STOP being a VICTIM to life; go kick out such unhealthy and disempowering addictions and (toxic) dependencies once-and-for-all;and last, but by no means the very least, become an Empowered Creator of your OWN “reality illusion” instead. So that you may then start Creating and Experiencing the realities and timelines of YOUR Choices, Preferences, and Desires; whilst absolutely NOT settling for anything that’s as much as an iota lesser! Good luck!
TWENTY TWO: In order to speed up the planetary awakening processes (as well as humanity’s eventual return to the One Infinite Creator), start seeding (the collective consciousness) with your words. START SHARING your stories and your works. Your wisdom, your truths, and even those things that hurt. Be vulnerable. Be open. Share your awakening tales and secrets, as well as your enlightenment experiences and processes. Share your thoughts, your perspectives, as well as your growth. Give the rest of the world the golden gift that is your life learnings, experiences, and expansions. Because you see, our world has for far too long lived under masks, and I’m not talking about the currently obvious ones. This entire civilization has known nothing but fear, judgement, and anxiety, and “what will everyone else think about me?” for eons now.
So just about now is the time to truly break free from all of that. And to also help others break free from all of that too. This is so because this entire civilization has been severely lacking respectable role models – just look at their celebs, their actors, their politicians, as well as other liars and frauds (of great repute) that these ones have thoughtlessly followed to their (potential) doom. The ones who say one thing and mean another. The ones who care (and have cared) only for themselves and their own kin – and even that, dubitably so – and never another soul out there.
The world needs to know that it’s okay to be free, unchained, and real. Even if it means going against the norm, or against the entire world at large even. You have no idea (as of yet) as to just how many people this can even assist (for their highest good). Hell, this very article that you’re reading right now is a highly apt (and absolutely real) example of such. For just as it takes but a single lit candle to eventually light up a trillion (or more!) other candles, so does you sharing your truth and your light (by putting yourself “out there”) eventually assist, awaken, uplift, and empower the world way beyond what you can imagine here even. And take it from me here, that the sheer amount of satisfaction that you will ultimately gain and get out of this (sharing) is very much so more than worth (that effort). Trust me.
And if you can’t do it through writing or speaking, hell, just go do it through art or creativity or something! Make a film about it. Make a meme about it. Make a song and dance about it. Hell, make a poem, a haiku, or a rap track about it! For remember, even the one who was literally named Norm (Macdonald), got where he did only and only by daring to go against the said norm! The (life) lesson in question here stares us right in the face.
TWENTY THREE: If you’re a part of “Team Great Awakening”, sooner or later you’re going to have to come to terms with the following truth. And whether you do so the easy way or the hard way, that is all entirely and completely up to you (so why not do such the easy way right away?) That learning here in question being: It is about time that we stopped seeing “one side” (aka the so-called “our side”) as entirely filled up with “good people”; and the “other side” as entirely full of “bad people”. And that this fact applies essentially to all walks of life, be that race, religion, politics, gender, age, status, wealth, or what-else-have-you.
This truth of things right here, my dearest friends, is no rocket science (to grasp) here by any means. Because, after all, we are all in this thing together; now, and forevermore. So it makes absolutely zero sense to see those of our own kind as “enemies” here — simply because they have a different perspective or an alternative take on things that doesn’t exactly match our own. After all, none of us can really claim here to have gotten everything “right” about everything there is, (right?); so why even the insistence upon always being the “right one?” Two (seemingly) opposing ideas can both be simultaneously true at once, hence the nature and existence of what we call “paradoxes.” After all, we don’t exactly live in a world of absolutes and certainties. And the more that we make genuine and sincere efforts to see through another’s eyes and put ourselves in another person’s shoes, the more that we grow, expand, and learn here. The more do we become Tolerant and Considerate, Empathetic, Accepting, Forgiving, and also Compassionate and Loving. For indeed does this appreciation of another’s perspective fosters within us all a true and deep-seated sense of harmony, camaraderie and unity — rather than simply getting one and all here to follow what we have been led to believe is some kind of “one and only true path” to salvation. Moreover, if all beings thought, felt, and saw things the exact same way, we’d all be living within a world of clones and copies — that exact same dystopian ‘New World Order’ type nightmare that you’ve been hoping to avoid in the first place to begin with.
The day that you stop seeing those (whom you think of as being way too “different” from you) as your “enemies”; they too, in turn, eventually get tempted to come around and start dealing to you an equally positive and harmonious treatment (out of their most natural and normal inclination towards reciprocity). Which is why, instead of always looking towards any (person or group’s) perspectives that make them “different” from you, it is a far wiser (and more loving) idea to see as to what perspectives you all tend to “agree upon” instead. In that you seek the “common ground” over the “battle grounds”, and that you then use such to build bridges, as opposed to straight up burning them.
