Raeline Sqs Brady ~ January 11, 2022



Earth Star Terra has been in an etheric quarantine for many Millenia.

Not all of the locks placed over the gates of our planet have been malevolent, but on the contrary for the salvation of The Gaians precious immunity, in being able to experience a reprieve whilst the dismembered parts of Self come back on line via imprints made available through specific sacred sites, on the land and within the ocean.

This re-mem-ber-ing still remains for most a mixed bag, as frozen emotions begin to thaw within layers of non cognitive repression and compressed time.

Let me explain further, as the star mirror apertures over sacred sites receded for safe keeping after the last Great Fall in consciousness, so too, the star gates within us were shut down. Each are intrinsically linked. This together with a much deeper catastrophobia severing, caused much deep trauma in the pain body, and over lifetimes this residual build up created a repeat feedback loop of disassociation and grave disconnect for some, never fully feeling like they belong here, there or anywhere.

As old foundations open up deep chasms, we may momentarily experience our selves free falling into an unknown abyss, only to realise we are raised to new found heights.

As the purpose of The Keepers of the hidden galactic histories re-mem-ber, the true staffs and rods of the internal access points and over lighting arcs are restored within the Earth and within us.

Therefore this current reconnection is a very delicate operation, one that cannot be brought up for release and reinstatement all at once, hence the incrementation of vibrational reference points filtering through as stellar information interfaces with our cellular memories. We too, have for most been placed in a probation phase as a collective, since 2012, having said that perhaps for some this galactic Citizenship commenced long before.

As a result our etheric templates have learned much about parasitic paradigms and our reactions and responses to them. Our reactions are our contributions!

The quarantine – 🌟Firstly to see if we would continue or refrain from reacting to our self generating and self prophecising parasitic notions of illusory play, manifesting as the seemingly atrocious triggers occurring outside of ourselves, either with fear and hatred …

Or to seize a golden opportunity to heal our misplaced inner wounds.

It is as if our fields and forms are upgrading through an etheric hospital of frequency, geometry and sonic impulsing.

I see lots of med beds healing the perpetuating fear factor and trapped emotional and physical trauma for many of the sleeper cells still locked in a dream spell state.

As a result many are shedding and now releasing that which does not serve the whole and are heeding the call in responding to the Earth Star’s invitation to join Her as she returns to her stellar brethren as the belle of the ball.

I am delighted to say that as each and every one of us polish the shadow mirror and see the brutal truth of our malignant mind sets and misplaced truths, the consequences of us truly healing the wounds of separation, recognising the gifts in all the difficulties endured and with clear gnosis and real-eyes that we are never ever really forsaken, we are able to stabilise our frequency in remaining within responsive mode with the Earth Mother’s desires of us.

To the degree that we can claim our all, is to the degree that the Originator gates open up in aperture and capacity in direct response to our collective call.

It is also to the exact degree that we can remain equipoised, bearing witness to the unfoldment, is the degree that our Galactic brethren and our Starry Overselves may respond to the calling of our Galactic Gaian selves here on Terra firma.

In this way, the dream spell is broken. Since the recent Solstice galactivation and in the days following, acceleration of warp speed proportions is occurring en masse. A great deal of the A.I. Timelines are continuously dismantling on many of the the dimensional layers of our Earth.

The High Councils have intervened.

Their verdict passed.

Many are leaving our quadrant of the Galaxy. Time is up on all things artificial!

As a result many of the hijacking mind holograms are surfacing for release in us.

Resistance is futile. It’s an individual free will choice as to how long you want to hold on to what’s not.

Diligence is now required in remaining the observer as the last remnants and bastions of dark force paradigms go through the motions of winding down.

This speeding up in frequency, is as the changing of the guards occurs within ancient sites, portals and frequency band adjustments of our personal and planetary fields and dimensional forms.

We cannot work with what lies beyond, until we individually acknowledge our roles and dynamics in this epic theatre of dark and light – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

We’ve all wittingly and unwittingly played our parts well in holding this hologram firmly in place, so no one is immune to what comes next with the purging of the parasitic mind hive.

Be grateful for all it has taken to bring you to this point of the journey as the stars again settle in your bones and blood. Our transfiguration and transfigurement is generated from our organic source code. All hybrid hijacking is being released from our plasmasphere.

The photonic liquid light envelopes within our cells are switched on and as transponders, we both are receiving and sending out informational waves once more. The spin path of our golden plasmic blood has reach quantum capacity.

Hence the probationary phase being lifted in the NOW. Sovereignty is nothing to fight for, or scream that is returned from outside of Self, it is everything I have spoken of here and so much more.

The quantum bridges are connecting once more.

We are finally ‘Arriving’ here on the Earth in all our stellar Seeded glory. The Venus – Vega Star gate creator race access codes, have graced us with much beauty and love. This is infusing our planetary fields in preparation for 2022 = 6 as The Heart Opener.

The bridging and traversing of stellar consciousness is fluidly connecting in No Time. Remain in your hearts as All IS Revealed.

Na’Ku’Ja’Bi’En’Ko Ba’Un’Tu’Pa’Ra’Tu Ma’Ra’Ky’Un’Tu’Ko Qa’Sa’Ny’Be’Un’Tu

The Star Sentinels are enlivening the gates

The Star Seeds are germinating in potency

Behold the Sun Stars emanating within and without

As the originator races resume their rightful roles.

Welcome Home – Raeline Sqs Brady

Image: Bridging Consciousness, from my Spiritual Voyager divination deck

Source: https://www.facebook.com/raeline.brady.1


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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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