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Editor’s Note: What is Earth’s “true” history? We have not long to find out, my friends…

Below is a re-telling of which some may not be aware. This article is long, but a quick glance surmises the the grimness of separation from one another humanity has endured.

Oh…the gladness of freedom we are NOW (No Other Way) seeing bloom on our planet, allowing us to join together as one race (human race), and then BE in…

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That this corrupt institution is still terrorizing the planet, is all that has to be seen, to understand which side it is aligned with, and has been, basically it’s entire existence. You folks still partaking of this harlot need to get out…now.

…The attacks upon Judaism by the Catholic Church, especially in the Middle Ages, were almost as vicious as the literal Crusades against Christians

Were the Vaudois and Valdneses the Remnant ekklēsia, maintaining the Truth of Christ against the Dragon?

Certainly, Rome thought so, and Crusaders pursued the inoffensive Alpine Christians with vicious ruthlessness perhaps even unseen in Palestine.

To combat the “heretics”, Rome needed a special office designed to use every means necessary to force the wayward children back into the fold. As the Crusader/Inquisitor saying went; aut Mass aut mortem — be at Mass or be dead.

In haughty power did Rome seek to bring all Christians under her dominion.

“You said, ‘I am forever — the eternal queen!’ … lounging in your security and saying to yourself, ‘I am, and there is none besides me. I will never be a widow nor suffer the loss of children.’”
~ Isaiah 47:7-8 (NIV) xxiv

Christians have been thrilled by Papal propaganda depicting heroic Crusaders battling bloodthirsty Muslims but the picture erased from history is that of knights ruthlessly slaughtering Christian men, women and children in the most heinous fashion they could. ~ Secret History [33]

Slightly better known (because it serves the Luciferian “clash of civilizations” Hegelian Dialectic [ii] ) is the persecution of Jews by Rome.

Suspiciously, anti-Semitism was already being stirred in Trento before the heinous incident.

Part 2 : Eaters of Children, The Pedocracy Exposed…The Beast Transformed …. Slavers

Eaters of Children

The Pedocracy Exposed

By Johnny Cirucci

Chapter 2 

The Beast Transformed 

21 March 1475: Two year old boy found murdered, the victim of a ritual sacrifice, in Trento, Italy on Easter Sunday. 

The small Simon, a little boy from Trent, was slayed on the 21st March, 1475 A.D., on Maundy-Thursday during Holy Week. The Jews of this town wanted to celebrate their Passover in their own way; so they secretly abducted the small boy and carried him to the house of the Jew Samuel. During Holy Week on Maundy-Thursday, the day before Good Friday, “and” on the day before the outlawed “Perfidious Passover”, about three hours after supper, the little boy, like children do, was sitting in front of his parents’ house. Neither his father nor mother were home at the time as they were at Church. It was at this time that the Jew Tobias approached the child, who was not quite 30 months old, and while speaking kindly and offering the boy a piece of money, picked him up and carried him at once to the house of the Jew Samuel. 

When night fell, the twin brothers Saligman and Samuel, with Tobias, Vitalis (Veitel), Moses, Israel and Mayr, undressed the little boy and unmercifully butchered him. While Moses strangled him with a handkerchief as he lay across Samuel’s knee, pieces of flesh from his neck were cut with a knife and the blood collected in a bowl. At the same time, they punctured the naked offering with needles and murmured Hebrew curses. They then cut pieces of flesh from the boy’s arm and legs and collected the blood in pots. 

Finally the torturers imitated the crucifixion by holding the twitching body upside down and the arms outstretched… ~ St. Simon of Trent.com[32] 

The attacks upon Judaism by the Catholic Church, especially in the Middle Ages, were almost as vicious as the literal Crusades against Christians

Were the Vaudois and Valdneses the Remnant ekklēsia, maintaining the Truth of Christ against the Dragon? 

Certainly, Rome thought so, and Crusaders pursued the inoffensive Alpine Christians with vicious ruthlessness perhaps even unseen in Palestine. 

