April 22, 2022: Earth Day & The Intensity of the War is Increasing [videos]


Today there are lots of 2’s and lots of news, that’s for sure, so let’s get to it! Oh—and I will also say, “It’s Friday—again!”

It’s also [Flat] Earth Day. More on that, below. The good news is, there is no environmental crisis like the globalists would like us to believe; no global warming, no mini ice age, no catastrophic levels of cow farts or anything of that magnitude and certainly nothing that a “carbon tax” would fix. What we DO need to do is stop polluting everything with chemicals, plastics, etc.

We also need to stop allowing the control freaks to shame us into accepting responsibility for the the pollution and other problems on our planet. They have been controlling the world for eons. Their crony corporations are the ones manufacturing with petroleum based plastic etc. when safer, sustainable materials are available. They have held back our civilization from moving on to free energy from the ethers in favour of products falsely labeled “fossil fuels” when they are no such thing, as well as coal, etc.

Humanity is NOT the problem; the Illuminati ruling class cabal, the 1%, deep state, global “el-ites” are the problem. Decade after decade they meet and scheme how to poison us for profit, depopulate the earth and turn us into Humanoid controlled entities when they could be applying themselves to improving the situation on the planet. THEY are to blame for it all.

Meanwhile, they enjoy their private jets, yachts, high-end autos, massive estates, castles and multiple million-dollar homes etc. and contribute nothing positive to the ecological management of our world. Any initiatives they come up with are about collecting more taxpayers’ money and laundering it to sustain their greedy, ostentatious lifestyles. They are hypocrites of the highest order.

As Putin said some time ago, Pedophiles run the world. You may have heard that Florida successfully put Disney in their place and passed the law that would prevent them from maintaining their virtual “city state”, living tax-free and enjoying other perks while they prey on children.

Ron DeSantis has completed the process to take Disney to task. It’s final—but of course Disney will fight it.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Abolishing Disney’s Orlando Tax District

If people had only seen the subliminal filth in cartoons and movies they would never let their children near a Disney Land, Disney World, or buy their products ever again. They have been programming our children—probably us, too—for decades. When we say the cabal owns the media—entertainment like Disney movies is included. Every form of media is included.

Fortunately, we are routing out the sickos from our society and I think we know why the following happened. You get to the top of your game by playing the game. The cabal’s game = pedoworks. David Copperfield may be able to thrill his audiences with his impressive stage magic, but what is he doing behind the scenes?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – FBI agents have raided a Las Vegas warehouse owned by magician David Copperfield — for reasons they did not disclose — and media reports said that they seized nearly $2 million and computer equipment.

Not convinced? Read more at the link below. I doubt if any of us have a cool million or two lying around in a safe. Money like that means illegal operations.

Media reports said FBI agents seized nearly $2 million in cash from the building, along with a computer hard drive and a memory chip from a digital camera system during Wednesday’s late-night operation.

David Copperfield one-eye club

FBI raids magician David Copperfield in Vegas

We told you heads are gonna roll and if the news is true that Fauci was hanged then… that’s all you need to know. Many cabal psychopaths have already been forcibly removed and will continue to be. JUSTICE!

Some are calling for public hangings and executions. Here! Here! That way, the snoozers won’t be able to say they didn’t know—and they’ll be a lot more likely to remember it.

‘Beyond troubling’: Current, former government officials tied to human trafficking probe in Georgia

I was disappointed last night when Phil’s live show was blocked but that is what the sickos do in an information war. The search for Phil’s account on Telegram wouldn’t work, Rumble crashed and I got a 500 error for his account only, and Dlive was also freezing up and after 36 minutes, the recording ended with no Q&A.

We can see that Phil is grappling with demons—not his own—the ones the devil sicced on him. He did a riveting show on Wednesday you can listen to here. Phil has an acute conscience and did what he felt compelled to do many years ago because he has ethics. If you listened to his riveting “story” about the “boy” and his career, and his roommate, then you probably now understand we were correct when we concluded that Phil is someone high up in the White Hat/patriot organization. The story was clearly a metaphor for his own life. We hope it was cathartic.

Over time, and mostly as a result of his guarded answers to Q&A questions, we decided that Phil is probably the real “Edward Snowden” and also creator of the Mr. Pool social media account. His heartfelt tale confirmed all that, and more.

We understand Ezra Cohen-Watnick was his roommate and he spoke of that as well. So Ezra has been giving Phil intel to share, and Phil has also been putting out comms to us and the White Hats.

If you believed the despicable lies recently disseminated about Phil you might want to fine-tune your discernment filters or you could be mislead again. Just because someone says something, or writes it, or puts it on video or shows a document, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Anything can be fabricated. They fabricated a president, for godsake!

Phil is obviously well-off financially and puts himself out there in the public sphere every day. If he was a pedophile don’t you think the Pedo Task Force would have seized his assets by now and locked him up under Executive Order 13838?

Hopefully Phil will have an easier road ahead and will no longer be dealing with “what might have been”. He has recently spoken of a job he was tasked with that only he could do. That task was completed, but Phil is still doing what only he can do. I hope he realizes this. No one else I’m aware of has the reach he has, does live shows the way he does, educates and soothes the truthers the way he does, or has the massive impact he does on social media. He is unique, he is a warrior, and he will rise above the disgusting attacks on his character. Thankfully, he has his boys, and he now has Kerri.

He did an addendum to the story on Telegram today.

Ezra Cohen warned of a false flag attack in his Telegram yesterday. There is always the potential, but it could also be a “grey swan” event. We should take everything with a grain of salt—up to and including an entire salt lick. General Flynn cloned??!!

However today…

New ShariRaye: False Flag Event At Capital! World’s Largest Sting Operation – Warp Speed – Biggest Stock Market Crash – 100 Countries On High Alert

Kevin McCarthy going down?

HE’S FINISHED: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Released Statement Saying NYT Authors Misquoted Him on Pushing Trump from Office — THEN THEY RELEASED THE AUDIO

Christine Anderson, the German member of the European Parliament has been outspoken lately about the travesty of tyranny concerning the fake pandemic and vaccine mandates. Sounds like she’s been busy taking the tyrants to task. You can follow her English and German posts on Telegram.

In the Great White Gulag the battle continues for freedom from absurd and tyrannical health restrictions in the proven scamdemic.

B.C.’s vaxx passport system challenged in court: Vancouverites react… on 4/20

The Canadian Constitution Foundation’s lead counsel, Mr. Geoffrey Trotter, says they are challenging an “unconstitutional and overly narrow exemption regime.”

The blog is not working properly, very sluggish, not handling commands or saving data. Time to sign off and hope it will publish.

The cold bug got me yesterday, but I told Eli I wasn’t feeling well and if he could be a really good boy for me and get by without the usual play sessions and walks that I would definitely be better on Friday and we’d have a good day together. Maybe he understood because he was amazing—the best day yet. He played on his own with only a morning walk and was affectionate [read not biting] and obedient all day.

I gave him a kibble-dispensing ball at 2 pm and that kept him busy for awhile. He loves that thing. We played fetch with a hollow ball of soft plastic that doesn’t hurt anything in the house, went to bed at 8:00 and somehow this high energy pup made it through with my deep gratitude. Maybe 4 months of age [as of yesterday] is a magic marker in his life but he was such a good boy. Today we had a great morning walk, played with the flirt pole afterward and we’re making chicken treats this afternoon. It’s a windy day in the valley so it’s raining lemons in our yard. We have nearly two dozen so far today and lemons are something Eli doesn’t eat, thankfully.

More later.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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