Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi Tied to Voter Fraud, Child Trafficking? ~ April 22, 2022


Charges of a massive Voter Fraud by the Biden Camp, along with evidence verified by a government Quantum Computer of a 80%+ Trump vote win has been received by the Supreme Court. Though right now, the treasonous charges of interfering with a US election just might be the least of Biden’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s and Pelosi’s worries – it appeared they were being investigated for possible ties to the Chinese Communist Party attempted takeover of our country as well as involvement in an international child kidnapping and exploitation ring.

The Media was making sure you believed that Biden won the election when it has yet to be certified – that won’t happen until 14 Dec. 2020, with a joint session of Congress making the election official on 3 Jan. 2021. As of this writing Trump was ahead in the Electoral College.

You’d never know that from the news. It was well known that George Soros funded a Mass Media campaign for the Biden Camp to the tune of $34 billion dollars. Soros’s – and apparently the Dems and Chinese Communist Party’s purposes – appeared to be to steal the election from Trump in order to install communism and destroy this country.



The ballot fraud issue shouldn’t be a surprise. In Nov. 2020 Joe Biden went on national TV to announce to the public, “We have put together I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of politics.”

Like his cohorts in crime Biden seemed to think he was immune from prosecution. A few years ago he was on national TV in front of the Council of Foreign Relations bragging about interfering with issues in the Ukraine. He joked about withholding billions in US aid to Ukraine while demanding that a prosecutor be fired who was investigating Bursima where his son Hunter Biden was on the board. He didn’t get away with it, at least in the Ukraine. Joe Biden has now been criminally charged there.

Now the Ukraine charges were added to merging evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop that Biden personally profited from foreign deals while he was Vice President, including some with the Chinese Communist Party. Though, Biden’s most serious issues seemed to surround his involvement in child trafficking.

Although the Clintons’ suspected ties to child trafficking and murder were well known, Biden and Obama had escaped the connection – so far. Rumor was that the Biden-owned Water Island next to convicted Pedophile’s Epstein Island, has long been used in an international child trafficking network. Where did the kids come from? In 2014 90,000 children went missing because of a Globalist Compact of Immigration for Open Borders signed and supported by the Obama/ Biden Administration according Oscar Ramirez, a veteran Mexican journalist based in Tijuana. Evidently the compact has led to a massive Antifa black market of organized crime and child trafficking syndicate that Obama/Biden supposedly created themselves, including their lock up of over 20,000 children in cages.

After the October Trump/Biden debate the Mexican journalist filed this live video in response to the “deadly lies of Joe Biden”:

According to the report, Human traffickers called Coyotes have used the same kids over and over as an anchor to keep illegal aliens in the USA long enough to disappear into the US interior. “That’s when the child was collected by the Coyotes and looped back to the border regions of Mexico, to be recycled into another fake family and sent again, through the US/Mexican border,” Ramirez claimed.

Rapes and tortures were said to be rampant because the child was purchased property. “These children lived in perpetual fear because of the global presence of the black market human trafficking syndicates, even in the USA.” Was he referring in part to Biden’s Water Island?

Ramirez said that 72,000 trafficked kids have been rescued during the Donald Trump administration because of efforts to determine if the child was actually a biological offspring of the so-called ‘parent’ who paid Coyotes for use of the child. Trump’s effective shutdown of this global human trafficking has crushed the ‘cash cow’ of international trafficking. Coyotes were losing enslaved children when DNA tests verified whose child the youth actually was. As a result now kids from deep in South America were miraculously returned to their parents.

After his so-called win last week Biden immediately announced a return to Open Borders. It appeared he planned to keep his child trafficking network going by reversing Trump’s Border Wall efforts.


Add to those charges against Biden an overwhelming array of voting fraud issues – all connected to the Biden Camp. Since the Feb. 3 election there have been thousands of voter fraud complaints filed and millions of counterfeit ballots confiscated with Biden’s name imprinted on them – said to be a present to the Democrats from the Communist China Party. The counterfeit ballots were recently confiscated with bill-of-sale and all.

Worse, there was found to be CIA software in voting machines that altered the votes from Trump to Biden. That didn’t even figure into the millions of fraudulent votes for Biden cast by the dead, non registered voters and even animals.