Ultimately, all such “us vs them” fights are entirely manufactured. To see another person who is in any way, shape, or form “different” to you is essentially a product of using brainwashing and false flags to get people to forget their innate sense of unity, whilst also erasing their most natural instincts and inclinations towards establishing (and existing in) true harmony at all times. Ultimately, violence and war does not a new world make. And calls (that get put out) for such, are, practically every single time, pure bait. Because where there indeed is an actual need for you to defend yourself or a loved one, then, trust me, you will without a shred of a doubt know this right at That. Exact. Moment. But to be baited into doing such long before something has even threatened one, now that’s just a dark and deceptive temptation brought forth by those that seek to harm or hinder you (if not outright destroy and eliminate you all). Definitely not the ways or works of someone aiming to push you higher and further than you’ve ever gone before, and all in a truly Positive, Inspiring, and Empowering manner that is. So go find some space within your minds and your very hearts for all those whom you feel as being way too “different” from who you really are. Find Forgiveness, Compassion, and Empathy; if not Acceptance and a “love thy neighbour” attitude and approach to things!
And please remember here, that your but one small intention for establishing peace could make the whole difference between a war breaking out, and a war (or violence situation) entirely being avoided to begin with. It could make all of the difference between a mother losing her only son, or a brother losing his only sister. Because that’s how powerful all of you reading this truly are, and that’s how much your call for peace even really matters.
TWENTY FOUR: See a toxic little chemtrail left behind by someone? Send it your Love, your Light, and your Blessings, and watch it dissolve itself into complete and total oblivion instead. And then, end up becoming a carrier for your own higher and positive energies and intentions! Send even more of it (i.e. your love, your light, and your blessings) into your city’s Water Supply Tanks and Lakes and Farmlands and Forests and Soils and such. Send it into your local Supermarkets and Grocery shops. Send it into that Ice-Cream Truck. Send it directly into your Power Grids and your Water Pipelines and your 5G Towers and your Rivers and even your Rain Clouds, for that matter. Why even take the additional effort to send your Love, Light and Blessings everywhere when these ready-made ‘channels’ can well (and easily) carry it all around town (and even beyond) for you? Get smarter than all those of the negative agenda that try (and yet fail) to break you. And wiser. And So. Much. Faster.
TWENTY FIVE: Not only are you very much so capable of healing nature through your intentions and energies, you are also very much so capable of healing your own self here too – using only your own mind, your (focused) intention, and the very miraculous power of your own consciousness here no less. To know more, look up something known as the ‘Placebo Effect’. This effect is, in short, a way of legitimately curing patients by giving them a literal sugar pill (containing exactly zero doses of absolutely any medicine within it). What’s crazier here is that the exact same pharma industry thathas managed to “cook up” vaccines for an “unknown” virus within a mere 6 months or so (when even researching a legitimate vaccine, let alone testing it, takes about a decade minimum); these same big pharma folks haven’t managed to find the potential cure to all of humanity’s illnesses for a period of over two hundred and twenty three plus years. Beat that. Not too hard to believe though, given that these are some of the same people who are also interested in delaying all data pertaining to the said vaccines’ trials for well over half a century here.
The incredible power of your human mind is nothing new. You’ve seen everyone from basic circus performers to total world record breakers harness it to do things that would otherwise be deemed utterly “impossible” by any means. You’ve seen someone such as Wim Hof break 26 (that’s right, twenty six) world records using its power; not to mention him diving into the depths of literal ice pools and even climbing Mount Everest wearing literal shorts. The same world that’s lately been asking you to sanitize your hands every 5 minutes has a person in it (who’s no different than you or me) known as Bear Grylls. A guy who’s literally living off by eating and drinking unspeakably hazardous looking things, all of the damn time. Not to even mention the crazy things that people have been able to do under hypnosis alone, Shaolin Monks pulling off insane stunts, method actors creating literal illnesses within themselves using just their minds alone, and alsothe fact that you can literally defeat death itself using just your will power alone. The sheer incredible numbers of highly notable examples of these are just way too many, at this point. Including numerous verified miracles,that is.
Not telling anyone reading this to permanently shun your allopathic doctors or anything right away (for they yet may be your very best bet at certain times during your most dire hours of need); but that it is important to consider alternative healing therapies (that have been greatly suppressed by those of the Big Pharma medical-industrial complex) as well. Therapies, that have been (rather successfully) hidden from humanity for quite some time now.Such therapies include everything from Reiki, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Healing and Rebalancing, Aura Healing, Acupuncture and Tantra; to Shamanic Medicine, Plant Medicine, Ayurveda, Medicinal Psychedelics, Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Qigong, Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Music Therapy,Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy (QHHT), Homeopathy, Biochemics, and numerous other natural or plant-based cures!
