April 5, 2022: Caution—Storms Ahead

~ April 5, 2022


For some odd reason, over 10,000 flights were cancelled this past weekend, due to storms in Florida? [storms]. Interesting, especially considering all the air traffic we noted around GTMO this weekend. Qincidence?

We Humans like to attribute slick and powerful moves to others, but in truth, WE are a big part of “The Storm”. Without us, the patriots wouldn’t have the numbers to inflict the pain we have been.

That was the purpose of the Q Military Intelligence coming online and engaging the awakened. Their job was to rally the troops, put them through boot camp, and get them out there in the trenches where they could inflict massive damage to the cabal’s system and wake up more people. It was a brilliant move and a game changer; never been done before.

All the enemy can do is try to convince the snoozers that Q is dangerous and incites violence. WE are basically the civilian militia; the watchmen, and digital soldiers as General Flynn referred to us.

Since recruiting the patriots across the world, the game has escalated and the truth has been exposed in many ways, in many sectors. Specialists like doctors and lawyers have stepped up, done their research, and used their skills and expertise to help inform us and take down the enemy. They have provided guidance and tools to enable us to set about making inroads and taking our power back.

A recent discussion with Michael Jaco postulates that Vladimir Putin is Alexander the Great reincarnated. Interesting theory. It has occurred to us that the major players are Higher Beings and since we don’t believe this Putin is the original version, perhaps Alex was a walk-in? Of course the Light is going to bring in the heavy hitters for the final showdown.

The three, including Janine M and Tom Numbers, have a very interesting meeting of the minds from the unconventional means they have of assessing situations; remote viewing [Michael], Tarot [Janine] and Numerology/Gematria [Tom]. Interestingly enough, while these tools may be disregarded and even ridiculed in the mainstream, they are probably better gauges than the mainstream news and traditional means of education than we realize.

Is Putin the Reincarnation of Alexander the Great and has he had other lifetimes?

A recent Mr. Pool post suggests a countdown is on. In case you missed it…

As far as the enemy is concerned… it’s on. Stew Peters was a target. More info followed in a subsequent post. Link to Telegram.

My home was just SWATTED. My children were home and had to witness everything. The person who made the call impersonated me, gave my home address, and claimed that I had a hostage and was going to shoot them.

Let me make something VERY clear: I will NOT be intimidated. I have the best lawyers and investigators in the country working to subpoena the Minnesota Police Department for the suspect’s information who made the call that resulted in a potentially dangerous police-involved situation, risking the lives of my kids.

From what I understand, this is happening to many conservative show hosts in order to have their homes raided, their privacy violated, and to put their lives at risk.

This is how people get killed, and it ends now.

We won’t stop until this stops.


Stew posted the following on his website:

Mind-Blowing: Could the Origin of COVID Be From a Symbol of Evil? – ‘Watch the Water’ [VIDEO]

The “Watch the Water” part is separate, and he will be discussing more later.

“As for the water: I hope you guys are aware that I have about 4000 pages of documentation to go through, and put this thing together so that it is all backed up with evidentiary support.

Winding up for a home run? Trump always tells it true, doesn’t he? But we don’t always get the double or even triple meanings to his words. Link to Telegram.

Maricopa County officials are scanning the audited ballots with UV light

Exactly one year ago on April 24th, Trump mentioned “killing the invisible enemy with UV light”

While on Twitter I did a massive thread about the evidence suggesting watermarks & blockchain coding to protect paper ballots

This video was released shortly after by a former high ranking government official named Steve Pieczenik (look him up his background is impressive)

It appears that it’s all coming together now…


Since Project Looking Glass is bandied about often now, you might want to take in Kerry Cassidy’s interview with a military man who came forward and spoke of his knowledge about it. Bill was involved in a lawsuit involving a minor and the cabal threw him in jail. Sound familiar? If you dared speak out they would ruin your reputation, your marriage, and your life if they could. They will fake documents and arrest records. Look at the horrible scenario that unfolded for Field McConnell. People were calling him a pedophile, too. He was the one working to protect the children. They’ve attacked some of Trump’s supporters and just sent a SWAT team to Stew Peters’ home. They are despicable.

People really need to be discerning. If someone is sharing sensitive truths, you can bet the deep state will try to smear them. I felt really sorry for Bill’s wife Eva. She had a rough go when Bill disappeared and no means to support herself. Link to Telegram.

Bill Wood AKA Bill Brockbrader came forward many years later and said he had worked on Project Looking Glass. My interview with him is here: Please note that these videos were originally published on our main Youtube Channel that was deleted overnight by Youtube 1 year ago. Most of those 900+ videos from that channel now reside for free viewing on our ODYSEE.COM PROJECT CAMELOT CHANNEL. https://projectcamelotportal.com/2012/01/24/bill-wood-live-now-complete-available/

Now that Hillary Clinton’s crime family, the Russia dossier, the criminality of the FBI in that scheme and the election fraud everyone knows took place in 2020, the Covid hoax, the suppressed remedies and the deaths resulting from criminal behaviour on the part of medical teams have all been introduced to the public eye and the Ukraine situation is still ongoing and the lies about it are in the news every day showing the legacy media to be the liars they are, there is no turning back. We can’t unsee what we know to be true. The real evil is still to be revealed to the unsuspecting masses.

It should be like a tsunami rolling over the masses. They won’t know what hit them. Life may get a little more inconvenient from time to time, with interruptions in transportation and travel, shortages of goods, communication breaks, potential power grid interruptions, and of course, extreme weather—but we can weather this storm. It’s all under control.

The world we see after the clouds depart will be wondrous to behold and beyond the imagination of most of us.

Signing off for now. Eli has his eye on the ball. He’s chill and knows everything is going to be alright.  ~ BP

Eli 13 weeks

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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