Philippe François ~ January 25, 2022


It’s now, It’s really now….

After the burning of the heart comes the radiation of the inner Sun, which is the radiance point of the Source in this world.. ( The Thymus )

and also igniting our higher vehicle… la Merkabah..

This moment is marked by the movement of the Merkabah in the heart of our body.

She starts moving in the heart when it’s ready. This is a golden ball of light, in which consciousness can translate into its body of light… This is the Ascension..

The Ascension can perform on an individual level, it can perform in a group, or it will perform as part of the collective experience.

The shock of Humanity is also ignited.

We’re entering a global, collective phase of igniting… who won’t leave anymore, doubt what’s going on…

The shock of humanity is the revelation of the Light, in all its components, in this humanity.

This shock will far exceed the simple sensory perceptions, it will be a shock on all levels: emotional, psychic, energetic, physical, biological, cellular …..

This shock will be powerful and profound as it touches the foundations of life itself… It is also the soul’s living and its thought forms that impact the body.. and Fear is a powerful virus, which is in this upside down world, the opposite of Love..

This is the igniting phase, a wind of madness that will be perfectly visible on the planet… right before the cremation phase then comes the transition phase from world to world ..

To finish the phase of complete reconnection of the transmuted Earth with the great central sun Alcyone will be held. This will be a reunion party at all levels of life….

Elements come to show us that it is not us who lead this life, but it is Life that drives life: Life Unified, Life restored to Beauty, Life restored to the worlds of the Spirit.

The soul that in its journey, no longer turns to person and matter, and therefore turns (turn) towards the Spirit lives a flame, then shines light, and kisses living the flames of the Spirit, the weddings of light , or mystical marriage , a reconnection with the existing Source at different degrees that have been called Samadhi….

Just like in the closure of the falsified matrix, a progressive lighting, bound to Earth’s fire, inner sun or wave of life is underway…..

Ignition of the Earth, countries, continents, oceans and souls, allowing to transmit Consciousness, to this new Earth called Inner Earth…

This passage will be lived more or less intensely since the resistance from the lockdown has deprived this world of Light…

The definitive inflammation of the Earth’s crystal core, originating from Sirius, will fertilize the oceans and the seas, by the Fire of Heaven.

The volcano igniting is growing, the Earth is shaking more and more, it shakes its coat, to live the Ascension….

All planets and this solar system that have been separated , dissociated from the source are living the burning , an update related to the return of the fires of the Spirit .. waters of manifestation . . . of the White Light..

Awakening and igniting, allow us to live in the infinite, they are markers related to the Passage, the passage passes through the Fire… this is the stamp on the passport .. The pass is fire…

Fire, the light if abandonment is there..!!.. will then adapt our biology to drive us where we are expected.. it’s the transition to life forms that don’t belong to this world, or to the formless… or towards the absolute..!!!

Obviously being forged in the flames of transcendence is beyond words… It’s a personal, mystic, alchemical adventure…

Baptism of fire are ignitions, awakens, updates leading to our eternity.. and to the lighting of the flames of love….

It is also the lighting of our light, the light of the Earth in this world, so that it participates in the ascension…

Standing at the edge of the worlds, in this place that is not a place or localable where we are, without being there.. where we are even more and more, together to be there… in this empty space of purity.. from a new world that is palpable and life-giving…

There is this famous people, in the Christian destiny, perfectly visible, ” come and follow me, I am the life, the way, the truth “

Between two worlds .. by standing right there, at the limit of the ultimate presence, as of the ultimate absence and well there without moving, you see as a witness, one of these worlds far away from you (the world of fear, separation, illusion) and the world of the Light that draws near to you…

You just need to be careful where you carry your conscience, and be aware of what you feed, maintain, relay, know life or reflection of life, the Matrix…

This is also the passage, you just have to stand there..!!! in the abode of supreme peace letting the light make everything happen, there is nothing to do just surrender and live what has been given to live…

Ignition is an INTERMEDIATE period related to the transition and return of the entire solar system to the worlds of the United Star Nations…

A presence.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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