April 7, 2022: Q Comms Providing Confirmation ~ April 7, 2022


Editor’s Note: FYI…I’m not able to bring up either pictures, or video’s from Telegram this evening which will limit my posts from Telegram tonight. And yet…my reporting continues on…thx!

The Q tips continue to bear fruit as we have proofs and learn the intended meaning of those years-old messages from the Military Intelligence operation. We understand that these messages can have multiple meanings.

Outspoken Dr. Bryan Ardis tells us to “watch the water”. Here are the Q drops referencing that instruction. You may recall we got word in January from a contact of mine that they were poisoning the water. We heard “Remdesivir”. Ardis isn’t saying what the poison is, but people who were given Remdesivir at hospitals when admitted as Covid-positive seemed to develop acute respiratory symptoms and often died, so it could be Remdesivir. I assume we will learn later what it is. Listen to this short update from Dr. Ardis.


And now, referencing Q’s instruction to “follow the pen”… we learn another meaning connected to Marine Le Pen. Link  to Telegram.

Re: French Elections and Le Pen


Q’s post “Follow the pen”

We most certainly DID learn Q’s comms, and Dan Scavino’s time stamp says, “Trust the Plan”. Link to Telegram.

You may have also recognized the voting numbers recently as repeats of previous ones. “53 – 47”—remember? Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. It happened again. Check out the multiple Q posts referencing that outcome here.

And so now we have another circus to deal with regarding the Supreme Court. Whatever. I’m not going to expend any energy on this one like I did with Brett Kavanaugh.

Senate Confirms Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson To Supreme Court

The good news is, justice is done in many places. Link to Telegram.

Alabama! Great Job!!!

BREAKING: BIGAlabama just PASSED #SB184 (https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/SB184?src=hashtag_click) banning puberty/hormone blockers, genital mutilation, and all gender reassignment surgeries. Bill goes to the Governor for signature.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The psychopaths’ playbook is over-used and deadly, and it’s all they have left. At some point, the liberal left will realize that the criminals will always find ways to get guns. Gun control is not the answer, and in fact, instances continue to surface where a responsible gun carrier has prevented a crisis and saved lives by disabling or eliminating a crazed gunman.

Democrats are calling for more gun control, but the guns used were likely stolen. California already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, but that did not prevent the violence.

Sacramento: 3 Suspects Arrested Following Mass Shooting that Killed 6

Jesse Watters keeps battering the deep state on Fox News.

If this investigation doesn’t lead straight to The White House…it will just prove that corruption is king in Washington DC #JWP pic.twitter.com/honbEuFWcj

— Jesse Watters Primetime (@jesseprimetime) April 5, 2022

I start a post every day but am often unable to finish it. I have a lot more to share, but we went to our holistic vet again today for a followup visit, I’m holding the fort while Hubby’s away and shipping stuff out every day and I’m plum out of time.

It seems our vet was a classmate of Dr. Will Falconer, a notable holistic vet in Texas with an online presence. I am amazed at her skills and learn fascinating things every time we go. Our visits are getting more spaced out now as we treat the issues Eli’s body asks us to address. She snaps his spine and joints into place if they are out of alignment from his many tumbles and I feel like he’s getting excellent care.

Eli is 14 weeks old this week, doing great, detoxing, gaining weight up to 23 lb. now, and no longer looking gaunt. His coat is really pretty and he has interesting markings. He is learning restraint; to resist biting, and to “stay” from the sit or down position.

I allow him to have fun and don’t mind cleaning up a mess as it’s great entertainment. He really went to town on the Trader Joe’s grocery bags. They were going into the recycling anyway but he had a blast with them first.

He got a new collar yesterday as he grew out of the old one, and since he no can no longer be crammed in the tiny tote we brought him home in, we got a medium-sized wire crate to keep us all safe while in the truck. When he outgrows that, he will have to have manners and behave himself while loose in the cab. We got a seat belt for Mica years ago and he got out of it in less than 5 minutes like a real Houdini.

Eli is a big hit in the neighbourhood and we don’t run into many people who don’t exclaim, “It’s a puppy! So cute!” and have to have a visit, which Eli loves as he wriggles and climbs all over them, tail a blur. He is very brave with giant, noisy trucks and dogs and doesn’t mind getting slimed and falling down.

This morning we ran into an elderly couple Mica and I met and they were enthralled. They said they had a Golden who lived to 17 years when he got cancer in his hind legs and they lost him. I think that was back when they didn’t vaccinate dogs to death in their youth.

Our vet says more doctors are recognizing the titer and accepting that one shot can be enough for life. It just depends, so I’m optimistic that we can all pare down the number of vaxxinations over time and have much healthier pets. In the interim, a titer can be used to certify immunization if you’re lucky.

It’s Mica’s dinner time so I’ll be back later with more.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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