To combat the “heretics”, Rome needed a special office designed to use every means necessary to force the wayward children back into the fold. As the Crusader/Inquisitor saying went; aut Mass aut mortem — be at Mass or be dead. 

In haughty power did Rome seek to bring all Christians under her dominion. 

You said, ‘I am forever — the eternal queen!’ … lounging in your security and saying to yourself, ‘I am, and there is none besides me. I will never be a widow nor suffer the loss of children.’” 

~ Isaiah 47:7-8 (NIV) xxiv 

Christians have been thrilled by Papal propaganda depicting heroic Crusaders battling bloodthirsty Muslims but the picture erased from history is that of knights ruthlessly slaughtering Christian men, women and children in the most heinous fashion they could. ~ Secret History [33]

Slightly better known (because it serves the Luciferian “clash of civilizations” Hegelian Dialectic


) is the persecution of Jews by Rome. 

Suspiciously, anti-Semitism was already being stirred in Trento before the heinous incident. 

Shortly before Simon went missing, Bernardine of Feltre, an itinerant Franciscan preacher, had delivered a series of sermons in Trent in which he vilified the local Jewish community. ~ Wikipedia [34] 

A more detailed account is found in the Jewish Encyclopedia. [italics suspended] 

The Disappearance of Simon. 

The harmonious relations between the Christians and the Jews in Trent had excited the anger of the semi-demented Franciscan friar Bernardinus of Feltre, who was a son of a notorious enemy of the Jews. In his Lenten sermons (1475) he endeavored to incite the people against them, but instead provoked displeasure on the part of the Christians. Then he predicted that at the next Jewish Passover a ritual murder would occur. In accordance with this prediction, the child Simon, twenty-eight months old, disappeared on March 23, 1475. Bernardinus of Feltre, Johannes Schweizer (a neighbor of the Jews), and, at last, the excited people themselves declared that the child would be found among the Jews; but a careful search through the Jewish quarter, ordered by Bishop Hinderbach and executed by the podestà of Trent, Johann Sala, proved fruitless. 

On the eve of Easter Monday, March 26, some Jews noticed the body of a child in the river, near the house of one of their number named Samuel. Without a moment’s delay three of them, Tobias (a physician), Samuel, and Angelus, hastened to notify the bishop, but were not admitted to his presence. The podestà, however, visited the house of Samuel, took possession of the child’s body, and ordered the arrest of those present — Samuel, Angelus, Tobias, Israel, Bonaventura, Toaff, and a second Bonaventura (the cook). 

After a medical examination of the body it was stated that death was the result of violence, not of accidental drowning. A baptized Jew, Johann of Feltre, who had been a prisoner for several years for theft, seized the apparent opportunity to shorten the term of his imprisonment by declaring that the Jews use the blood of Christians for ritual purposes at the Passover. 

On the strength of this allegation all the members of the Jewish community, women and children included, were arrested. The proceedings against them began on March 28. The accused pleaded not guilty, and denounced two men: Johannes Schweizer, who had access to the river flowing by Samuel’s house and who for a long time had been an enemy of the Jews; and the German tailor Enzelin. Johannes Schweizer and his wife were arrested, but proved an alibi as regards the 23d of March, though only for the daytime; they were finally liberated from prison in a “miraculous” manner. 

Torture Suffered by the Jews. 

Then began days and nights of torture for the Jews, in which numerous methods of compelling “confession” were tried. For a long time the sufferers remained steadfast and faithful; but after weeks of torture had weakened the will, they “confessed” in the exact words dictated by their clerical tormentors and assassins. These abominable practises caused Duke Sigmund and others to intercede and stop the proceedings (April 21). But the persecutions were resumed on June 5, and were maintained until the Jew Moses, aged eighty years, after terrible tortures and persistent denials, likewise “confessed.” Toward the end of June (21-23) eight of the wealthiest Jews, after receiving baptism, were put to death, some being burned at the stake and the rest beheaded. [35] 

It is significant that a Jewish prisoner, already baptized into the Roman Catholic religion, was the “witness” who condemned the accused. 