TWENTY SIX: If you’re ever in great doubt, fear, panic, uncertainty, anger, or any other mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even physically draining (or challenging) life situation, simply go chant the ‘I Am’ mantra. This is an extremely powerful and potent chant (tool) brought to us by none other than The Federation Of Light (via Blossom Goodchild). And this mantra is super simple, and goes as follows: “I am the Light. I am the Love. I am the Truth. I am.” And that’s it.
Please remember here, that the provided mantra is less about merely just “saying” the words, and more about actually feeling into the said words, their truest deepest meanings, and their very sensations within your physical body, mind, and spirit — as you utter and repeat the said chant over and over and over again. In other words, merely saying the mantra just once (but with fully feeling into what that mantra actually implies), is a million times more effective (and beneficial for you) than simply parroting the mantra a million times over; for such is, utterly and totally, useless.
This mantra, when chanted correctly, sincerely, and dedicatedly; holds within it an absolutely incomprehensible power to uplift you, inspire you, and unlock gifts and potentials within you that you’d never even known you’d ever had before. So does it hold within itself an incredible capacity and capability to uplift all beings within the entire world at large, a list that very much so includes you here as well! And you just gotta try it to believe it, given that it takes (at the very least) three to six months of dedicated, committed, and sincere daily chanting practice for the epic AF results to finally start showing up in your very life. And for it to truly be able to come to your aid and assistance, whenever and wherever and however you so need it to. Although in any case, it is highly recommended here that you practice this chant at least once daily (starting today!); because, as and when shit ultimately hits the fan (which it most definitely will), you really wouldn’t want to be a complete and total noob to the ways and workings of this chant, this mantra. For THEN it might just be way too late (and way too friggin’ overwhelming) to learn it all right then and there, on the spot.
I AM the LOVE.
Now go make that chant count!
TWENTY SEVEN: Every Thought, Word, Feeling, Emotion, Intention, Desire, and Action put forth and emanated by you has an effect upon the entire world at large. So know that it shall go forth and touch (and have a tremendously powerful impact upon) the lives of peoples, places, beings, and things that you never even as much as knew existed; let alone knew of your sheer power and influence over! So do indeed make sure that what you put “out there” is only and only of the positive nature and variety at all times (or at least, as much as you can possibly manage, here). And then, not only shall it all boomerang back into your own life eventually, but also shall it uplift your very world in the process of it all! And in much the same way, should you choose to (either carelessly or spitefully) put out negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, desires, and actions; they too, in turn, will return right back to you and you alone! Not to mention the depressing and disturbing effects that they’ll also have here upon the entire planet (and all beings, places, and things upon it) here no less!
In other words, be extremely wise about what you’re seeding, spreading and putting out there into this amazing and beautiful world of ours! For that’s your Karma, and Karma always catches up with its makers, sooner or later!
TWENTY EIGHT: You can serve the planet using either one of the two (given) incredible ways. The first one, is a dream route for all those who have absolutely no reason, inclination or interest in serving absolutely anyone else out there other than themselves really. And yet, it still works for the benefit of all others regardless. This way in question, is one that is popularly known as “self love”.
Self-love can be you expressing yourself creatively, be it via creating Artworks, Poetry, or even cool new Mathematical Equations (if that’s what floats your boat!), for that matter. Or it could be watching the swans float by, or having a warm and filling bowl of hot soup as it softly snows outside. Or it could mean taking a nice nap, or knitting a sweater. Or it could even just simply refer to going for a walk amidst the myriad colours and textures and scents and sights and sounds of nature.
So, whether it be simply having a fun conversation with a loved one, or merely watering and tending to one’s plants with a deep connection of love, whatever it is that brings you the highest amounts of joy in any given moment, that’s your own special way of expressing self love in that very specific moment! And because everything is one and all of us are connected, when you dip your toes into love or joy or fun yourself, you help bring the energies (and the access to the said energies) for the rest of the planet (and its beings) “out there” as well. So well, that’s way number one of serving the planet swiftly simplified for you all.
One last and final thing: You can also express self-love merely by finding child-like joy in even the smallest of household tasks and chores (that you would otherwise label or judge as “boring”). For example,who even told any of us that a task such as washing the dishes or painting one’s home fence has to be all boring and dreary no matter what? (Definitely not Tom Sawyer!) Can it not be all fun and exciting instead? After all, it is all but a matter of taking a new and different perspective and approach to life! If even little children can find great joy in some of the “silliest little things” such as these and many others (and you know all too well that they most definitely can); then, what exactly is it that is stopping you fromtaking the exact same approach and perspective to life? Ego? Programming? Ditch it all away! And go turn your chores — into ways of setting all new self-love high scores! Look (mom!), it even rhymed!
