Saint Germain: Create Your Reality ~ January 11, 2022


Many, on a mass, global scale, are finding the weight of the worlds’ woes in terms of the huge crisis that has hit sections of humanity across the globe to be an indication that the world is at war with itself, and the perpetrator/s seem to be winning.

The reality of a world at war with itself, either on a domestic, international or global front is at odds with the reality that Lightworkers, healers and psychics are foretelling, that the Earth is ascending and transcending the matrix that it finds itself enmeshed in. Many people cannot align the two realities at all. If the world is awash with violence and death, how can it be ascending into love and light? In addition, as those espousing peace over Earth do so without any affiliation whatsoever to religion, how can those who believe in the word of God through the Bible and the death of Jesus Christ ever relate to those who, to them, are pagans, witches and emissaries of the Devil himself?

Realities are forms of consciousness and are given energy and form by the investment of belief from the beholder. In essence, each and every person on Earth creates their own reality through their thoughts, actions, words, deeds and belief systems. In creating your own reality you create your own world, and thus the world you find yourself living in, which is of your own making, can and will be very different from the world that another person has invested their belief and energy into and now lives in. In the energy of duality, one world may seem better or more right than another. In the energy of the Creator, however, no two worlds are wrong or right, they just are.

If you find your own world at war with the bigger world then that may be as it should be, because the reality of war and violence against fellow humans is not in the vibration of oneness and is therefore an illusion of duality. However, do not wage your own war against perpetrators or try to match your world to theirs. Rather, spend your time sending love, light and the Violet Flame to the innocents of the world who are caught up in a reality they have no investment in but cannot seem to escape. Send you love, light and the Violet Flame to Mother Earth who is hungry for love and who will continue sending cleansing to the areas upon her which have been corrupted and polluted by human ego, greed and contempt. Also continue to spend your time visualising the eventuation of ascension upon Earth, and work diligently upon your own vibrations, ensuring that your reality is one of unconditional love, tolerance, acceptance and abundance.

I AM yours in the Fifth Dimension

Saint Germain

**Channel: Victoria cochrane



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