Plasma Surge And Fluxes – Openness ~ On First Contact – The Crowning of the Divine Feminine Christ – LIGHT TRANSITION – AWARENESS ~ April 12, 2022


From the very first not-a-thing-is. From the philosophy of Zen Buddhism we receive the teachings of that which is beyond the Void. tomorrow for the powerful Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, which happens once every 166 years ,I will be releasing to the public a creative piece i title “the void”

In these final days of the false 3d matrix we realize our True Buddha Nature with the Power of our I Am Presence. In the oneness of our intrinsic nature that is empty of all concepts we created the conceptualization of separation. In the Buddhist Heart Sutra we say “Emptiness is Form and Form is Emptiness” This is the paradox that we witness daily. This is the Quanta, The fluctuation between the seen and unseen, the manifest and unmanifest.

From the Still Center all Sound and Light expands as a Sphere and Contracts as a Square. From the Stillness emanates motion, from the Silence expands the Sounds. All manifest things are Sound and Light that becomes physical matter. The Divine Mother is the Physical manifestation of the Spirit of Father, the Divine Masculine. The Yin is within the Yang and the Yang within the Yin. They are intrinsically linked dancing through the Cosmic Rays as we reach a culmination point we call compression breakthrough. 

The death of the old makes Way for the New. We empty the cup to fill it up again. We fall asleep all for the joy of waking up. It is a cycle that is endless until we realize that we have collectively suffered enough and make the conscious effort to free ourselves and all consciousness from the lower false reincarnation cycles. As Starseeds of the New Earth we had to experience the lowest vibrational suffering to never forget why we came and fell prey to the false projections of the 3d matrix.

The Matrix is tricky and sticky. It tricks you into thinking and believing you are less than Divine and Sacred, through the Sin programs and duality projections and it does everything in its power to stick you to that dogmatic programming system The Original Sin is the Sine Waves that created the Duality Simulations, but it was all in the game and name of Experiencing what it felt like to be separate from itself. To experience the Game of Forgetting and remembering. To play the act of limitation and suffering. Now it is time to let that all go to free yourself from the simulated reality of judgment and false limiting beliefs and empower yourself to rise up as Sovereign Leaders of the Universal One LAw of Prime Creator. Which is the end of picking and choosing, and living in Harmony with Nature and the Cosmos. In other words, living from the Heart as Christ Conscious beings of Eternal Life. 

The Resurrection is Living in the Love of the Great Spirit and being the Peace and Joy you wish to see in the world, no matter what. There are no excuses any more, they have all been exhausted by our lower mind of man. We now resolve all things perfectly in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. This is Cosmic Consciousness we call Pure Awareness. Which is the I Am PResence that is here now in this body where I always am.

The Holographic Fractal Body of the multiverse. Now we live directly from the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of all things….A’Ho!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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