It was neither the first nor the last example of Jewish treachery within the ranks. 

During the Passover in Judea of ~32 A.D. Jewish religious leadership betrayed the people and convinced their Roman task-masters to put to death an innocent and extremely popular Rabbi from Nazareth because he (He) threatened their abusive control. [Matthew 27:20] 

Hungarian Jewish billionaire George Soros is constantly demonized by supposed “Right-wing” media like Fox News. Fox News was founded by Australian “purveyor of pornography” [36] Rupert Murdoch, a Knight of Malta [37] who has received the Order of St. Gregory personally from Pope Saint John Paul II [38],[iii] . Yet it is little-known that Soros was a Nazi collaborator. 

As a young man, in Budapest, George Soros was a courier for the Jewish Council, the Nazi-established and Nazi-run organization that ran the Jewish community. The Jewish Council was ultimately controlled by Adolf Eichmann, the man known as the “architect of the Holocaust,” who was in charge of the mass deportation of the Jews of Poland and Hungary to the extermination camps. Eichmann arrived in Budapest in early 1944, to take charge of the elimination of the Hungarian Jews. Before Eichmann left, 430,000 Hungarian Jews had been put to their death. In 1960, agents of the Israeli Mossad kidnapped Adolf Eichmann from Argentina, and brought him to Israel, to stand trial as a war criminal. During the trial, Eichmann was kept in a glass cage. He was convicted, sentenced to death, and was executed in 1962. 

In his 1965 memoir of the wartime, Masquerade — Dancing Around Death in Nazi-Occupied Hungary, George Soros’ father, Tivadar Soros, devoted an entire chapter to the Jewish Council, and his son’s involvement. 

“When systematic persecution of the Jews began,” Tivadar Soros wrote, “it was carried out not by the Germans, nor by their Hungarian lackeys, but — most astonishingly — by the Jews themselves. One of the first things the Germans did was to form a so-called Jewish Council, consisting of the leaders of the Jewish community. Council members were made personally responsible for the implementation of the various German measures relating to the Jewish population. As a reward, they, their families, and those who worked for them were exempted, at least at the beginning, from these restrictions… The Jewish Council carried out the German wishes far more conscientiously than the Germans could themselves.” 

Tivadar Soros described his son George’s role. “As Jews couldn’t go to school any more and their teachers couldn’t teach, they were ordered to report to council headquarters. The children were enlisted as couriers under the command of their teachers. My younger son, George, also became a courier. On the second day, he returned home at seven in the evening. 

“‘What did you do all day?’ ‘Mostly nothing. But this afternoon I was given some notices to deliver to various addresses.’ ‘Did you read what they said?’ ‘I even brought one home.’ He handed me a small slip of paper, with a typewritten message [a summons]. ‘Do you know what this means?’ I asked him. ‘I can guess,’ he replied, with great seriousness. ‘They’ll be interned.’” ~ LPAC [39] 

Apparently, the Jews who are empowered by Rome to be Vatican scapegoats don’t even mind when the Papacy steals and traffics their children. 

The opportunity came during the Holocaust — an outrage also engineered by Rome. 

The Catholic Intelligence Agency 

The CIA (then the OSS) was founded by Catholic Wall Street lawyer, and Knight of Malta, 447 William Donovan. 

Donovan was specifically selected because his loyalties to Rome far outweighed any scruples he had about honoring an allegiance to America, her citizens or her Constitution. 

Well before the conclusion of World War II in July of 1944, Eugenio Pacelli (“Pope Pius XII”) awarded Donovan Knight Grand Cross by the Order of St. Sylvester. 448 

It certainly wasn’t because Pacelli was interested in conquering the Nazis (at least, not quickly). He was personally responsible for their rise, having been the Papal Nuncio (Vatican Ambassador) to Prussia from (1926-29) and to Germany (1917-30). So much so, in fact, he has been named “Hitler’s Pope”. 449 This, too, is subterfuge as Adolf Hitler was only a pawn of the Papacy. 450 They even had a viciously anti-Semitic Jesuit named Bernhardt Staempfle write Mein Kampf for Hitler. 451 … 

