January 11, 2022; Only Fools Rush In [videos]


The war has been a long row to hoe, and it’s not over; not quite yet, but we are seeing signs that at least some aspects are winding down. The Plan is meticulous, the road arduous, but failure is not an option and due to many land mines we must tread carefully.

The natives are restless, but only fools rush in. Regardless of the chaos and panic, we must adhere to The Plan, remain calm, protect ourselves as much as possible, and exude confidence and positivity.

We can see a lot more results now than even just a month ago, so it helps feed the fires of freedom, but many are of the mind that if we don’t see a breakthrough into the public eye in the next week or so that something must have gone wrong.

States which have activated The National Guard https://t.co/97oNvkihnB

— GalacticConnection1 (@HMajesty888) January 11, 2022

It is largely an information war, and we’ve accepted that data misused and twisted into lies and propaganda can be as deadly as a bomb. We have learned over the years, and we don’t fall for the tricks nearly as often as early on.

There are many comms out there if you know what to look for. It’s quite the game and the Q Map reveals all—if  you know what to look for. Have you ever had a boo at the Q Map created by an industrious anon? Link to Q Map.

Telegram is a treasure trove of hidden messages, digs, and decodes.

It’s Happening

Telegram (https://t.me/TheRealKimShady/41860?comment=1536467)
🍊} Angel {🍊 in The Real Kim Shady Chat
Post 3318 “it’s happening”

The London Metal Exchange reported a power outage affecting trading, and people in governments across the world continue to expire, be removed, arrested, resign…

The BIG news of the day is, of course, the latest Project Veritas exposé of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. I don’t know if we’ll ever get to the bottom of this spaghetti saga. There was at least one other lab involved in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and tales of the CV “virus” leaking, etc.  I don’t believe it was a leak. The globalists planned this latest scamdemic which was a large part of the snatching of control and furthering the genocide of Humanity. They have been using taxpayer money to fund their bioweapons and other terrorism for decades. Odd that this video is still on YouTube.

Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath 

There are always “anons” digging and calculating and some interesting thoughts came up on Telegram related to the Q Map and the “first arrest”.

We were told that the first arrest would signal direction. We were told that the first arrest would shock the world.

Anthony Fauci.

How does it signal direction?

• Leads to Gates Foundation
• Leads to Clinton Foundation
• Leads to Rockefeller Foundation
• Leads to CCP
• Leads to Big Pharma

It also leads to the Wuhan Lab, and the origins of the plandemic. As we all know, the plandemic was planned to steal the election, so – Fauci also leads to that (Election Fraud).

He is literally the piece that leads to every single corrupt entity we fight against.

Why would it shock the world? This is easy. Because he has been presented as a hero, a God amongst men, the Medical Savior!! Everyone the world over knows who he is by now and he is largely adored by the normies (even if he does throw like a limp wristed bitch 🤷🏻‍♂️).

Except most of us know that the dude is actually more akin to Hitler and Pol Pot than he is any kind of “hero”.

Fauci’s arrest would shock every single person who is not red pilled, and it would signal to Anons and the red pilled that the drip is about to become a flood due to all of his nefarious connections with ALL the main players as far back as the 70’s.

This is purely my speculation, and just having a little fun at trying to guess who may be the first one in cuffs, so don’t take this too seriously or hold me to it.

Yeah, let’s have some fun with it.


— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) January 11, 2022

There’s still the SCOTUS decision on Vaxxxine mandates to come this week. Consider the following related to Q drop #523. The Q comms were brilliant, weren’t they? They began the saga at the end, and worked their way onward over four years so the early drops were hinting what would happen at the end—which is now. Link to Telegram.

4-year delta coming up on same day as expected SCOTUS decision.

Link to Q drop 523.

523 Jan 13, 2018 10:36:29 PM EST Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 000000 No. 11  CHECKMATE. Q 3y, 11m, 4w, 15h, 28m ago 8chan greatawakening

If you’re thinking not much has happened, perhaps you missed this Evergreen story:


— Stormchaser (@Beachygal3) January 10, 2022

Fresh from the Telegram news stream… Link to Telegram.

It came out yesterday that there were a few drugs that the DoD considered “curative”. Among those was Hydroxychloroquine.

“Hydroxychloroquine, indentified April 2020 as curative”

Note the April 2020 time frame. This is around the same time that Donald Trump started promoting Hydroxychloroquine as a cure.

Trump was certainly briefed and in the loop that Hydroxychloroquine was effective which is why he started promoting it.

Before we leave the topic of the Wu Flu, on Phil G’s NinjaJet Q&A last night a Ninja questioned him as to whether the Rona might be a parasite rather than a virus, so someone else besides yours truly is connecting the success of Ivermectin and HCQ in combatting the fake virus.

Phil was temporarily flummoxed by the question [because he has to be careful about what he says] and replied that he would have to look into it, but since HCQ and Ivermectin are both anti-parasitics, it’s not rocket science, is it? I expect we’ll get confirmation of the parasite story one day.