An Important Note: Kindly understand here that the “self-love” described above is not to be confused with either selfishness, recklessness, greed, excess, or being a snob, an asshole, or a complete dick or prick to others under the holy name, banner, and guise of sacred self-love. Neither does it involve – in absolutely any way, shape, or form – the idea of trampling upon others or abusing others for one’s own personal gain. Because such is but the very quickest shortcut towards gaining and generating free-of-cost (negative) Karma for oneself.
TWENTY NINE: The second way of serving the planetary collective, here, is by the acts of providing conscious service, such as via Love, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Help, Assistance, Support, or what-else-have-you! This can be achieved through direct, conscious, and dedicated acts of (openly provided) service. Now, such service (towards one and all) doesn’t necessarily have to be all that boring and monotonous, you see. For not all forms of service have to begin and end at mere “charity” alone. For you could be a Volunteer. Or a top-tier Meme Maker. Or a Researcher. Or an Editor. Or simply one who just goes right ahead and leads and guides just their own family alone through a mass awakening (as massive as this one!) You could be a Writer, a Rapper, or a Lawyer; or even as much as a Channeller, an Intuitive, or a Tarot Card Reader; and yet, easily contribute something that is truly precious and priceless towards that which is the planetary mass awakening process!
Not only that, you can well assist our planet (and all beings upon it) through something that is but as simple as a Prayer, or even a nice, big, warm Smile (or a Hug). One, that up-lifts someone out of their perpetually depressed state for good! Hell, you could just go crack a silly joke or two, make someone laugh, and still serve the world far, far more than you could have ever possibly imagined even!
Your merely staying joyous and at ease and at peace assists the world far, far, more than you could ever possibly even realize. So go right ahead and spread some of that Joy, Positivity, Good Will, Love, Peace, Abundance, and all other forms of good (and happy!) energy out into this very world of ours! Just go and add a dash and a pinch of Joy and Love to this (mostly) greyscale world of ours, and watch it explode into more colour, abundance, and excitement than your very wildest meanderings! And keep at this one “silly little task” day after day after day, and you’ll one day become known as the legendary warrior that helped wipe out and destroy darkness with a dangerous dosage of dank ol’ dad jokes!
THIRTY: Yet another way to experience great joy whenever you so please, is by way of what I personally choose to call ‘Thought Tourism’ or ‘Teletourism’. A combination of telepathy, remote viewing, and tourism, this idea is basically all about integrating your sense of imagination (i.e. your very sister-sense of “reality” itself) with all of your other remaining (physical) senses, in order to experience the many exciting joys of tourism and mindblowing adventure — all, regardless of what barriers you may even be facing at the moment to doing such (i.e. going on actual tours and adventures) in real life.
So, the idea here is fairly simple. Part one (of it), is that you firstly bring your very sense of ‘imagination’ under your full control. A sense, which has for far too long been scoffed at and ignored by many as being plain, well, “imaginary” or whatever. And yet, if I told you to imagine yourself biting into a luscious, dripping, luxurious slab of chocolate; or even a tangy slice of lemon for that matter, chances are, your “physical” experience of the said “imaginary” thing would be almost indistinguishable from what you would be getting, were you eating an actual chocolate (or lemon, for that matter) at that time. And once you get this part, my friends, the opportunities in front of you for experiencing sheer joy, are, well, practically limitless here!
So, in order to do this right, firstly, think of a place that you’d like to visit or revisit, or just an experience that you’d so like to have, right away. Say you wish to visit Switzerland. Great. Now, recreate that very landscape of Switzerland right here, in your very imagination if you so will. To achieve this end, you can either take the help of any and all written descriptions of the said place as provided by others, or your own memories (in case you have already been there), or photographs, or my personal favourite, 4K HD or 8K HD videos of the said place on YouTube!
Now, what I would do here is, start playing one of those ‘Switzerland in 8K’ type videos on high resolution upon my smartphone or PC, and then, mute the said video. In another tab, I’ll play either some orchestral music, soft instrumental music, or some of that Tibetan healing music or Tibetan singing bowl music. You can obviously use and choose your own favourite type of music here, but my personal recommendation here would always be that you play some uplifting instrumental music, preferably without a lot of words or chantings in it (i.e. any of those things that constantly distract you from the holiness, purity, and sacredness of the said experience). Also, if and when such is possible, see if you can find a nice pair of good quality headphones or earphones (instead of speakers) to play your music through!