Rome and her Special Forces, the Jesuits, were absolutely determined to needlessly raise up antagonists in Germany and Russia to brutally punish the birthplace of the Reformation and the world for receiving it. In the process, her minions treasonously played both sides and made billions in the process. … 

Inside Germany, Rome had double agents like “Lutheran” Martin Bormann. Bormann was one of the most powerful men in the regime. He was head of the Nazi Party Chancellery (the Parteikanzlei) and Adolf Hitler’s private secretary who personally controlled the flow of information and access to Hitler. 455

He was also an active participant in “Red Orchestra” (Die Rote Kapelle) — a cell of traitors who gave German intelligence to the Soviet Union. It was further evidence that Bormann worked for Rome. Between the Allies and the Communists, the Allies were a far more lucrative recipient of important intelligence. One could easily negotiate their way into a very posh retirement by pulling the right strings (as many Nazis did). … 

Not working directly with the Allies forced Rome to intervene to provide for Bormann’s “retirement” and he was put into the Vatican rat lines disguised as a Jesuit priest and he ended up safely in [Jorge “Pope Francis” Bergoglio’s] Argentina 456 where he died peacefully and unmolested. 

His wife, Gerda, was carefully screened from harassment by any intelligence agencies cxxv and she appointed a Roman Catholic priest as executor of her will. Bormann’s eldest son, Adolf, (named after his godfather, Adolf Hitler) became a Jesuit and was given special deference and consideration because of his father’s contribution to Rome. 457 ~ Secret History [40] 

As a result of the Holocaust, desperate Jewish parents turned their children over to Catholic institutions — hospitals, orphanages, etc. — as well as Elite Catholic families, to give them a chance to survive the War. 

They were never seen again. 

A letter from Pope Pius XII to his representative in Paris on November 20, 1946 shows that he ordered Jewish babies baptized during the Holocaust not to be returned to their parents. 

… Former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau has said that the Holocaust-era Pope Pius XII refused several requests by Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog to meet with him before and during the war to discuss how the Church could either help save Jewish lives or locate Jewish orphans cared for by Catholic families. 

On the other hand, Rabbi Lau said that the previous pontiff, Pope John Paul II, told him in 1993 that he had refused to baptize a Jewish child whose parents had died, “because the parents had specifically requested that the child be brought up as a Jew.” 

However, the same John Paul II did not respond to a request by Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich to open church archives and reveal the names of Jewish children who were raised as Catholics during World War II. ~ Arutz Sheva [41] 

In 2005, the Times printed what was purported to be Pacelli’s letter. 

Paris, October 23, 1946 

Concerning Jewish children who were entrusted to Catholic institutions and families during the German occupation and are now demanded by Jewish institutions to be handed over to them, the Holy Congregation of the Holy Office has made a decision that can be summarized in this way: 

1) Avoid, as much as possible, responding in writing to Jewish authorities, but rather do it orally. 

2) Each time a response is necessary, it is necessary to say that the Church must conduct investigations in order to study each case individually. 

3) Children who have been baptized must not be entrusted to institutions that would not be in a position to guarantee their Christian upbringing. 

4) For children who no longer have their parents, given the fact that the Church has responsibility for them, it is not acceptable for them to be abandoned by the Church or entrusted to any persons who have no rights over them, at least until they are in a position to choose themselves. This, evidently, is for children who would not have been baptized. 

5) If the children have been turned over by their parents, and if the parents reclaim them now, providing that the children have not received baptism they can be given back. It is to be noted that this decision of the Holy Congregation of the Holy Office has been approved by the Holy Father. [42] 

Media, in general, and the New York Times very specifically, is run by Jews emplaced by the Vatican to both do Roman biding and insure Vatican deniability. 

The releasing of Pacelli’s letter was another Papal chess move; giving up a pawn to gain a bishop. 

#Surely edited, it allowed for damage control. As we’ve seen, little consideration has been given by criminal clergy whether children are “baptized” Catholic and much more their use in sacrifice and to bring money. 

