Starship Earth March 25, 2022: Stage One of Three Final Operations [videos]

_ March 27, 2022


It’s Friday again already! As such, we’ll have ‘Friday Night at the Movies’ as our theme for today. Hold onto your shorts, it’s getting intense out there as we cruise toward the climax of this thriller.

They want the normies to believe Kim Jong Un has his finger on the button. Good grief.

Michael Scott is now directing movies for Kim Jong Un, apparently…

“Threat Level Midnight: Famine and the Rocketman”

— Danny De Urbina (@dannydeurbina) March 25, 2022

Our best analysts have gone over and above to decode what we are seeing, the mechanism of devolution or a government in exile and The Plan. Phil G. went over an exceptional explanation mostly by an anon going by SLAG which explains it all.

The “special military operation” Putin spoke of taking place in Ukraine is the first of three final phases of the take-down of the cabal. Taiwan is next, and as Q told us, they’re saving Israel for last.

If you already listened to Phil’s last two updates you got a lot of intel and confirmation. I highly recommend both of which you will find below.

Phil promised to do a show on his intel about Chernobyl and he’s done it. It’s fascinating. My other half went to Chernobyl several years ago to photograph the historic site and it is indeed staged to the hilt and highly photogenic. The exclusion zone pieces are some of his best sellers because the story touches people deeply and they feel it’s a piece of important and tragic history.

His group had to have special permission from the Ukraine government to visit the restricted area and had to be suited up and protected from the legendary lethal fallout from the nuclear accident they tell us took place there and their time and exposure limited.

Phil explains the cabal have lied about Chernobyl like everything else and showed us a map of all the tunnels under Ukraine which houses more tunnels than any other location in the world, including under the water. It’s interesting that Phil’s attire in both videos relates to water. The Lakers jersey and the Mariners. Qincidence?

We see on Phil’s map that one particular tunnel is a straight shot from the port city of Odesa north to Chernobyl and what the Russian military found there is disturbing.

Putin’s men did indeed rescue many children from the tunnels of Ukraine and rather than return them to America where the Biden regime might harm them, he is guaranteeing their safety until such time as they can be returned without harm. He and Trump agreed on this and Phil reports that Putin and Trump have shared at least four phone calls recently. Phil tells us his sources are suggesting Trump’s return is imminent, and possibly as early as this week. Must listen to these, folks. A Q&A brings up the rear.

The Chernobyl Truth – March 24th, 2022

If you don’t believe there is a plan, that the military are in control, that Q is real, or that this mess will be fixed and Trump’s promises kept, you have to listen to this. It’s fantastic. I was otherwise engaged and had to binge watch both recordings in succession. They’re riveting.

President in Exile, Part 2 – March 24th, 2022

Phil dives into the 2nd half of his President in Exile series, which ties the Devolution theory into recent events, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there IS a current Government in Exile, and Donald Trump has been leading it.

Things are moving along in the justice theatre and Trump has sued Hillary Clinton and her administration for attempting to sway an election with their fake Russian collusion story which has since been proven bogus. It’s all for show, because we know Hitlary is no longer with us. We’re watching a carefully scripted and choreographed song and dance routine to wake up the public. The White Hats must be pulling their hair out, wondering how extreme the charade has to be to pull the snoozers’ heads out of their rear ends far enough to respond appropriately to the criminality and atrocities revealed. The apathy and acceptance of the narrative spun by the lying media is astonishing at this point.

The Hunter Biden laptop story we had so far was just an appetizer. The truth illustrates why the deep state was content to have us focus on the sex with minors, the drugs, the millions of income Hunter got via Burisma and the former mayor of Moscow’s wife. What we haven’t yet heard was far more incriminating and relates to the biolabs and funding for potential bioweapons to commit genocide.

Consider the following update from Q the Storm Rider: Link to Telegram.

CABLES> inside the Hunter BIDEN laptop is a blue print of the World Agenda [DS] Plan to create a fake PANDEMIC/ kill humans/ All the Deep State presidents/ prime ministers and Elites..from oil companies, to world BANKS to Major media outlets to Bill Gates> Ukraine INFILTRATION by the DNC and around the world corruption connected to HRC. OBAMA> BIDEN<

JACK MAXEY is already telling friends and close high Level players…> The BIDEN laptop is much bigger than the 2020 stolen ELECTION!

Followed by…

I reported last year.. The laptop went into the hands of Military courts and they have everything already backed up and stored ///

What your watching now is the movie where everything [ DECLASS ] IS HAPPENING

KEEP YOUR EYES TO DELAWARE= HUNTER Biden in hidden secret court with family testifying against him ( its Reported that Hunter is [co]??operating with the investigations and coming indictments > CORN POP<)//


DELAWARE> VISA > MASTERCARD are shutoff from Russia Banks ( but the mainstream media is saying the opposite)/// > if you don’t know already… Over 3 BILLION people across the EARTH just went into the new Gold Back system the Whites HATS have put in place thru CHINA, RUSSIA, > INDIA and Saudi Arabia and many other Asian countries are now trading on the Gold back SYSTEM…(within 72 hours the system was running great 👍 )/// > GASARA begins….
The [COLLAPSE ] of the DEEP STATE Central Banking SYSTEM in free fall 🔥

Everything your watching is connected….

Durham boats cross the > DELAWARE> 1776
You have more than you know

Governor Ron DeSantis is a star that shines ever brighter for Floridians and America.

Governor DeSantis signs bill to ensure curriculum transparency for parents.

— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) March 25, 2022

As a movie, it has its overly dramatic moments. Campy, even.

🇨🇦🇬🇧|Yesterday, Canada’s Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau visited the #EU Parliament to give a speech. I took the opportunity to give him an appropriate “welcome” there. Short, concise and right hitting the bull’s eye! #ID

— Christine Anderson (@AndersonAfDMdEP) March 24, 2022

It would be a shame if Twitter went away. All my borrowed Tweets would disappear.

— RJJ12 (@ryanjj78) March 25, 2022

There’s a very good reason why we don’t listen to anything the Canadian legacy/state media has to say, or what government entities say or do.

And we wonder why the public distrusts government?

— Shawn D. Whatley (@shawn_whatley) March 24, 2022

“Inadvertently”. There are no accidents.

The document is among the government exhibits admitted in the federal case against 62-year-old Ray, who is on trial in New York, charged with operating a sex cult out of his daughter’s dorm room at Sarah Lawrence College.

— Agent Brandoe 🍊 The Pipe Hitter (@BYounger13) March 25, 2022

Truth hurts.

Whilst you were distracted by the Battle for Ukraine, Documents were published confirming Moderna created the Covid-19 Virus

I wasn’t expecting this, but they tell us even the heavily controlled and obedient Chinese people are so fed up with the Covid restrictions they are rising up in opposition to the mandates and restrictions. Video at the link.


For what it’s worth, a fitting end to this post.

— leigha (@li_leigha) March 25, 2022

A treat for the dog lovers… a lucky capture of the guy with the shoe fetish.

Signing off for today. Have a great weekend all, and thanks to the crew for the great updates in our comments section.  ~ BP

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