World War Three has Begun: Bucha and the Sinking of the Moskva ~ April 21, 2022


Editor’s Note: After a quick read, this article appears to support a mass reasoning for another “traditional” WWWIII due to apparent military actions.

The actions listed below “sets the stage” in the minds of most for another global military maneuver…this time involving the nuclear option.

Be calm as humanity is awakened to another way of life evidencing a new level of consciousness in which humanity leaves fear behind, and learn to live in …

Quantum Joy!


David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 20, 2022




I was in Moscow in July, 2019 offering hundreds of billions of dollars to finance the rerouting of all Russian oil and natural gas away from the EU to China as we knew the US was going to start a war with Russia because it feared that Russia would control Germany if it was utterly dependent on Russian oil and natural gas and that this would have adversely affected the balance of power in the world if the US lost the EU that it balanced against Russia. The US plan included using Japan, South Korea and other Asian powers as Australia to balance against China in Asia. My proposal would have avoided the Ukraine war I predicted as Germany would have to buy their oil and natural gas from the US but Putin turned it down as the EU paid more for Russian natural gas and oil than China. The US instigated the Ukraine war by ordering Kiev to mercilessly shell the Donbas area where Russians dwelt knowing Russia had to protect its own people to force Germany away from Russia and it has succeeded. The Russians had no choice but to intervene as the Russian population in the Dunbas and Luhansk were being shelled by the National Socialists in Kiev as the US planned. The rest of the EU means nothing as Germany is its anchor. I explained this in my July 2, 2019 speech to the Duma Peace Conference in footnote one predicting the Ukraine war and the use of SWIFT-CHIPS (SWIFT means really nothing as it is a form of internet communications before the internet was created for mass use while CHIPS is the key international bank settlement mechanism.

Introduction to the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) Definition

Though CHIPS has not been sanctioned to all intents and purposes it is useless to Russia as most western banks will not participate in Russian transactions. The 2020 article below prophetically explains these issues in depth.

Definitive Eurasian alliance is closer than you think

I was the operator below that offered Russia the financing to divert their oil and natural gas production to China to avoid this war. Here we quote from the article:

The Hormuz factor

A closely guarded secret in Moscow is that right after imposition of German sanctions regarding Ukraine, a major global energy operator approached Russia with an offer to divert to China no less than 7 million barrels a day of oil plus natural gas.

Whatever happens, the stunning proposal is still sitting on the table of Shmal Gannadiy, a top oil/gas advisor to President Putin.

If that should ever transpire, it would secure for the Chinese all the natural resources they need from Russia. Under this hypothesis, the Russian rationale would be to bypass German sanctions by switching Russian oil exports to China, which from a Russian point of view is more advanced in consumer technology than Germany.

Of course this all changed with the imminent conclusion of Nord Stream 2 – despite Team Trump taking no prisoners to sanction everyone in sight.

Backdoor intel discussions made it very clear to German industrialists that if Germany ever lost its Russian source of oil and natural gas, and if the Strait of Hormuz were shut down by Iran in the event of an American attack, the German economy might simply collapse.

There have been serious cross-country intel discussions about the possibility of a US-sponsored October Surprise involving a false flag to be blamed on Iran. Team Trump’s “maximum pressure” on Iran has absolutely nothing to do with the JCPOA. What matters is that, even indirectly, the Russia-China strategic partnership has made it very clear that Tehran will be protected as a strategic asset – and as a key node of Eurasia integration.

Cross-intel considerations center on a scenario assuming a – quite unlikely – collapse of the government in Tehran. The first thing Washington would do in this case is to pull the switch of the SWIFT clearing system. The target would be to crush the Russian economy. That’s why Russia and China are actively increasing the merger of the Russian Mir and the Chinese CHIPS payment systems, as well as bypassing the US dollar in bilateral trade.

It has already been gamed in Beijing that were that scenario ever to play out, China might lose its two key allies in one move, and then have to face Washington alone, still on a stage of not being able to assure for itself all the necessary natural resources. That would be a real existential threat. And that explains the rationale behind the increasing interconnection of the Russia-China strategic partnership plus the $400 billion, 25-year-long China-Iran deal.