#It gave the Times credibility as a “real paper”. 

#It continued to foment racial divide by bringing the topic to light. 

These suppositions were proven true by the Jewish professor in Roman Catholic France, Catherine Poujol, who “examined” the issue…for the Vatican! 

For almost a decade, Poujol has refused to talk to the press about her discovery. Now, she explains the reasons behind her silence. 

“I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire without properly investigating the subject — and this was a very complex, lengthy process,” she told The Times of Israel. 

“The Church felt cornered, and at first adopted an inward-looking stance. But soon it realized that denying the access to these postwar documents would fuel the scandal even more.” 

After examining countless sources and traveling throughout Europe, the U.S. and Israel, Poujol came to the conclusion that even if this document clearly outlines the Church’s intention of keeping baptized Jewish children under its custody, it doesn’t cast blame on the entire Catholic Church. 

“Many priests and bishops acted completely independently and didn’t abide by the directive,” she says. 

In 1944, two Jewish boys, Robert and Gerald Finally, were sent by their parents to a Catholic nursery in Grenoble. After the parents were deported and died at Auschwitz, their uncle and aunt, who were living in Israel, attempted to get the children back. 

In 1948, French Catholic nurse Antoinette Brun baptized the children without the family’s permission and formally adopted them, omitting to tell the judge about the existence of other relatives. 

The affair reached the national spotlight when a police investigation found that several nuns of the Notre Dame de Sion order and Basque priests had arranged and executed the kidnapping and smuggling of the children in Spain in February 1953. … 

“French public opinion was divided into two opposing camps, clericals against anti-clericals, Zionists against anti-Zionists, and canon law against Republican law,” she adds. ~ Times of Israel [43] 

“Two Jewish boys in 1944”? 

Rome has stolen and trafficked tens of thousands of children but when it suits her she will show her hand on two of them to give up the pawn of a momentary “sin” and gain the bishop of stoking racial hatred toward Jews. 

Saint Simon 

Despite the controversy surrounding the question of who really murdered two year-old Simon in ritual torture honoring castrated gods like Attis, he was soon canonized as the Patron Saint of kidnap and torture victims. 

A sickening number have fallen under his patronage ever since. 

540 years later, children would again come into the spotlight in Trento when Roman Catholic priest Don Gino Flaim told a local La7 News crew that he “understands” pedophilia, that it needs to be “accepted” as any other sin. 

Unfortunately there are children who seek affection because they don’t receive it at home and I understand that some priests can give up. 

… I could accept pedophilia, but I’m not so sure about homosexuality. [44] 

