April 25, 2022: Reining in the Control Freaks [videos]


Editor’s Note: Wow! The ways electronics are changing is phenomenal as now it seems when upload Starship Earth, all original formatting is removed?
Also…I have to figure out how to add per pics as these are not uploading either, so please enjoy this picture-less report! I’ll figure this out…:) allowing us all to BE in…

Quantum Joy!
The comms are flowing, there is curious stuff going on and life on the holodeck is getting turbulent. We have reports that the US student loan government site is down and someone has reported their car loan suddenly zeroed out. Link to Telegram.

There was also this:My debt is gone! My credit score went up 108 points!

Ron Watkins alludes to The Plan. Link to Telegram.
As stated weeks ago. The Twitter deal is done.
Banned accounts will be restored.

And check this out: Wowzah. What the hell are we looking at here? Video at link below if it’s not showing up. Note: this is assuming the physics we’ve been taught is correct. Tweet of the sun posted by Jaime Maussan.

Something spent 10 days defying gravity and extreme maximum temperatures of millions of degrees. Too bad we can’t do anything, just see how energy is stolen from the star King in the same way, that one day we will know why and for what.


Some are speaking of a “plasma event”. The video on Telegram gets into it with some old and new evidence.Is that what is coming? “Watch the water?” 

There are some biblical references to the firmament dividing the waters above. We have been led to believe that there is no way the firmament can be breached by anyone in any way, but “what if?”  that plasma came flooding through all of a sudden? How would that kind of “reset” look? Link to Telegram for the excerpt below.

NCSWIC—-> NOW WE KNOW WHAT THAT IS FOR-SURE! “The ending won’t be for everyone”They are referring to the Cyclic plasma reset, aka-EMPCOE.

As seen around the world, Carved into every cave wall of civilizations past “SQUATTER MAN” represents the Plasma toroidal event as seen by man from our plain/Earth. When the dome cracks (The glass ceiling) And plasma rushes in to reset our realm.

So far, it looks like they are sticking with the “Macron won” narrative for the French election with a 17 point spread. I think it went differently, but we’ll see what happens. I’m sure it’s all tracked and preserved by the White Hats. Gotta wake the sheeple.The situation in Paris has taken a deadly turn as it’s being reported police opened fire on a vehicle which refused to comply, early indications suggest 2 dead.

[English translation for the following]À l’instant à Paris sur le #PontNeuf, la police ouvre le feu sur un véhicule avec ses passagers après un « refus d’obtempérer ». Bilan provisoire : il y aurait 2 morts, le conducteur et son passager avant, ainsi qu’un blessé qui était assis à l’arrière. pic.twitter.com/ghv4GOEDQw— Remy Buisine (@RemyBuisine) April 24, 2022

I love it when a plan comes together.Florida Revokes Disney’s Tax Privileges and Its Stock Drops by $46.6 Billion

The information war is getting profane.FDA approves remdesivir to treat young children with Covid-19How Humanitarian of them to manage our emotions for us.

What happened to “informed consent” for medical procedures?
Toxic Heavy Metals and MRIs — What Radiologists Don’t Tell You

Gadolinium, a toxic heavy metal, is the contrast agent of choice in about one-third of high-contrast MRIs. A poll revealed 58% of radiologists avoid informing patients when deposits of toxic contrast agents are discovered to avoid provoking “unnecessary patient anxiety.”

The “news” gets faker by the day. Link to Telegram.

Ewaranon uploaded two new videos on Bitchute you can watch here, if you like.

Most of the discussion is around the European cathedrals, and Tartaria—with a twist. He is throttling down the talk of who built what, and when as he reexamines his evidence and beliefs and urges us not to make broad, sweeping generalizations about the past. It will be nice to get the truth from reliable sources one day so we no longer have to speculate and connect dots. He also speaks a little of the evidence supporting the flat and globe Earth theories and its validity.

‘Watch the water’ keeps rushing in like waves on a beach.
Ten dead after tour boat sinks off Hokkaido Japan in heavy seas

Phil G has scheduled a live show for tonight at 8 pm EDT. Link to Rumble.

The fires are back in the valley after warm, dry weeks and high winds. They don’t know how the big “Tunnel fire” started but the smoke from the prescribed burn near Prescott drifted down here last night giving a pink tinge to the late day sun and we watched it sink behind a purple cloud of smoke.

Eli turned 4 months old last Wednesday and he’s about 30 lbs and still likes to nose around in the fridge. He is much better behaved and easier to control and a dear little soul many in the neighbourhood love to love.
He looks forward to his walks and is going further afield on new streets and grassy patches. He found a tiny stuffed unicorn toy at the foot of a street sign this week and carried it all the way home. I soaked it and scrubbed it because it was literally black instead of pink and cut the plastic loop off the top.
He’s getting so good at the Tail Teaser game it’s hard for me to keep it challenging for him because he anticipates the movement so much and has figured out that if he stands near me, the centre of the circle, the distance to nab the toy is shorter than if he chases it around the edge of the circle.
You can see the difference in his size from the first pic, top, to today’s shot below. His legs are long now and his tail feathers are filling out.
That’s all I have time for today. Thanks to the crew for the great material they share in comments.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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