Next, I would start adding in some “real life” elements to complement my “imaginary life” adventures. Like a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee, some incense (or perfume, if that’s what works for you), or even decorating my very room to resemble the place that I’m just about to (imaginatively) visit! And, if you’re fortunate enough at the said time to be having an air conditioner (to replicate the Swiss mountain airs as best as possible), well, not even the sky is your limit here!
Finally, I would choose a fantastic place to relax in or get cozy and comfy in – or even stand or walk or do whatever-suits-my-mood-the-most at that given time (provided my screen is either portable or within viewing distance) – and, well, imaginitively “place myself” within the said video as best as I possibly can.
And then, the joyous journey through Switzerland finally begins! To make it as very “real” as possible, I would then try my level best here to Imagine and Sense and Feel-Into almost every imaginable sense (that I can then manage to get of and from the place) within the said video or photograph or what-else-have-you; be it the scent of the air, the rush of the breeze, the texture of the ground that I’m walking on, as also the (imaginable) crispness and clean-ness of the Swiss mountain air no less! In fact, the more elements from your “real senses” that you so add or feel-into in here, the merrier it ultimately gets, and the better it truly even feels!
And finally, last (but by no means the very least), I also then make my very best effort to make it as very un-real as possible here…because this is literally my imaginary world, and last I checked, my imagination has exactly zero limitations to boot. So I fly at beyond-light speeds and teleport and draw colourful neon-light-streaks in the sky, and play 5D chess with angels and fairies over random clouds and whatnot. As a matter of fact, you can literally fulfill every last fantasy that you have in this way, in a way that exceeds your wildest expectations. Be that expectation a culinary fantasy, a tourism fantasy, a sexual fantasy, or even your very wildest superhero fantasies here nonetheless!
Enjoy the tour! * wink wink *
THIRTY ONE: Enough with the “imaginary stuff”, you say? Alright. Let’s see how well we can up-lift your “real world” into a more Happier, Loving, Peaceful, and Joy-filled vibe instead. And I’m just going to be giving you all a few examples here of what I’ve been personally doing myself to achieve some of those ends. First, I rearranged my room to make it look all prim and proper and pretty and perfect. After all, as within, so without; as also as without, so within! Which means that outer chaos (or perfection), is but a reflection and mirroring of one’s inner chaos (or perfection). And that by changing either the outer (or the inner) of these (visible or invisible) elements, you force the remaining (connected) element to change here as well. You’ve got to try it to know it! Shit’s like a real life experiencing of “quantum entanglement”, in your very real, everyday life and everything.
Anyways, so then I went ahead and added in the potted plants. Tons of them. And for those of you who feel way too lazy to water them daily, or have little to no sunlight or open windows to help you out here, go look up something known as a ‘succulent’. For succulents are the types of plants that barely need watering, sunlight, or even as much as a fancy little atmosphere or anything; and yet, do incredible wonders for uplifting your very home! In that not only do they keep your respective rooms fresh and massively oxygenated, but also do they have natural anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and anti-fungal properties to keep your air as very germ-free as it could possibly even get! They also keep dust and numerous other pollutants at bay, whilst also giving your room both a fresh look, as well as a fresh feel. And yes, they keep a shit ton of troublesome insects out of your home as well! Think cherry on a cake!
Next, I added in a simple flowerpot. All I have to do with regards to that now is to go change flowers in there either once or twice a week – and, in return – my room looks more Fresh, more Colourful, and more Beautiful and more Vibrant here than what I could have ever possibly even imagined or envisioned, here!
Next, I added in some cool new art-works upon the walls. No, you don’t have to purchase yourself an expensive Picasso or anything here — for indeed are there numerous other artists out there who make utterly beautiful artworks (or craftworks) that are way, way more affordable for one and all. And, in any case, I don’t go to those ones for my (artistic) fix here either. For I’d much rather make my own art, you see. After all, there’s endless YouTube tutorials out there to teach you this, if not actual weekend workshops in most cities out there where they teach you how to make one by and for yourself! You gotta try it to know it! And no, it’s really not all that difficult, for I’m no “born artist” or anything myself, and yet, even I could create some truly beautiful works just by seeing how others did it first (and a little bit of practice!) Finally, life’s so much more fun (and with them extra brag-rights) when the art-works on your own wall are “all yours”, well, both literally as well as figuratively, here.
Next, after extensive online research and review-analyses, I got myself an air-purifier, and also what is known as a ‘negative ion generator’. And yes, both of those things do indeed work many wonders for the upliftment of your overall air quality (as well as your mood and your home-vibe). Hell, the difference between my current home vibe and my previous home vibe, by all accounts, is effing staggering (to say the very least!) Do research what you wish to get here really deeply however, as you would do with pretty much any other products you’re looking to buy anyways!
