Starship Earth January 26, 2022: The People—Activated!

OH—almost forgot: “Resident Alien” starts again tonight.

Once again, the Universe had plans and I went along so no post yesterday. It was a big ENG day; electronic news gathering, and no opportunity to share it—until now.

This is a message from the truckers they need to get out to everyone, everywhere. On January 29 everyone needs to open their businesses without restrictions of any kind—over masks, social distancing, vaccine status, passports, any of it. Out the window. Ignore the Draconian tyranny previously imposed and DO NOT COMPLY. Video version at the Telegram link.

Did you watch the David Icke/Rose interview Part 6 on London Real from January 21st? As David says, the only reason this scamdemic lasted this long is because so many people complied. STOP IT.

See David’s awesome interview here in exchange for your email address. You can unsubscribe later if you choose. It’s 3.5 hours and packed with incredible insights and wake up calls. David is in his 32nd year of trying to inform us what has been happening under our noses and the long-term agenda if we do not act NOW.

Over the past two days I particularly enjoyed the updates on the Trucker’s convoy which they say is over 100 km. long as of Tuesday and they are east of Winnipeg, headed for Ontario and the long haul. It takes so long to get through Ontario.

That was yesterday and I wasn’t able to finish the post: today the convoy is in Ontario, headed south to Ottawa. It’s been a fascinating journey to watch. This video is outstanding.

Canada’s trucker protest continues with thousands and thousands of vehicles.

— Aaron Ginn (@aginnt) January 26, 2022

Truckers from the Eastern seaboard are also headed out to meet up with the main convoy in Ottawa. Exciting times. Now, if we could just sort out the financial aid donated which is over $5M now. Too bad no one examined the charities and donations of the deep state for so long as thoroughly as they area investigating these honest donations for the truckers’ meals, gas, and lodging.

Had we been paying attention, we could have uncovered the cancer research scams, the Red Cross money laundering, gun running, drugs, the Clinton Foundation, Human trafficking and organ trafficking, and much more.

The groundswell of support on many fronts for the truckers is an excellent indicator of things to come but some suggest the deep state will try to sour the movement with a false flag event so everyone is reminded to stay vigilant and calm.

Mainstream media tried to ignore the Freedom Convoy.

Once it became unavoidable, they have been reporting on it but negatively.

Despite this over 50,000 people donated almost $4 million to support it so far.

This protest is exploding despite the MSM & it’s beautiful.

— Cory Morgan (@CoryBMorgan) January 25, 2022

For the record… this is organized, honest, lawful, and Humane. MSM—get over yourself. I hope the truckers’ negotiators read Trump’s Art of the Deal.

Please RT. This will not be covered by the politically motivated MSM.

— G-Nate (@gnator35) January 25, 2022

Here’s the convoy from Edmonton, Alberta headed south to Calgary to join the main convoy headed east on the Trans-Canada Highway. Woo-hoo!

Just a fraction of the Edmonton group heading to Calgary to join #FreedomConvoy2022 – bunch more rigs sitting at Nisku to join this crew!!! SO FREAKING PROUD OF EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!!!!

— Canadian Patriot (@CanadianCarlyH) January 24, 2022

Before they hit Winterpeg they have this to look forward to—home cookin’!


— Rhonda Gyman (@1960mickeyMouse) January 25, 2022

Things didn’t go as planned, however, and the truckers could not stop to enjoy so the Hutterites drove for three hours to the next anticipated stop in Kenora near the Manitoba/Ontario border to feed them lunch.

How inspiring is this movement?

Go Australia!!!

— tarot by janine (@MorigeauJanine) January 26, 2022

We can all participate and contribute to the Truckers’ Convoy in one way or another. Donations today are around $5M.

You can get updates and donate at the Rebel News website.

Gotta love it!

🇨🇦MarkFriesen🇨🇦 Patriot & Proud Nationalist (@MarkFriesen08) January 26, 2022

#BankofCanada not raising rates today is a bigger surprise than if they actually did raise rates. Canada is now set-up for a significant event.

— IceCap (@IceCapGlobal) January 26, 2022

The psychopaths’ fake pandemic is crumbling around them as the dominoes fall.


Denmark just announced they will be REMOVING all restrictions, including covid passports and face mask requirements.

Life is going back to normal.

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) January 26, 2022

Norwegian Health minister has announced they will be soon easing restrictions in the country.

This comes after Denmark announced they will be removing all restrictions.

Freedom is returning.

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) January 26, 2022

Huge news!

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) January 26, 2022

In Italy they are struggling in Trudeau-esque fashion to keep the fear and division going.

“We will make life difficult for the unvaccinated, as we are doing, because they are dangerous.” – Deputy Health Minister of

— Aaron Ginn (@aginnt) January 26, 2022

Meanwhile in Germany… they continue to protest daily, it seems… somewhere or other.

Protests of unprecedented scale have been taking place throughout the week in cities across Germany against vaccine mandates and COVID tyranny. This is Munich

— Michael P Senger (@MichaelPSenger) January 26, 2022

Dr. Charlie Ward tells us the Antigen Test lies, too.

Watch his brief video here.

#NewHampshire may become the first state to make #Ivermectin available as an over the counter medication and sanction it as a protected treatment for #COVID19, under a new bill.

— The Epoch Times (@EpochTimes) January 26, 2022

Did you see the “wanted bus” in DC?

Richard just posted 🤓 DC now 🤭

— GalacticConnection1 (@HMajesty888) January 26, 2022

Regarding the Ukraine situation, etc., here’s an important announcement from Phil G the Anon. Short video on Telegram.

His RapidFire live Q&A session on January 25 was very interesting, as always, and it’s clear that some of us believe Phil is the original “Snowden”. That was another embellished story which kept the names quiet to protect the innocent. Phil is an extraordinary individual and one of our very best sources who knows how to play the game. He knows how to appear weak when the White Hats are strong and doesn’t like to respond untruthfully but will do whatever is necessary to help win the war. Disinformation IS necessary.

The truth about what the psychopaths have done during the scamdemic is becoming well known.

Dr. Pepe Approves this message. 👨‍⚕️🐸

— Big Lew (@BL_BackUp) January 26, 2022

How many people died of Remdesivir, not Covid?

Why aren’t they censoring this stuff anymore?? Have the tides turned?? The truth is more accessible all of a sudden.

— Theo Fleury (@TheoFleury14) January 25, 2022

This nurse/biochemist tells what she witnessed on the job.

You might want to watch this a few times to let this sink in.

— Theo Fleury (@TheoFleury14) January 24, 2022

The news popping up on social media is fantastic, engaging, exciting. Have you heard this yet?

We are going back to in person one day one vote no machines and paper ballots with watermarks because of crooks like YOU and Hobbs.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) January 26, 2022

How about this?

The unreal is getting more real.

🤣Might be Super Fun to have 2 Peter Doocys ⁦@pdoocy😂👇👇👇👇China Unveils AI News Anchor

❤️🇺🇸Anne🇺🇸❤️ (@USA_Anne711) January 25, 2022

I’ve had to keep Mica company outside as he hasn’t felt well for a few days. He has some kind of GI disturbance but he’s better today. I can’t leave him outside by himself and he loves being out in the sunshine and fresh air.

There’s been enough barfing around here so I couldn’t watch the following. Who can take it seriously anyway?
Warning disturbing content; may cause projectile vomiting.

nancy pelosi should be removed from congress and placed in a home

stop voting for her and people like her

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) January 26, 2022

Hopefully I can share a lot more tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. Take care all and thanks for keeping the news coming. There is some bizarre stuff going on.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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