Ascension Tool: Conscious Breathing – April 16, 2022

All things are breathing. The entire universe is breathing. The Earth is breathing. And you are breathing.

Conscious breathing is alertness without any effort. Just be aware of the movement of breathing and remain with it. See that no thought enters your mind, that nothing distracts you from this simple joy of being conscious of the life force moving in and out within you. That is all that matters: being fully conscious of every inhalation and exhalation. This technique is very simple. It seems impossible to remain focused on one point for so long, but it isn’t impossible at all.

Just remain alert and aware of your breathing, and you will see that more and more thoughts disappear. When you’ve fully immersed yourself in your breathing, they will disappear completely—not only from the mind but also from the unconscious; they will have no roots in you at all.

The first thing is to get acquainted with the breath. Let it be natural, don’t change it, and don’t try to control it. Just watch it: breathe in and breathe out. Continue to keep an eye on your breathing, and you will see, as the days pass, that a great change is happening in the quality of your breathing.

And if you are conscious of only one thing for twenty-four hours continuously, then you will have learned a new quality of consciousness because twenty-four hours of continuous consciousness of one thing creates a new center in you around which everything else starts. You have already ascended to 5D if you can be conscious of your breath for even a single day.

Now, when you breathe in, there is an urge to breathe out. The ingoing breath becomes outgoing; it takes a turn. That turning point is the moment of silence. At that moment, there is no breath, neither ingoing nor outgoing, just a pure gap of silence. The transition from the ingoing to the outgoing and from the outgoing to the ingoing, that gap in between, that is the point of silence.

Breathe in — that’s one turning point; breathe out — another turning point; and between the two points, there is a gap of no breath. And you’re breathing twenty-one thousand times per day — so many turning points! And if you become aware of each turning point, you will have twenty-one thousand gaps of silence every day. It is such a great thing to have!

Every time you breathe in, let yourself be filled with love; every time you breathe out, let yourself be filled with love. And go on doing this for twenty-one thousand breaths: breathing in with love and breathing out with love.

In the beginning, when you are not experienced, and you have not yet become an expert, it is better to stick to the breath. Become more and more attuned to the breath so that soon your whole attention will be centered on it.

Then suddenly, one day, there is a jump; you are no longer in the body; you have become conscious. That is the birth of your soul. It will take time, but how much time depends on you. If you can practice for twenty-four hours without any distraction, then one day is enough for you. If you cannot practice for twenty-four hours, don’t worry, even if it takes five lives or ten lives, by and by, you will reach that goal.

The only thing needed is just one thing: that you don’t give up. Persist! And when I say persist, I don’t mean just sitting for a few minutes in meditation every day; I mean never leaving meditation wherever you are. Even while walking in the marketplace, go on meditating: remember your breath, remain with the breath wherever you are. When eating food, eat consciously; then eating becomes meditation. When talking with someone, talk consciously; then talking becomes meditation.

The first thing is to learn the simple art of breathing correctly. The second thing is to learn how to be silent. The third is to learn how to be still. These three things will help you tremendously. You don’t need any other method of meditation; these three things are enough.

Learn how to breathe correctly because correct breathing brings your whole life into harmony. It brings the inner and outer together; it makes you an integrated whole. If your breathing is wrong, you will never be able to be an integrated whole; one part will remain out of tune with another, and that creates much misery.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Don’t force it, don’t make any effort; just let it happen as it happens on its own accord. When you are asleep-then, there is no effort involved at all. You simply enjoy a deep breath, and then another deeper breath comes-even without your doing anything about it. Lie down on your bed and watch this happen: if you simply lie down silently and start watching your breath, soon you will see that a rhythm arises – because the body has its own intelligence! It knows exactly what to do if you leave it alone.

When you can feel your own breathing, when you can hear your own breathing, when you can be aware of it, then you are no longer identified with the mind. That is the beginning of the end of unconsciousness.

The mind is a mechanism that helps you survive in the world; the mind is not you. But if you become identified with it, then this identification creates many problems.

Your mind interferes continuously; it goes on commenting, evaluating, and judging. It is a continuous process; it never leaves you alone. You cannot find a single moment when the mind is silent, and you are alone. Even in solitude, it is there, making much noise.

The first problem is this: the mind has many limitations, and by becoming identified with it, you have become limited. You can’t see what’s beyond its borders; you can’t see what’s beyond its boundaries.

If you are depressed it is because your limited breath has caused-de-pression in your system. Let the pressure go by breathing consciously.

But conscious breathing can give you a glimpse of the beyond. Conscious breathing will make the mind silent, and will make the mind alert but not active. In that silence, suddenly, a new dimension opens up for you — and that new dimension is your real nature. When for the first time you enter into this new world, this new world of 5D consciousness, suddenly all your problems disappear as if they never existed at all.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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