The Organic Ascension Reality is Firmly anchored and Online – May 1, 2022

Powerful ongoing Schuhmann Resonance spikes are happening after days of intermittent increases. We also had a moderate M-class Solar Flare around 7am UTC, as well as several C-class flares and KP4 for several hours, with a current index of KP2 with geomagnetic storms expected, as well as solar wind storms. All supporting the full and final collapse of the artificial Matrix and manipulated/ false Timelines which has vastly accelerated this week, not that we do time here, because we have gone fully quantum and now fully flow from the Zero Point Field of NO-TIME, transcending all remaining 3D illusions.

The past few weeks have been super powerful and have brought us to the edges of our patience, compassion and understanding of the human condition and what all of this so truly about. The New Cosmic Consciousness is being birthed THROUGH US and our own Transformation from a carbon based life form and planet, to one based in Kryst-alline Consciousness is in full force. Much is unravelling as The Truth that is everlasting and cannot be questioned arises fully from within everyone. When something is not right we all know it, even if some still refuse to see the truth as it’s just too painful and confusing, as things have been in reverse here. The old false programmming is falling apart along with the artificial Matrix.

We continue doing the best we can by going deeper and deeper within to resolve it all and collapse the fallen Timelines once and for all, all held within our Consciousness DNA. Our own Transformation and Embodiment and BEing THE CHANGE we wish to see are the key to it all. Boundaries and discernment are some of our biggest lessons. If we want to have new experiences we need to change our thinking, reactions and behaviours, or we will keep experiencing Groundhog Day. There’s just no way around it and this is what is happening within all. Resistance is indeed futile and we can’t run away from any of it. All that is false is dissolving, all that doesn’t make sense falls apart at the seems. Noone can hide from The Truth any longer, it just creates more unnecessary suffering. This is also connected to the powerful DNA, Double Diamond Solar Rainbow Aurora Plasma Lightbody and Crystalline Activations taking place within us, the planet and ALL life.


All through our own inner alchemical work and then aligning ALL OF US with our highest expression of Self, in alignment with God Source Consciousness and Divine Will. The illusions of separation are falling away and dissolve from within us along with all the false programming of the artificial Matrix now crashing down.


All held within our our Multidimensional DNA, as our new instruction sets/ Blueprints now fully ignite and unlock, bringing online our Kryst-All Avatar Self, this also ignites the Organic Ascension Realities now firmly locked in and online, as we continue to overwrite and collapse the fallen Timelines from the Zero Point Field of Divine Love, Neutrality, in quantum NO-TIME. These are now collapsing at extra super fast quantum God Source speed with our FOCUSed attention and us being fully aware of the response-ability we carry. The more conscious we are the more response-ability and accountability we carry, as well as are able to reclaim our true power, identity, memories and history. But first the ego needs to be transcended to allow for our True Kryst-All Avatar Self and Cosmic Consciousness to emerge THROUGH us and radiate this out to all, as we are the new broadcasting system of Nova Gaja.

The false needs to be fully released and emptied out from deep within each of us, for us to fully align with the highest Truth. This is what helps to fully overwrite all the false, inverted programming/ belief systems, the AI Grid and Hive Mind, as we fully re-connect us to the Organic Superhighway of the Emerald Heart network, HUman Heart Grid & Planetary Brain which are undergoing a FULL RESET! Hence a lot of mind wiping going on as the false memories and akash are being cleared, also allowing for us to stop repeating the same old storylines over and over again. I hope everyone has by now seen how the old distorted ways of interaction, behaviours, beliefs and thought forms just have no longer any ground to stand on and dissolve. As they are based in inverted thought forms and Consciousness, hence we see Realities that are all upside down. As we fully merge with the Cosmic Mind as One Consciousness again, all the old programmming becomes obsolete and is being overwritten.


That’s how we change it all from within!! All we need to know and are here to retrieve lies there right inside of us, ready to fully ignite, for us to fully re-member our true history, origins and identities, any moment now 😉 All through us letting go of all that is false and keep aligning with the highest, purest essence of our True, unique Kryst-All Avatar Self, in full alignment with God Source Consciousness, at One with the Cosmic Mind. As it is this Consciousness that creates heavenly Realities, it’s as simple as that.

We have been amplifying and focusing these powerful Activations and Plasma waves streaming in through a series of Diamond White Flame Activations I am facilitating every day until the 5-5 Gateway. This is a super powerful field we have created and is assisting us in accelerating, amplifying and directing our and the Planetary Activations flowing in, our power and strength, supporting these intense purifications and upgrades taking place, which are leading us to our FULL & FINAL LIBERATION! You can find more information on how to take part in the comments below.

Super powerful energies are increasing also with the Solar Eclipse tomorrow. It certainly feels like anything is possible and can happen at any moment now, to expect the unexpected!


Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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