Another major issue surrounded US voting machine’s Dominion Corporation software whose major owner was Paul Pelosi – Nancy Pelosi’s husband. This CIA’s Hammer and Scorecard programs were believed to have been used to alter votes in real time in voting machines across the nation. They had the ability to steal votes – or “glitches” in voting machines as they were described on Election Day – especially in swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband owned most of the shares of Dominion Software that was present in all voting machines nationwide. Pelosi also appeared tied to Biden’s Mexican Border child trafficking. With court papers filed against her yet to be made public, Pelosi was suspected to be involved in Child Trafficking at the Arizona Cemex site; was believed to have received millions in drug money from convicted Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo (as Chapo confessed and named her among others, at his sentencing hearing), both of which could have been her apparent incentive to keep the Mexican Border open for Drugs and Child Trafficking. She was a suspected conspirator in Russia Gate (a coup to overturn the 2016 election and start a war with Russia); her daughters were supposedly caught bringing drugs back from Mexico in her diplomatic pouch and she has been accused of doing privileged Day Trading in the basement of Congressional offices before the Markets opened.



Noted Trump attorney Sidney Powell said the Dominion Software company was implicated in flipping votes from Trump to Biden, or from Republicans to Democrats in other races on the ballot. Pelosi’s chief of staff was a key executive of Dominion Software and Senator Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, was a shareholder. Robert Muller FBIs provided the computers for the Hammer.

Even another major issue and the most important in Voter Fraud, was the Homeland Security watermark that identified official ballots. According to Trump insiders, the “Smart Paper” that was used for legitimate ballots all came from one supplier, but was printed in different states. The paper itself had a Quantum Water Mark – a digital signature that has a serial number that can be tracked from the computer’s satellite. The Quantum Computer, operating at a trillion frames per second, counted legitimate ballots and tossed out false ones. There was 100% of false ballots that bore the name of Joe Biden.

On Sun. 7 Nov. 5 an elite group of National Guardsmen did an audit of votes in twelve key states using the government Quantum Computer ‘infra red’ equipment that read which ballots were real, or fake. The audit of election results in the key states had verified that Trump won the election by an over 80% vote, yet the Soros-paid (to the tune of over $34 billion) and Communist China Party-connected Biden, Democrats and Mass Media have been pushing Trump to concede the election to Biden.

Trump had tweeted that over 71 million voted for him in the election, though a snapshot of a board tallying election results on Nov. 3 showed the vote for Trump almost twice as high: 135,567,321.

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The numbers that put Trump over the top at ballot box closing time strangely disappeared after truckloads of so-called mail in ballots – all voting for Biden and no others on the ballot – came into key state polling centers in the middle of the night when poll watchers were no longer there to oversee the process. Powell reported, “We’ve identified 450,000 ballots in one state alone that miraculously only voted for Biden.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany showed Fox Sean Hannity 234 pages of sworn affidavits on election fraud.

Back in 2019 House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes announced that he would file at least eight federal indictments for misconduct during the FISA Report. The count was expected to go up to 30 people charged including some in the Mainstream Media. The charges were thought to expose a coup to overturn the 2016 election and appeared to involve former US President Barak Obama, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Democratic Congressmen Cory Booker and Richard Blumenthal.


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On Mon. 9 Nov. Attorney General Barr had authorized federal prosecutors across the U.S. to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 election was certified.

Genius Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery invented the vote changing programs Hammer and Scorecard in 2003 as foreign surveillance tools for the CIA “to keep America safe from terrorists” he was told.

The computer programs had come out as a result of 9/11 for the purpose of watching our enemies. They were later adopted to the voting business to be used in foreign countries, though the CIA has recently used them to spy on US citizens.

It was the election of Barak Obama in 2008 when Scoreboard made the adaption from cyber warfare to political treachery for the purpose of changing America from a democratic regime to socialist and communism.

On Feb. 23 2009 two weeks after the election of Barak Obama, Brennan and Clapper moved the Hammer to a secret CIA facility Maryland. In 2012 Hammer/Scoreboard was again used to change votes in the Presidential election to make sure Obama was a two term US President.


The Powers that Be tried to blackmail and leverage Montgomery to a point where he became a Whistleblower. By the 2016 election the Alliance knew enough about Hammer/Scoreboard to step in and interfere enough so that Trump votes stayed with Trump as he was elected. That was why Clinton was so surprised she didn’t win.

In 2017 three star General Thomas McInerney and Dennis Montgomery blew the whistle on how the CIA was using the NSA Hammer for the Russian Hoax on President Trump. The CIA, Obama and Biden were suspected of also using Hammer/Scoreboard software to spy on SCOTUS judges Roberts and Scalia, FISA court judges, members of congress, Flynn, Guiliani, Trump and Trump’s family.


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