Stargate Newsletter: QSR 1st May, Tucker Carlson Regarding the Ministry of Truth ‘Buffoons’


I am Sierra. I am an ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Light. There are many Galactic Federation representatives on Earth right now. We came to help humanity ascend to the Fifth Dimension. Beloved Gaia is already well on her way in her Ascension. I will share with you my personal Ascension journey and my thoughts on global events. Welcome. Where We Go One We Go All!

Source: Stargate Newsletter | By Sierra

April 30, 2022

QSR: 1st May

New QSR from Telegram for 1st May. 

It seems that the Alliance purchase of Twitter will unleash a STORM of truth bombs, from all directions. [B]iden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ is the [D]eep [S]tate’s desperate last ditch effort to hold back the avalanche of truth. As I have often said in the past, it’s the equivalent of trying to stop the path of an avalanche using a teaspoon.

/// Booms in route…
+World deep state CABAL Elites trying desperately to bring down Twitter and CANCEL ….

Where We Go One We Go All.

April 30, 2022

Tucker Carlson: Ministry of Truth ‘Buffoons’

I am opening this post with a refreshing piece of REAL journalism from our Light Warrior hero Tucker Carlson. This is a 17 minute segment (note the 17 from Q) about [B]iden’s new ‘Ministry of Truth’. Thanks to Stephen for forwarding it to me.

Tucker Carlson re the ‘Ministry of Truth’…

‘That’s the bad news. The GOOD news is, everyone involved in Joe Biden’s new Ministry of Information is a BUFFOON. They may be evil but they are also RIDICULOUS.’

Humiliating the [D]eep [S]tate players just keeps getting easier and easier. Meanwhile behind the scenes we have truly brilliant minds like President Trump and President Putin, working in an on and off-planetary Alliance operation to liberate humanity.

If you still have not watched the two part Navy whistle blower interview, here are the links – they can comfortably be watched at 1.25 speed.

Part 1

Part 2 

I cannot recommend this whistle blower interview highly enough. Everything you have ever wanted to know about the Alliance operation, on and off planet, is in this interview. I watch very few videos these days – I don’t have the time, energy or interest. So when I recommend a video, please don’t take it lightly. I intend to watch it again, as have several of my Light Warrior friends.

Elon Musk is set to fire Twitter’s top censor person (who earns 17 million a year – note the number 17 from Q). Anons are speculating that Elon is the figure head in charge of purchasing Twitter to obtain all the evidence against the [D]eep [S]tate. It makes a lot of sense.

Great point from an Anon about the timing for the launch of ‘the Ministry of Truth’.

Finally, get the tissues out – here is a video message for President Trump from a 96 year old WW2 vet. Love him. Please help Leonard’s video to go viral.

Light Warriors, the days of ‘nothing happening’ are far back in the rear-view mirror. The Alliance is taking the offensive on so many fronts, our heads are now on permanent swivel. It is 1st May here in New Zealand. This month has the potential for BIG truth bombs to be dropped on humanity. Stay positive, calm and get plenty of rest when you can. There will be little warning when the first big truth bomb drops – then it will be all hands to the battle stations from that point on.


Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light

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