What the US is backing is National Socialism in the Ukraine as we did in 1933 when we financed Adolf Hitler to oppose Russia. It has to do with balance of power. The US supported Stalin in World War Two to stop Hitler from joining hands with Japan as we are promoting wars now to stop an alliance between China and Russia as step two in the above discussed process. As to the killings in the Ukraine blamed on Russia they are actually done by the National Socialists in the Ukraine. [OpDis Editor Note: Russia is not innocent of killings either. During war, there will always be war crimes committed by both sides. The US Military even committed war crimes in Vietnam.] Here is the American officer Scott Ritter who was the only one who revealed the lie that there were no weapons of mass destruction for the Iraq invasion which was the truth where the US killed millions of people to block Saddam’s in Iraq effort to go off the dollar standard. He explains that the Bucha Massacre was carried out by the Ukrainian National Socialists.

Part 2 Scott Ritter: A Conversation About Ukraine

Next explains the actual reasons for the Iraq war which was due to Saddam dumping dollars as a means of paying for Iraqi oil:

Here a major US official supported killing 500,000 Iraqi children alone.

Madeleine Albright / “60 Minutes” 500,000 dead Iraqi children “worth it”! Clinton’s sanctions

Gaddafi was killed for the same reason for wanting to go to gold money. Both countries were developing well and now they are now ruins.

Gold Dinar: the Real Reason Behind Gaddafi’s Murder – Millenium State blog

Here is an expose on the recent sinking of the Cruiser named Moscow implicating NATO:

Cruiser “Moscow”: how it was.
Information from our sources.

The cruiser was located near Odessa, closer to Romania. A year ago, a new phased array locator was installed on it, the illumination range is 500 km. What was he there for?

Ukrainian planes flew to the airfield in Romania and from there took off towards the sea, made a detour and came ashore from Odessa. Then they flew to Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye, struck at the troops of the Russian Federation.

All airfields in the area of Nikolaev and Odessa are broken. They could not understand – from where? Therefore, they drove the “Moscow” with a powerful locator.

He began to shine, and from the airfields of the Crimea and from near Donetsk, our Su-35s began to intercept Ukrainians. So nine MiGs and Dryers were shot down.

It was all calculated by NATO. And here is the result. First, the cruiser was hit from a drone – the locators and antennas were smashed. The cruiser shot down one, but was already half blind.

Then the Ukrainians launched two Neptune cruise missiles from the shore. The guidance was carried out by the NATO Orion, which was hanging over Romania. He also turned on the RAP and lit up the cruiser’s air defense detection station.

The missiles went to the ship with the homing heads turned off so that it would not detect the radiation beam. The guidance was carried out by the NATO Orion, transmitting the exact coordinates of the ship to the missiles. The result is two hits, detonation of ammunition. The cruiser began to sink.

The cruiser “Moscow” (in addition to its main purpose – the destruction of the KUG and AUG) is capable of providing air defense of the ship’s strike group at a long range with the S-300F “Fort” complex for a range of detecting air targets up to 300 km.

The cruiser was assigned the task of carrying out combat duty 100-120 km from Odessa in order to control the airspace within a radius of 250-300 km . That is, to ensure the overlap of the southern half of Moldova, the space from Izmail to Odessa and part of the territory of Romania (including the port of Constanta) with its location field.

“Moscow” greatly interfered with the covert transfer of military aircraft (helicopters and airplanes) from the territory of Romania to the territory of Ukraine. The cruiser was being watched, NATO air reconnaissance was working on it.

The destruction of the flagship of the fleet was planned as a strategic task. Therefore, the operation of delivering the PKR to Odessa took place in strict secrecy and under the cover of electronic warfare.

As the “killer” of the cruiser, they chose the PKR (anti-ship missile), but not the Neptune, as spread by Ukrainian propaganda, but the fifth-generation NSM PKR (Naval Strike Missile, range of destruction – 185 km, developed by Norway-USA). This type of RCC was chosen out of the need to achieve an absolute result.

The NSM is able to reach the target along a programmed route thanks to the GPS-adjusted INS, independently find the target by flying up to it at an altitude of 3-5 meters. When reaching the target, the NSM maneuvers and puts electronic interference. A highly sensitive thermal imager is used as a homing system, which independently determines the most vulnerable places of the target ship.

A stationary container installation secretly delivered to Ukraine was used as a launcher. Thus, after the damage to the cruiser “Moscow”, which led to its flooding, NATO reopened the air corridor for the transfer of aircraft to the airfields of Chernivtsi, Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

After the destruction of the cruiser “Moscow”, the Black Sea Fleet, unfortunately, no longer has a single ship with a long-range anti-aircraft missile system.

But not everything is so bad.

A three-band radar “Sky-M” is located in Crimea, which is capable of tracking all air targets at a range of up to 600 km. This radar controls the sky to the city of Chernivtsi.

David Lifschultz

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


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