After this, comes the food and the water. While there are some interesting devices for purifying your water out there, even if you are unable to get one for yourself at the moment, no big deal. Just use your own Blessings, Prayers, and Healing Energies; they all are equally, or, dare I say, way, way more powerful than absolutely anything else when it comes to purifying or enriching your food and water, or even your very air for that matter! So what I do in here goes as follows: I simply hold my outstretched palms above the food that I’m about to cook or eat, or the beverage-ingredients or actual-beverage that I’m about to consume. And then, I just intend that all parts and aspects of it be Healed and Energized; and filled up with Love, Light, Joy and Peace; and also enriched either Nutritionally, Taste-wise, or Energetically, in whatever way is the most appropriate for all those who are about to consume it! Then, I visualize great amounts of Love-Light entering the said food, ingredients, or drink; and also my own energies of intense Appreciation and Gratitude towards the very foods and drinks and ingredients themselves. Whilst also adding in my endless appreciations and gratefulness towards all those whose endless efforts helped bring the said food and / or beverage to my very table on that very day (e.g. farmers, truckers, storekeepers, and who-else-have-you!) And then, I’m done. Barely takes me a few seconds to do this all. And the end result? You wouldn’t even believe how awesome this stuff really works even if I told you. So go right ahead and try out this simple process out for yourself, by yourself; and then, see for yourself as to what it even really does here to your Foods, your Waters, your Soils and your Air, ultimately! You will not regret it one bit, and that much, I can pretty much guarantee you all in here!
To conclude things here: Simply try and establish a greater connection with and to nature within your very home itself firstly – primarily via the means of Plants, Pets, Flowers, Rocks, Minerals, Crystals, Fish Tanks, Pebbles, Bird Fountains, Human Fountains, Incenses, Waterfalls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, (Scented?) Candles, Drums, and what-else-have-yous – and your world would soon turn into a paradise without you barely even having to TRY! Above all, things such as Plants or Rocks or Flowers at least are almost always cheap or completely free, so what’s even stopping you there? The more (the nature and natural connections) that you bring through and establish within your very homes here (and with / towards your own self); the merrier all of it is even going to get here! And you’ve got to test it out for yourself to know as to just what THAT even really feels like!
And finally, where there’s no devices and / or spiritually-advanced technologies to help you out with all of them simple little everyday things and tasks; just go use your own innate powers as a Creator Being instead to get things done! Be that by way of Prayers, Blessings, Energetic Healings, Intention-Settings, or what-else-have-yous! So also can you summon tremendous amounts of (entirely free!) assistance from other higher beings and realms here as well — such as those of the Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, Archangels, Galactics, God, and all other Higher Beings and Spirit Family members out there as well!
Go right ahead then, and make the most of it all!
THIRTY TWO: This one right here, is a secret of the ages – through the ages – and, for the ages. The true blue “weapon of choice” of the wise ones; the “sword” of the sages and the “lightsaber” of those of the very highest light. The ancient secret sauce that kept the masters enlightened, whilst also keeping the saints from feeling all sullen. Something, that the world popularly knows now as having a sense of humour.
It is the ability to heartily laugh at the world around you, and to find great joy and mirth in the smallest of (as well as the very silliest of) things. It is the ability to smile through the thick and thin of life alike, as well as an ability to see past one’s life challenges, by laughing one’s ass off right through them. It is the ability to light up a smile and some cheer in by far the very toughest and very darkest of times; as well as an ability to even laugh at one’s own self, if need be.
It is, in fact, more than just another ability. It is, ultimately, mastery itself.
An unbeatable mastery over life beyond a tiniest shred of a doubt.
For not all can truly lay claim to a weapon of light (that surpasses all darkness) that is as truly and epically, powerful as this one.
But you can. And I can pretty much guarantee such.
After all, you wouldn’t even be reading into things this far if such were truly not to be the case, here.
No such thing as “coincidences”, remember?
Please understand here that the leaders of the new earth, the forebears of an enlightened human civilization, the bringers of the new age, as well as the harbingers of a spectacular new dawn — all will be those whom we consider as being true, wise, masters. Masters – meaning all of those truly exalted, sacred, and holy ones – whose spirits shine with optimism, eyes with kindness, gait with a spring in their step, words with cheer, hearts (aflutter) with tremendous love and warmth, and, above all, whose very souls are filled with Joy, Love, Laughter, Celebrations, and Peace. With smiles that light up more powerfully than a trillion suns, these masters would be curious and child-like, yet highly mature; and by no means child-ish (and immature). They will be Kind, Loving, Passionate, Blissful, Pure, Innocent, Chilled-out, Beautiful, Joyous, Balanced, Accepting, Harmonious, Abundant, Prosperous, Compassionate, Discerning, Creative, Expressive, Intelligent, Truthful, and, above all, Powerful and Wise to the T! They will be the Conscious Cosmic Creators of the new age; the light-bulb moments of sheer and total brilliance within the time-less continuum.
