Starship Earth April 18, 2022; Easter on Q’s Day April 17th


That imposing image, while not very “Eastery”, is the April 17 delta from the Q team.

There are many debts to be settled, and we understand that dues will be paid, one way or another; voluntarily or by force—to the letter of the law. Justice is coming, they promised.

We heard that all kinds of NESARA/GESARA events were to take place at Easter so… we’ll see. Or maybe we won’t see. Maybe the dominoes haven’t yet fallen to the one that triggers a public event.

I am astounded at the beating Elon Musk is getting. If it’s not Trump it’s always someone they’re attacking at any given opportunity. Who cares who Elon was or what Elon did in the past? Anyone who steps up TODAY to help Humanity is welcome to join our ranks. Many—like Trump— lived double lives so they could infiltrate the cabal. I am not going to expend any energy investigating the players.

The Twitter Board, excluding Jack Dorsey, only owns 0.12% of Twitter. They have not only, behind closed doors, rejected @elonmusk‘s offer to purchase the company 20% above market value. They have threatened to dilute their shareholder’s stake in the company. Criminal negligence?

— Chairman (@WSBChairman) April 16, 2022

Some suggest Elon will make Twitter employees’ salaries zero if he takes over. The conjecture is through the roof. Trump said he wouldn’t go back to Twitter even if he got his account back but I wouldn’t be so sure. Any additional venue to share the truth can’t be ignored, can it?

What if…??? Check out this Telegram post for what might be a Trump card… Link to Telegram.

I just love it when a plan comes together. And now people can start to see it.
Kek 🐸

China purchasing your homes, resources, businesses, land and politicians, should concern you much more than Elon Musk buying Twitter.

— Herb Powell – 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇩🇪 (@Humanlty1o1) April 16, 2022

Tore posted on her Telegram: Check out this edition of Newsweek. Attacking Trump and his team with more projection. It’s what THEY the lunatic left did. Stole an election.

Good thing I was watching right? No one else was.

Some good news came from the courts today.

Breaking: Court shuts down Biden’s harassing, anti-constitutional, abusive, and senseless mask mandate for air, rail and other travel.

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) April 18, 2022

And there’s this:

Five associates of Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign are invoking their Fifth Amendment rights and refusing to cooperate with Special Counsel John H. Durham, according a filing in federal court revealed later Friday in Washington, DC. @LIVANDU

This is where the psychopaths have been going with educating our youth. EVERYTHING has been poisoned and Ron De Santis of Florida is making sure text books like this are not going to find their way into the curriculum.

Florida is not banning math text books, they’re rather prohibiting bizarre sexual and social engineering hidden in certain text books!

— David Croom – (ツ) (@dailycallout) April 18, 2022

Bill Maher went there.

Bill Maher on Epstein “Running a Pedophile Ring for the World’s Elite”

The future would be grim if we continued to do nothing as we have for decades. Ezra Cohen channel on Telegram posted a video of Security Control Observation Towers at Love Field [Dallas] in the airport and urged: Link to Telegram.

Oppose now or be enslaved forever. This is your duty.

Another new Kryon video soothed the savage beast this week and in this one he explains how the new medical system eventually will involve frequencies that will cancel out the frequencies of unwanted conditions or dis-ease. This is what Rife technology is already doing but it’s not mainstream. Most of us have not been schooled in resonance and its many practical applications but when the world is educated about that, the world will change.

Kryon April 2022 – Important Message from Kryon

The “stolen nuke” in Pennsylvania is all over the place. Check out the news and Q’s related post in this Telegram.

There has been plenty of news to report on, but frankly, last week kicked my butt and pushed me beyond the limits of my endurance so I really don’t feel like doing much. For over a week I’ve been dealing with a weird lower back or hip issue that prevents me from playing with Eli properly, or walking fast, and most certainly running. Then on Wednesday I came down with the achy thing that came and went but kept me out of circulation, and at the same time my other half started getting a cold. Neither of us get sick very often; it’s been years, but the final straw was Saturday morning when Hubby dropped an Advil Cold & Sinus liqui-gel capsule on the floor which somehow bounced right into Eli’s mouth. Gone.

The previous day I had congratulated us for preventing all the pitfalls that befell Mica. Eli wasn’t vaccinated too early; he wasn’t vaccinated twice for the same thing in a short timespan by an irresponsible vet, and he wasn’t bitten by a rattlesnake just prior to 4 months of age. That old photo popped up on Facebook my other half forwarded to me so it is the anniversary of that horrific event. But now this happens.

If you do any research on an incident like this with a dog or puppy they mention liver damage and intestinal bleeding and with Eli being so small…

The hydrogen peroxide we gave Eli failed to make him vomit so I spent the entire Saturday morning at the vet hospital. They made Eli throw up; got a bottle cap, feathers, and a big seed—what?— but no capsule, so it had already dissolved.

While they did that, I had to call the ASPCA toxicology experts, was on hold for about at least 30 minutes, and got a case number and phone number for the hospital staff to call and had to pay an additional $75 on top of the hospital’s $351 fee. This is so messed up. Where has health care gone?

I was flabbergasted that they outsource their expert advice and was beyond frustrated. Once consulting was done, the experts said they’re not really concerned with that amount of ibuprofen/pseudoephedrine so hospitalization was not required. They said to monitor for nausea or hyperactivity.

Eli was indeed “hyperactive”, but in a good way. He was just restless and no napping was in the cards. He had been awake since 6 am that morning and couldn’t relax or stay in one place very long but gradually, by late afternoon began dozing off out on the patio. He hadn’t tried to bite anyone all day since before the incident so it was kind of nice. He was affectionate and enjoyed his lunch and certainly thrived on all the attention he got from the folks at the hospital. He’s over 25 lb. now and I won’t be able to carry him around much longer.

And that was my week. I’m still tired and fighting off my husband’s cold, I think. I’m so glad I take NANO SOMA every day. With the long term sleep deprivation I know I would have been very sick but I’m barely feeling any symptoms. A vet tech told me about a flirt pole which will make it much easier for me to exercise Eli and save my back. Only the pet gets tired out, they say. Some brands are called Tail Teaser. Great for training purposes, too, if you want to teach restraint and associated commands.

It’s going on 5 o’clock so I am going to sign off and try out that new toy. Hope everyone had a good weekend.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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