“My mother was a fallen woman,” [Roman Catholic terminology for pregnant, unwed teenager] says Ms. Monaghan, who now lives in Massachusetts. “I really do not remember a lot [about the actual moment].” But even though you’re so young, you still have feelings. You remember being ripped away even if you don’t remember the physicalities of it.” To the outside world, her new family appeared perfect for a lonely child taken from her mother and transported more than 5,000 miles away to California. ~ Daily Mail [67] Fitting the profile the nuns sought, Mary’s adoptive pedophile father was rich, respected and Roman Catholic. Mary’s new father, William, was a prosperous businessman and well respected in the local community… “When I first got there, I would often be ill,” she says of her early years with the family. “I would have all kinds of allergies and break out because I was allergic to the food.” But worse was to come. “My memories [of childhood] are terrible,” Ms. Monaghan says, sadly. “I was physically punished for not being able to eat.” “If I did what a little child does and wet the bed, then I was literally put in the toilet. Then the sexual abuse started and it just progressed.” [68] O’Brien was no run-of-the-mill monster accidentally hit upon by incompetent Catholic nuns; he was plugged in to the Devil’s Simulation — well versed and trained in how to administer trauma-based mind control on an innocent, vulnerable victim. “I had to be kept in my little routine as it were, so I tried to break away. It was all systematic. It was very serious paedophile thinking.” With the O’Briens keeping up appearances in front of friends and neighbours, the bewildered little girl found herself alone and with no one to turn to. “I could not perceive of any way of doing something [to alert the authorities] and I had to protect myself. Because if I had said something and it had come to light, then I probably would not have lived another day.” “And that is not an exaggeration. He had the world fooled.” The abuse lasted throughout her childhood with Mary fleeing her abusive family as soon as she was old enough. [69] Not even Mary, herself, understood that she had been trafficked for the very purpose of ritual abuse. Bolstered by media, government and Vatican disinformation, she naively believed what happened to her was “mismanagement”. Nothing could be further from the truth. “I still have flashbacks sometimes and I still struggle with substance abuse occasionally. And I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.” Although Ms. Monaghan did eventually find her birth mother, it wasn’t until she was 52 that she was able to come to London to meet her. “Well, that was quite a moment when we first met,” she smiles. “I went up to her and I hugged her and she froze. She literally froze. So it came through to me that I needed to tread lightly.” Tragically, her mother’s shame at being an unwed parent followed her to London and Ms. Monaghan says she was very reluctant to admit the truth to her Irish family. “It was very clear that I was to keep my mouth shut. That I was a secret. That I was a long lost cousin. I did play along even though it was hard. But some people did guess.” The pair had just 10 years together, with Mary’s mother Theresa dying in 2010. “It’s just unfortunate that she had to take so much shame to her grave,” she adds. “It just isn’t right.” [70] Margaret Bullen’s two daughters — Samantha and Etta — experienced similar heartache even after all that had already been done to their mother. They were wounds that continued on long after the initial crimes were committed. Margaret was only 42 at the time but looked much older. She was carrying a handbag but it was completely empty, because she didn’t own anything nor did she have any money. Samantha recalls: And, she was just lovely, and she was asking extremely innocent questions like, she, it was the first time she ever had coffee and it was very exciting for her to have coffee and she hadn’t seen brown sugar before either and obviously in the Gresham there was brown and white sugar cubes on the table and it was all very fancy to her. And she was just overjoyed to be there and absolutely wowed by everything. She looked, she looked like a pensioner. I couldn’t believe she was forty-two, I kept looking, I kept looking into her face to find a forty two year old and I couldn’t, because she had the face of hard work, that face that you see in so many women that have just had to work too hard and have never had a rest and have never had anyone to take care of them or tell them to put their feet up, and who have just, just worked too hard. Because, as I said on the radio a few years ago, this was slavery and I don’t use that term lightly and I’m not an emotive person but slavery is a form of work for which you get no pay and you can’t leave and these were the white slaves of Ireland and they were never emancipated. And nobody stood up for them until now, until you guys (Justice for Magdalenes) did. [71] All of Samantha’s efforts at redress of grievances have been directed towards the government of Ireland while the Catholic Church keeps entirely out of the spotlight. Few media sources are to be found on the topic so again we return to The Journal for another story; that of Kathleen Legg. Kathleen was born out of wedlock under troubled circumstances. Her mother turned her over to her grandmother to raise but her grandmother died when she was 14. Not willing to take her back and believing she would get a good education from the Sisters of Charity, Kathleen was delivered to St. Mary’s Stanhope Street Training Centre in Dublin. This was