Whiplash Tonight ~ April, 12, 2022

Evergrande defaults->Tether defaults->Bitcoin/Ethereum defaults – USD defaults. THE WORLD DEFAULTS.

EVERGRANDE 3 weeks ago finished their Audit but have held on to it. Waiting for the correct time.


Uhhhhhhh , holy shit!

The Titanic sank on April 15!!!!

Now look and CZ’s titanic reference again…FRIDAY????


— DEVELOPING: Massive blaze engulfs new hotel in Camarillo, California as fire crews fear building will collapse; no word on injuries



Question: “Detective” ?

I’m listening…

Detective of what exactly?

Financial {Information Technology} Systems Software. I debug broken things, make them better. I know the code better than it knows itself…..Most of the time anyway.

Is his/her name “Detective”?

Self given.

Where did this “detective” come from?

Good question. The connection was made without my doing. Someone other than myself wanted it to happen, and so it did.

Where are his/her credentials?

Financial System Software and Network Engineering. “Technically” I am responsible for maintaining, upgrading and fixing Financial Tracing Software and Administrating the Databases and Networks associated with them.

How is it possible that someone is a “detective” of something as new as Stellar?

Do you think those who create these things do not make sure some are taught how to oversee it?

How would this “detective” know more than the originals?

Does a CEO of a shoe company know how to upgrade the bios of a production server that his store needs to operate? Or does the Network Administrator know more than the original (CEO)? I have a part to play. Others do to. I only know what I am supposed to nothing more.

Where did “detective” get his/her training?

Comes with the territory.

Did this “detective” go to Stellar school? If so, where is this Stellar school?

I was trained by A Military Representative in an official work capacity not YouTube.

If detective is real, why so secretive?

I help in the ways of which I am allowed. Sometimes it doesn’t come with context.

Who is detective hiding from?

I find those who hide. Not the other way around.

Why is detective shrouded in mystery?

Because who I am does not really matter, only the work I do.

I hope this helps you to understand some things.



Project Odin and Quantum is imminent. This is all part of EBS.

It is the Switch from Swift to ISO20022.

It is all ready to go.


The Unexpected Catastrophic Financial Event.

Shutdown of everything and switch over to Tesla Free Energy, Quantum Internet.

Have you seen the Starlink rockets and Starlinks in the sky?

Project Odin/Starlink will heal humanity.

Med Beds. 6000 Tesla Cures.


Wow… you don’t need much more proof than that 🤯





Sun erupts with 17 flares from single sunspot, sending solar storms toward Earth

An Increasingly Active Sun Is Now Producing Solar ‘Tsunamis’ And Sending Flares Our Way

You read right, the little understood phenomenon of “solar tsunamis” have been rippling across the sun’s atmosphere in recent days. Also known as EIT waves, they’re thought to be a sort of shock wave that accompanies a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun.

A CME is different from a solar flare, which is a blast of energy that erupts from the sun and travels out into the solar system at the speed of light.

“This tsunami was ‘radio-active,’” explains astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips at Spaceweather.com, “Its rippling leading edge beamed radio waves toward Earth.”

17 🐸 Q

Sun Gold ☀️ (indus.gold)

Sungazing Meditation 🤩

🌞 Solar Tsunamis Rippling 🌊





Jim Jordan: “How do you trust DOJ to protect us from cyberattacks when they’ve been spying on presidential campaigns, spying on parents, telling us Hunter Biden was Russian disinformation and releasing the most notorious Russian cybercriminal we’ve ever had?”


Let’s Talk Hunters Taxes 🙄

To Hide The Real Crimes‼️

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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