Much like little children, these ones would be able to connect with untold amounts of joy and laughter within the silliest (and the simplest) of things – even household chores – if you will. A privilege, that (so-called) “adults” have long given up on within their own everyday lives. They (these masters) are those who have been able to find that one ray of light, that one little tiny dash of humour within the darkest, hardest, scariest, painful-est, (and the most challenging of) times, events, places, as well as situations.
These ones will have found the very secret recipe to mastering life itself — that exact same secret recipe that I’m giving you all over here today, right now, right at This. Very. Moment. A recipe that is popularly known as having a strong sense of humour.
A truly special sense that not only gets one’s own self to laugh, but also one that is also very well capable of getting all others to laugh, too.
Happiness is indeed infectious after all, eh? Well, it is indeed at least a helluva lot more infectious than this current (so-called) “dangerous virus” anyways ya know 😉
Excellent question. So glad you asked!
One, and likely the most important, is that you SHARE THIS POST absolutely EVERYWHERE that you so can. Through every last social media profile you got, and even through your Tinder Bios and LinkedIn user descriptions here no less if need be. Second, you TALK ABOUT IT in absolutely EVERY CONVERSATION (where such an opening and interest is seen to be available), by making these teachings / learnings as digestable, relatable and “lite” as you possibly can, (at least for starters anyways). These could be everyone ranging from your friends and your loved ones to your neighbours, office colleagues, and your very acquaintances even. Three, you TRANSLATE THIS in EVERY LAST LANGUAGE YOU KNOW OF so that it then ends up reaching the very maximum amount of people. Fourth, you can MAKE IT AS ACCESSIBLE AS POSSIBLE for those who are illiterate, or those who have any other sorts of visual, reading, or learning disabilities. Through videos, or sound recordings, or what-else-have-you-got! Fifth, you SEED IN THESE LEARNINGS within every last Group, Community, Club, Hub, Forum, or Discussion Spaces and Portals that you currently are a part of – be they Online or Offline (i.e. Real-Life) – be those your Discord Servers, WhatsApp Groups, Facebook Communities and Online Forums to your Spiritual Groups and Communities, Neighbourhood Associations, or what-else-have-you!
Sixth, you CREATIVELY EXPRESS THESE LEARNINGS through every last medium at your disposal, be it your Blog; your Podcast; your YouTube channel; your Website; your Tik Tok and Vine and Snapchat and Instagram accounts; your Reddit communities, Subreddits, Posts and Threads; and even your Pinterest Boards, for that matter. You can LITERALLY USE ANY AND EVERY ARTISTIC MEDIUM AT YOUR DISPOSAL for this, from Writing and Poetry to even your Songs (Rap Songs?), Art, Wallpapers, Hats, Vehicle Bumpers, or even via cool T-Shirt Quotes here no less. You could write it as a Short Story, Animation, Stop-Motion, Short Film, AMV, Sketching, Sculpting, Graffiti, Cosplay, Beach Art, or even put it all out as a Holographic Projection upon a building no less. You can Meme about it, Dream about it, Sing about it, write a Stand-up Comedy Routine (Set) about it, paste it all over your Office Whiteboards, Gossip It Out in your conversations by the Water Coolers, turn it into an Advertisement, or even use it as a Bedtime Story for your kids for that matter!
After all, THERE ARE NO LIMITS to just WHAT MEDIUM you can even USE to express LOVE, here. For example, even food cooked with love helps spread love. You could even do it via a Dance or a Mathematical Equation if you so needed to, provided the said “love” / “light” was truly encoded within (the said) medium with your very greatest Passion (for serving one and all) and Excitement. Also, you could put it up as a Poster, a Tattoo, a Covfefe Mug, a Hat, a Cap, a T-Shirt, a Bling, a Tea Coaster, a Fridge Magnet, a Car Bumper Sticker, a To-Do List, a Calendar, a Diary Entry, or even a Sticky Note, for that matter! You can also do so (spread more love) through your Wi-Fi Name, your Pillow Covers, your Mouse Pads, your Sweaters, your funny YouTube comments, your (funnier) Product Reviews, your Status Updates, your Tweets, your Profile Pictures (and Headers), your (Physical) Bookmarks, your (Web Browser) Bookmarks, and also your Accessories, Souvenirs, Cake Icing Scripts and even your PC and Phone Wallpapers here no less! (All provided that you do such things in balance and discernment, and not necessarily excessively or “extra”, obviously).