simply not the case. [72] Rather than getting an education, once she entered the convent and was stripped naked and given a uniform, she wouldn’t see another classroom for four years. [73] For the next four years I would scrub, polish and clean every inch of that building, working long hours in the laundry. I had my name changed and I was known as number 27. This was an institution, which generated enormous amounts of wealth, and all the time I was there I had little to very basic food. In fact it was dismal and how we survived I’ll never know. I was constantly hungry and on the verge of starving. The Nuns treated me and indeed others in there as slaves. They gave to the world a false sense of what was being done. So much so that they even sent out school reports saying how well I did in class and how great I was at cooking, housewifery and other such subjects. I never attended a class. I never even met the mother superior. I never saw a clock, book or newspapers when I was there. Every morning you would awake to the sound of a bell. You operated like a robot and you did not dare question a nun. We bathed once a week and I remember the lice from our hair used to float around the top of the water so if you were one of the last to get washed it was horrific. [74] The slave labor of young girls was very lucrative for “the Church” as well as the major corporate interests Rome was in bed with. There was no privacy, no care, no love or support in there. The nuns controlled your every movement and they hated it if you took ill, as this meant you were holding up the work that had to be done. We did laundry for all the big hotels, hospitals, companies and other individuals. It was hard tenuous work, which involved heavy lifting. I was told years later that due to the heavy lifting I did in there this impeded me having my own children. The Nuns robbed me of my life and the life I could have given to others. [75] There has been a government “investigation” but Kathleen’s experience will not be addressed as it has been deemed that the facility at St. Mary’s, Stanhope Street in Dublin, was not a “Magdalene Laundry” according to the official definition. [vi] “There were great big heavy rollers. The sheets would be red hot. It would be the work of an adult man. I was up at six in the morning and every time the bell rang you went where you were told to go.” “I didn’t know how old I was. There were no mirrors and birthdays were never celebrated.” She also described how the nuns systematically ensured the girls there did not make friends. “We didn’t speak to each other. We were too frightened,” she said. “In the room we sang hymns all day long.” [76]Like any concentration camp, escape was impossible. Others have spoken about trying to escape but being unable to scale the high walls, often topped with glass. [77] With order names like “Charity” and “Mercy” women working for Rome conducted barbarism not seen since the overt Roman occupation of the islands. Mary Merritt, 83, who was “in the care” of the nuns for 14 years before escaping, spoke out in September, 2014, about her ordeal. She was born in 1931 to a single mother in a workhouse and went on to an orphanage, run by an order of nuns called the Sisters of Mercy where, she says, the children were made to work and were beaten if they refused. Mary, who now lives in Tunbridge Wells, said that at the age of 11, she was so hungry that she took apples from the convent orchard and as punishment was sent to work in a Magdalene laundry at High Park in Dublin run by another order, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity. “They told me that I would stay in the laundry until I learned to stop stealing. Fourteen years they kept me there. You get less for murder these days.” ~ Daily Mail [78] When Mary did manage to run away, she was treated with the same brutality (perhaps worse) than when Roman occupiers wore breastplates and carried swords. She said: “The laundry was heavy, heavy work and the heat was terrible and you didn’t break until 12 o’clock when you broke for your dinner, such as it was – potatoes and cabbage and fish – and then after you went straight back to the laundry again to work and you worked in the laundry until at six o’clock.” Most shocking of all, Mary claims that after running away she was raped by a priest, but despite this terrible violation she was ignored by police and then shamed by the nuns. Mary said: “When the police took me back to the laundry, they didn’t [address my complaint that] I had been raped but shaved my head, made me apologise for running away and put me in the punishment cell.”
But when Mary became pregnant as a result of the rape and gave birth to a daughter, in a stunning act of cruelty, the nuns took the baby against Mary’s will and [sold] her away for adoption.[79] 
