Report on Agricultural Crisis from Italy: Revolution in Italy Predicted ~ March 29, 2022


By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 28, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

This is a report from Italy from a member of Italian Intelligence.

It was not enough to see Italy wrecked by the deranged lockdowns, mandates and persecution of citizens who did not want to see their genes modified by the genetic vaccine. But now we face an economic crisis of our own making by stupidly projecting ourselves into the Ukraine abyss that is not part of NATO and none of our business.

Let’s look at agriculture. The situation of Italian agriculture is really unsustainable for many reasons. First of all we are now evolving from a very long period of crisis due to the European rules. These rules made it uneconomic to grow many local crops and products which have been abandoned and we had to start importing from other European countries and countries outside Europe. This is the case with milk, wheat and beef farming. Now, the rising prices of fertilizers, animal feed and fuel is causing the complete collapse of Italian farming. There is no help for them by the government that last week has issued a new financing for the military under orders from Imperial Washington doubling the military budget that we cannot afford. There are voices that the Goldman Sachs unelected puppet Mario Draghi, who is numero uno in our government, is tired of his job that he is incapable and witless of mastering. He is angling to become the new secretary of NATO. Thus he has become a warmonger sending Italian guns to the Ukraine in abject obedience to the American owners of our country.

A period of grave crisis for Italy is foreseen not only for farmers but also for many companies and small enterprises depending on reasonable prices for fuel, food and the related transportation costs. What is stupid is the fact that a large gas field has been discovered in the Adriatic Sea and an oil field in Basilicata (a region south of Italy) but nothing is being planned for the extraction of these fuels so we will continue to buy our energy at a high price from abroad. For example, the LNG is now imported from the USA at double the cost of the natural gas that was coming from Russia.

The problem of Italy is that we are governed by an unelected dictator who comes from the European Central Bank as an agent of the corrupt Goldman Sachs. In addition, there is a chamber of propertyless and unprofessional parliamentarian parasites who, for fear of going home and no longer earning a very high wage for doing nothing, endorse all of Draghi’s decisions that are the opposite of the platforms that these politicians presented to their constituents in their election campaigns.

Italy is on the verge of a revolution. The unemployment is being predicted to rise to 45% between June and September. The insane sanctions by that corrupt US government of Straussian subhumans are punishing Italy more than Russia. Only a coup of state or revolution can resolve this catastrophe for my people. It is possible that a Civil War could start between June and September. I am quite old but what is happening to Germany and Italy is what happened from that corrupt and totally rotten Weimar Republic or the chaos in Italy before Mussolini. We are doomed to see history repeat itself.

Number of EU country’s farms at risk of closure revealed

Italian agro-producers can’t keep up with soaring production costs

26 Mar, 2022 14:07

Nearly 100,000 Italian farms are on the verge of closure due to skyrocketing production costs brought about by the conflict in Ukraine, major farming association Coldiretti said in a report this week.

According to the group, growing production costs far exceed what is being paid to farmers and breeders for their products, from milk to fruit, meat and vegetables.

More than one farm in 10 (11%) is therefore on the verge of closure, while about one-third of the nation’s total (30%) are working in conditions of negative profits, Coldiretti explains, citing data from Italian agricultural research organization Crea.

The group notes that prices have been growing on nearly every raw material used by agro-producers: from energy to diesel, fertilizers, fodder for animals and seeds.

Another problem is the gap between the final price of products and what the farmers are getting after transportation and processing. According to Coldiretti, for every euro spent by consumers on food products, only between six and 15 cents go to farmers. The price of bread, for instance, is now nearly 13 times the cost of wheat.

The group does not propose any solutions to the problem, but paints a dramatic scenario in which the closure of farms would lead to a decrease in crops and force the country to depend even more on agricultural imports. Italy already buys 64% of its grain abroad, as well as 49% of beef and 38% of pork. It also imports over half the corn crops and a third of the soy crops required for animal nutrition, according to the Centro Studi Divulga. And these figures, analysts say, may soon rise dramatically.

David Lifschultz

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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