April 9, 2022: [UPDATED] Trump Rally Day in Selma, North Carolina & a Convoy Rally in California [videos] ~ April 9, 2022


UPDATE: Further to the note below from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and the news that will be breaking soon from Dr. Bryan Ardis concerning, “Watch the Water”… I see this update from Mike on Telegram:

Putting out this URGENT ALERT based on what I know will be revealed Monday evening:
Don’t drink restaurant water. Don’t eat soup made from city water. Don’t consume any beverage made with ICE from city water. Do not eat restaurant food using sauces made with city water.
We are not even sure that water filtration will effectively remove the toxin that will be revealed.
Rain water, distilled water and well water would be far safer sources at this point.

Now back to our regular post…

It’s already rollin’—the Trump rally is on the air with RSBN and folks are talking about the situation in America. Trump is due to arrive around 7 pm this evening. Speakers begin around 4 EDT. You can watch for Mike Lindell and others at this link. Kari Lake already did a great interview and brings confidence that Arizona can turn things around and get good people in place to do it.

GIANT RALLY IN CALI THIS SUNDAY! Truckers Converge with Thousands of Protesters! “IT IS FAR FROM OVER!” EPIC VIDEO!!

Firefighters, law enforcement, federal workers, labor, artists, schoolteachers, doctors, nurses, celebrities, musicians and thousands of California residents and citizens from around the country will raise their voices this weekend with the message: Do not comply!

Most of these “top” accounts tweet rarely and post very little content.

Is Twitter dying? https://t.co/lj9rRXfDHE

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 9, 2022

Kerry Cassidy had a really interesting Project Camelot podcast on April 7 discussing the “delay” and what is unfolding while we are told the Earth Alliance is teaching Humanity a lesson. It doesn’t sit well with everyone, and some question the ethics of this operation. Where do you stand? Video and article at the link below. 36 minutes.


A response to that might be… Link to Telegram.

You can’t TELL people how corrupt their government has become. You have to SHOW them.

For those already awake for some time now, yes, this is infuriating.

For those who just woke up and found out about Disney and groomers and child sex trafficking, the spectacle of watching this judge triumphantly ascending to the Supreme Court after what we saw in the confirmation hearings will forever impress upon them how our government has been infiltrated into corruption.

Crimes against children unite humanity. THE PEOPLE ARE THE STORM. And we the people are very busy and we’re going to get busier.

We’re going to take our country back from the corrupt system that revealed itself yet again today.

We have told people all kinds of shocking truths about the Covid scamdemic but they don’t listen. They just keep wearing masks and standing six feet apart. They are so brainwashed and fearful they put their logic and critical thinking away until they are given permission to use it again, I suppose. The authoritarian culture goes deep for many Humans. They don’t even recognize tyranny when they see it.

While we wait for what is imminent, some of us use our power to dismantle the evil structures underpinning and undermining our civilization.


So Disney shareholders are in a panic after losing $2.4 billion in stock value in one day!

Great job patriots!

— Texas Ranger (@Texas_Ranger724) April 9, 2022

There are fascinating and incendiary comms circulating on Phil G’s telegram channel… Ha! Link to Telegram.

I wrote [your] programs and [you] never changed them?

We used [your] own game against [you].

Disinformation. Time line edits. “Look here, not there”.

Shame on [you].

We win.

If you missed Phil’s update the other night on SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, you can listen here. He raised a lot of good points and confirms his hospitalization was a result of an assassination attempt.

Something else we’re waiting for…

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of child sex trafficking 99 days ago. She was trafficking the children to Clients.

Why have none of the CLIENTS been arrested or charged?

— Daniel Hill (@danhill2011) April 8, 2022

Not everyone is buying the Bucha attack narrative. Link to Telegram.

Hungary backs an independent probe into what happened in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, the spokesman of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says.

EU leader wanted proof Bucha wasn’t staged – Zelensky — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The direction of this war against Humanity took interesting turns. Who would have guessed that children would “arbitrarily” [with coaching from sick educators] decide they want to change their sex, or even that gender confusion could ever be a thing? Do we really need to school deranged people on the birds and the bees?

Ok, I’ll simplify this for those confused!! pic.twitter.com/uWwbAxFlP8

— Robert Bradley Jones 🇺🇸🍊 (@RobertBradleyJ2) April 8, 2022

Anyone who doesn’t believe there is a long-standing conspiracy to subjugate and eliminate the Human Race needs to listen to this David Icke broadcast wherein he gets into the contents of material released in the 1960’s describing exactly what is unfolding now or has manifested in this timeline. An outstanding presentation from David. 1 hr.

World Events Are Not Pre-Planned? – Watch This – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Covid met the criteria for many of the dark’s agenda points. They know how to shape the behaviour of millions of people but those of us who are awake and aware aren’t so easily manipulated. Many don’t realize they lost their privacy and don’t care. Link to Telegram.

“Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimise total biometric surveillance”

While everyone crawls all over the FBI for entrapment, some realize the probable outcome. I always suspected, didn’t you?

Someday, we’ll learn Governor witch Whitmer pulled a Jussie Smollett and was in on her kidnapping hoax with the FBI.

Count on it!👌😉

— Mike Engleman🇺🇲 (@RealMike56) April 9, 2022

Not that most of us care much for Hollyweird or watch award shows, but there are consequences for behaviour sometimes.

Will Smith banned from Oscars ceremonies for 10 years

Some folks really know how to drive a point home.

I can’t define taxes because I’m not an accountant. Does that mean I don’t have to pay them this year?

— Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) April 8, 2022

The half-truths are plentiful and lying by omission is commonplace. Hollywood knows how to shape opinion and steer thought. As a result, how many really understand the scope of the 2020 election steal?

The New “Rigged” Movie Covers the Zuckerberg Interference in 2020 Election — Here’s What They Missed

Canada has serious issues to address and much to learn.

The fact that the media is not smearing and vilifying Pierre tells you everything you need to know. He is on their side, not ours. If he was legit, he would be treated like Max. Wake Up!

— MadeinCanada-Beth Charron PPC (@BethCharron1) April 8, 2022

There are those in Arizona who don’t get what happened in 2020. Perhaps they are Never Trumpers but in my ‘hood there is at least one Katie Hobbs lawn sign so far.

In closing, I’ll just say that I have watched many videos of Marc Martel covering Freddie Mercury and it’s mesmerizing. Who would have believed that voice could come along twice in one lifetime—and he’s great on the keyboard, as well. We still miss Freddie’s creative genius and passion, however. The dark killed him, along with millions of beloved people in our lives. This is a short video with interesting remarks from this gifted vocalist who came along at the right time. It’s incredible the worldwide appeal of Queen’s music and now Canadian Marc Martel’s shows. 8 min.

Queen Extravaganza – Marc Martel – How To Sing Like Freddie Mercury

Signing off for now. Enjoy your weekend.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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