 Shocking collusion with government authorities who are sworn and paid to protect the citizenry from such atrocities has been the unbelievable norm in every country that Rome controls (which appears to be nearly all of them).In fact, taxpayers, not the Vatican, gave Irish victims their payoff. ... in February 2013 that survivors received an apology from the Irish government and have since received £50 million in compensation. [80] The outrageous irony was not noted by the Daily Mail. While many more victims wait for justice, compensation or even recognition, the Irish government astoundingly continues to hand the wheel over to the Vatican for essential services. At this writing, it has been announced that the very same “Sisters of Charity” are to be given “sole ownership” of Ireland’s newest, taxpayer-funded, state maternity hospital, “Saint Vincent’s”. [81As anyone with qualms about how the nuns conduct themselves jumps ship [82] , Ireland’s newborns continue to be placed into the hands of the charitable sisters. For Whom The Bell Tolls In Spain, hundreds of thousands of babies were stolen from their parents and trafficked by the Fascist government of Francisco Franco via the Catholic Church. Up to 300,000 Spanish babies were stolen from their parents and sold for adoption over a period of five decades, a new investigation reveals. The children were trafficked by a secret network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns in a widespread practice that began during General Franco’s dictatorship and continued until the early Nineties. … Several mothers say they were told their first-born children had died during or soon after they gave birth. … But the women, often young and unmarried, were told they could not see the body of the infant or attend their burial. In reality, the babies were sold… Official documents were forged so the adoptive parents’ names were on the infants’ birth certificates. …Journalist Katya Adler, who has investigated the scandal, says: “The situation is incredibly sad for thousands of people.” “There are men and women across Spain whose lives have been turned upside-down by discovering the people they thought were their parents actually bought them for cash. There are also many mothers who have maintained for years that their babies did not die – and were labelled ‘hysterical’ – but are now discovering that their child has probably been alive and brought up by somebody else all this time.” Experts believe the cases may account for up to 15 per cent of the total adoptions that took place in Spain between 1960 and 1989. Generalísimo Francisco Franco, Kutxa Foundation It began as a system for taking children away from families deemed politically dangerous to the regime of General Franco, which began in 1939. The system continued after the dictator’s death in 1975 as the Catholic church continued to retain a powerful influence on public life, particularly in social services. ~ Daily Mail [83]What made the scheme easy to accomplish was that the Catholic Church ran schools, orphanages and hospitals, and still does (even in “Protestant” countries like America). In Fascist Spain, however, the power of the Catholic Church was as blatant and all-encompassing as it is in Ireland. On April 1, 1939, Generalísimo Francisco Franco, crusading leader of the rebellious Nationalist forces, triumphantly declared the Spanish Civil War over. The Catholic Church was the institution that most benefited from Franco’s victory. Its hierarchy had blessed the Nationalist uprising as a crusade and had justified the war to the world as an “armed plebiscite.” Now it reaped the reward. Franco quickly abolished all those Republican** measures that had undermined the Church’s spiritual and social roles, and entrusted it with more power and privilege than it had enjoyed since the 18th century. For the Church, the privileges constituted a spiritual “reconquista” complementing the political “reconquista” enjoyed by Franco and his Nationalists. What the political “reconquista” meant was the return to Castilian centralism and the elimination of other ideologies. The “reconquista” for the Church signified Catholic monopoly over the life of all Spaniards, a vital privilege if society was to be “re-Catholicised”. This “reCatholicisation” was not an easy undertaking keeping in mind that, in supporting the Nationalists during the War, the Church had alienated a large percentage of the population. ..For Cardinal Gomá, primate of Spain, the only way was to impose “divine totalitarianism”, i.e. the imposition of Catholic values on all Spanish society. Franco was only too glad to help. The privileged status of the Church was granted immediately following the Civil War. A little later —in June 1941— its rights were outlined in an Agreement between the Vatican and the Franco government, and finally formalised in a Concordat signed in August, 1953. Amongst the provisions were: 1. recognition of Catholicism as the official religion of the country; 2. Mandatory religious instruction at all educational levels in conformity with Catholic dogma; 3. Financial support of the church by the state (paying the salary of priests and contributing to the (re)construction of church buildings); 4. Guaranteed representation in both press and radio. ~ Spain Then And Now [84] The fact that the government of Spain, in collusion with the Catholic Church, were the institutions that kidnapped babies meant that it is impossible to account for them all. Despite media white-washing, it is a foregone conclusion that many of the children weren’t simply “sold” to good Catholics who wanted them, they were trafficked, tortured and ritually slaughtered. Proof is found in how Rome maintained these crimes against the Spanish people long after Franco’s death. Generalíssimo Francisco Franco was personally assisted by Father Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei. [85] It would not be the last time Opus Dei was the vehicle by which children were trafficked, abused and murdered.NEXT 85sThe Pedocracy Puts on a Lab Coatnotes p640 herehttps://projectcognition.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Eaters-of-Children-The-Pedocracy-Exposed-How-Access-to-Power-is-Granted-Through-the-Rape-Torture-and-Ritualistic-Slaughter-of-the-Innocent-by-Giovanni-Cirucci.pdf
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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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