Anrita Melchizedek ~ Janury 12, 2022



Beloved hearts,

Today is a 111 and 222 day – 01/11/2022.

It is a wonderful day for Magic, Dreams and Golden Opportunities, as we take the time out for ourselves, and go inwards and ever deeper into the stillness of our loving hearts and the Quantum Field of One Unity Consciousness.

Can you feel the deep sense of peace and harmony within?

There are many meanings to these frequency numbers, and as I have been working with the Archangels and Angels these last few days, integrating more of the Angelic frequencies. I’ll share an understanding of these powerful numbers from a perspective of the Angels.

Angel Number 111 And 222 Together

When we see the numbers 111 and 222 coming up on the same day or together, our Universe is bestowing blessings and good fortune upon us.

It is a powerful day in which Golden Opportunities will present for us as we take a leap of faith and deepen into our service work and the expansion thereof in Unity and CommUnity.

These frequency number further assist us in the next level birthing of our beautiful Light work upon this sacred earth, filling us with Divine Inspiration to expand our creativity into the next level of our Service work and Soul’s blossoming.

It is further an auspicious moment to rebalance those aspects of our lives that may need our attention by listening to the inner wisdom and guidance within as well as setting up our goals moving forward.

Divine Neutrality is a key word as we transcend and dissolve all that no longer works for us as the Light of God We Are.

Additionally, from a Cosmic perspective, it is a powerful day to tune into the Crystalline Light codes within, activating the frequency of New Earth, as we elevate our consciousness and dream our realities into Be-ing collectively as One Heart and One Love.

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Wishing you all a most magical day.


Anrita Melchizedek


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