In the interim, what kind of medium might they use to grow parasites? Do we really believe “vaccines” are a preventive measure for protection?

7 Most Disgusting Ingredients Used To Make Vaccines

We also hear that the active ingredient in canine dewormers, Fenbendazole, might be a valuable application. Since some are claiming Fenbendazole also cured cancer, it might give us pause to consider what the actual cause of the “C word” might be.

Some believe that parasites cause a lot more havoc in Human [and animal] bodies than we were ever told. When you think about it, parasites are living organisms, and they consume and therefore produce waste. They steal the food meant for our healthy cells and crap where they live. Even dogs don’t do that. Not a good thing to have in the host body, n’est-ce pas?

What do we suppose might happen after months or years of a build-up of those toxins, depending on how sensitive we are to them or whether or not we take steps to detox? The other major factor is how many other serious health conditions we have. If our immune system is weakened we can fall prey to any number of threats. We might suffer a little, or a lot, or leave this life permanently.

That is the basis of the work of naturopaths and holistic healers; finding the root cause of what ails us. We need to establish the cause of a negative health condition, eliminate it or neutralize it, support the body, mind, and spirit, and return to homeostasis. The controllers aren’t likely to tell us the truth about diseases because they want us to take their poison pills and potions—which make us worse in the long run while they might smother some symptoms and mask the presence of a serious situation.

There are those who have said that the CV-19 vaxxxines will cause cancer in six months to two years. Some report that vaxxxines for Humans and animals may be mixed up since they are produced in the same labs. The medical industrial complex has to go, and we will rebuild a happy, healthy, disease-free society.

NinjaJet Q&A – January 10th, 2022

We see justice is being done, and if these thugs went down, you know who else already went down. Hitlary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and others.


In the Q&A with Phil G. last night where it was revealed that on the day of the photo below, Gavin Newsom was detained or arrested and that when he learned his fate, he took his own life. The coward’s way out—and that’s fine as the taxpayers will then not have to dish out funds to keep him alive in prison. How many “suicide weekends” have there been, we wonder?

There are plenty of actors in this movie, and CGI, holograms, doubles, biological robotoids, deep fakes, sound stages posing as the White House, and other technical marvels.

L – R: Gavin Newsom, President Donald Trump, Gerry Brown on site of Paradise fire, California in November 2018

If you think that “thing” with the eyebrows [Newsom’s aunt] is the real deal… think again. Some can’t stop talking about her.

The most important video I have ever posted.

Watch till the end. pic.twitter.com/gxiE6lCwB0

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) January 11, 2022

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the point but that Tweet was followed by this one:

One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, Girl! pic.twitter.com/6wuF4PuBBv

— JohnKennedy2024@strider raven (@monsters_a_gogo) January 11, 2022

Here’s a quick Pelosi clip that strikes a chord and elicits a giggle: Dismantling the Cabal on Telegram, if it isn’t censored on your gadget.

There is interesting news coming out of Canada on QUEen Romana’s page. Sounds like the grand cleanup might be in progress. We have resignations, booster shots in Terry Tam and power outages in Edmonchuk. Link to Telegram.

The Plan: he gets the second jab, tests positive, and he’s gone. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.


Merde! What a time to bail—the middle of a deadly pandemic!



Everyone says the covid narrative is collapsing, yet everywhere in canada the restrictions are increasing, like it was nothing to do with covid in first place…..

— Alberta-Leonidas (@AlbertaLeonidas) January 11, 2022


Other disruptions… Link to Telegram.

Arctic Satellite Station Down: Undersea Data Cable Disrupting Links

Space Norway has confirmed a major disruption to one of the world’s key undersea Arctic data cables that supports over 100 polar-orbiting satellites and serves the Svalbard archipelago.

One of the two cables serving the SvalSat park – the world’s largest commercial ground station – has lost power at a deep-sea area almost 3km down, with the cause still unconfirmed.

Subscribe to RT t.me/rtnews

There were a lot of Twitter outages in the US on Monday night, beginning 9 pm-ish, January 10.

Also from RT… the numbers are dwindling in positions of power.

Federal Reserve vice chair Richard Clarida to step down early following revelations over his stock trades during pandemic (CNBC)

Fed vice chairman Clarida revealed Monday he will be leaving his post with just a few weeks left on his term amid scrutiny over his trades.

Subscribe to RT News: t.me/rtnews

Thank you all for the warm welcome back to the real world after the Xmas break. It’s great to be back among friends. Hope you all had a satisfying and safe holiday and are ready for your marching orders for 2022.

If you are unable to see the comments beneath each post it could be due to the browser you’re using. Firefox can cause issues, but sometimes Brave does as well. What’s the answer? Sometimes switching will resolve the issue. Just remember, problems that go away by themselves can come back by themselves. Everything seems glitchy these days.

I’m going to leave you with David Icke’s website as I haven’t had a chance to listen to any of his dot connector podcasts recently. Maybe you’d like to hear his latest.

Until next time, cheers from the bridge.  ~ BP

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