Similarly, you can simply BE BOLD ENOUGH to bring these topics up in your conversations, for the sheer REWARD here (to you your self, as well as to the rest of the asleep world out there) is far, far, greater, than some temporary discomfort, anxiety, or shyness that you might encounter whilst attempting to break ice over topics such as these ones. Hell, make this conversation a part of your next Tinder Date or something; I mean, at least you’ll know for sure as to whether someone (whom you’re looking to date) has even reached a high level of balance, (spiritual and intellectual) understanding and maturity, love, and light already…or not!
Seventh, in case you’re a Journalist, a Blogger, a YouTuber, a Podcaster, a Radio or TV Broadcaster, an Influencer, or someone with a fair amount of access to the higher echelons of the MSM or Social Media Networks – or you are just someone with Great Power, Contacts, Connections, Networks, and Reach and such – you can all too easily GET THE WORD OUT through your own unique mediums about this and GET FULLY INVOLVED WITH THIS accordingly. Or just link them up to this very post, in case that’s the easiest route for you! And if you’re a comedian who can use this to make his audiences some cool new joke material (or a rapper looking here for ideas for his next big musical hit), go spread this word around in all ways that you like and enjoy the most! For EVEN IF your message were to reach (or awaken) JUST ONE PERSON upon this very planet of ours, I would still say here that it was (more than) well WORTH IT. For it’s still one more candle that has been lit up and awakened in what is a massively dark room that is our (majority NPC) collective consciousness. Besides, others (such as myself, and everyone else on here reading this too) would be joining this movement along with you, and so, together we will collectively reach out and awaken absolutely incredible numbers of sleepers and NPCs, here. Provided that we venture out (of our respective comfort zones) to do something — absolutely anything here for the said greater cause — that is.
Eighth, you can also spread the word here via your prayers and your blessings. Or via pure telepathy too. To do such (telepathically), you only need to just go ahead and imagine everyone you wish to send this message to as sitting or standing in front of you – be they one person or multiple peoples – and imagine yourself verbally or mentally Communicating, Transmitting, Broadcasting, or Discussing these Ideas and Matters with them. And no, you don’t need to get this Visualization (i.e. Imagination) or broadcast all “perfect” here or anything; just have that INTENTION to reach out to the people you wish to reach out to, and let the Universe / God handle the rest of it for you and on your behalf!
So then, just set a very clear Desire and / or Intention to make such happen, and then, KNOW for a FACT that such just has to be done! You can even set an intention (prior to going off to sleep) that you will meet ALL of the people that you so wish to convey this message to upon the Etheric and / or Astral Planes. And given that this place (the Etheric / Astral Plane) is well beyond the confines and limitations of time, space, people or any other limitations; you can easily broadcast this message to ALL OF HUMANITY ITSELF if you so want to, here; all in but one night (if you so wish to!) And then, just go KNOW that such (i.e. the successful communication and broadcast of your desired message) just HAS TO HAPPEN SOON (in ways unimaginable to you as of yet) and at some point or the other — so just go take my word for it!
Ninth – and this particular one goes without saying, here – that you can also ask for Divine Assistance and Guidance here in communicating this message to the rest of the world. So simply relax, and ask your “heavenly helpers” (as I like to call them) – be they God, Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Galactics, Teachers, Ascended Masters, Gurus, Guardian Angels, Elementals, Devas, Inner Earthers, Elohim, Higher Selves, Future Selves, Parallel Selves, Higher Councils, Deceased Loved Ones, Soul Families, and who-else-have-you – to assist you in whatever ways, shapes and forms that they so can, in getting this message out to the rest of the world! This too, you can send out as a special request prior to your falling asleep!
KINDLY NOTE HERE THAT: These beings are DISALLOWED from DIRECTLY assisting you (in absolutely any way, shape, or form here whatsoever) unless YOU specifically ASK FOR IT or DESIRE IT to be so – through your OWN express FREE WILL! And that they can do so (i.e. assist you) tremendously and infinitely andwith absolutely unmatched powers and abilities here; but YOU must ASK THEM for it FIRST (by virtue of Divine LAW.) So, why not just go and make the most of this (entirely free!) and unimaginably powerful service-to-ALL?
And this concludes the very last part of my transmission here today. And because you have (successfully!) made it this far down the post, I wish to offer you three incredible gifts (as given to humanity) by three unique portals upon the internet. I’m not even going to tell you as to what these gifts are all about — so looks like you’re going to have to see them by and for yourself, here. Enjoy! 😉
I N F I N I T E L Y.
P.S. PLEASE don’t forget to SHARE and SPREAD THE WORD around!!! 🙂🙂😉