Venus Star Point -Jan8/9 ~ January 9, 2022



Light language Transmission with the Capricorn Metagoddess :Ancient Matriarch/ Wise Woman Wisdom Keepers- Nekhbet, Cerridwen and Hecate.

The Venus Star Point ( Venus traces a Pentacle in the sky during her 8 year cycle and the Venus Star point is the tip of pentacle )on Jan 8/9 marks an important change of guard as Venus / Inanna transitions from the archetype of the Airy Intellectual Script Writer Gemini Metagoddess to Earthly ,Practical and Industrious Capricorn Metagoddess.

It is a significant change in energy where Venus as the Divine Feminine Principle moves from Script Writer (of the New Age Blueprint ) to the Actual “Earthing, Foundation setting and Building” of that Blueprint as part of her new 584 Shamanic Synodic Cycle as the Capricorn Meta Goddess. The Venus Sun Conjunction on Jan 8/9 is the Liminal Space of Alchemy/ Magic where Venus sheds one identity and assumes another. This Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Venus takes place while Venus is below the horizon and in the Sun’s glare and thus we can not see her and hence its said she’s Under-world-BUT she is actually NOT in the Underworld but High in the Sky and shining at her Brightest !!! Hence this Venus -Sun conjunction holds a very different Energy compared to Venus Star points when Venus/ Inanna actually enters the underworld on her Shamanic Journey (next Venus Star Point in October 2022).

At this Venus Star Point of Alchemy and Metamorphosis we are to enter the New phase of EARTHING of our INTENTIONS and SOUL PURPOSE / Path and Service ie it is cycle of CREATION and MANIFESTATION of the Consciousness of 22- held within the Double Infinity 4 Petaled Rose of the Mary Magdalene Lineage ,the Blue Rose Lineage and The Lineage of The Earth Shamans/ Knight Templars and Serpent Kundalini Priestesses-That which will seed the New Age and allow us to re-enter the Council of 22 Star nations that monitor the cosmic Ascension Process.

Venus / Inanna as the Capricorn Metagoddess is the Autonomous and Sovereign Wise Woman Wisdom Keeper / The Circle of Grand-Mothers/ The Ancient Matriarchs and she has shown herself to me as Nekhbet The Vulture Goddess of The Egyptian Pantheon , Hecate (Key Holder of the Sacred Wheel of Creation Fires ) and Cerridwen (Keeper of the Cauldron of Transformation , Inspiration and Rebirth) .

The Vulture and the Cauldron aspects Are similar in the sense that they absorb/ free the dead and decaying( that which needs to die) and transform/ alchemise the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire into a New Rebirth of Spirit/ Transmutation / Metamorphosis. Fire (Hekate) is the Energy of Transformation too.

Nekhbet is the Sorceress / Alchemist/ Protector /Ancient Matriarch /Guardian of the The Mysteries of Death and Rebirth initiating a ReBirth of Consciousness via her Caduceus . Hekate and Cerridwen will be completing this Divine Trinity of the Wise Woman Ancient Matriarch.

I have been guided to bring in a Light Language Transmission for this Venus Star Point where I will be Channeling these 3 formidable Wise Women Ancient Matriarchs as the Flag Bearers of the Capricorn Metagoddess as we enter this New Venus Inanna cycle from Jan 9 post which Venus will begin her new cycle as the Morning Star. A cycle that is to be synonymous with the Divine Feminine symbolism of The Bee and its hexagon/ Energy of 6- A period of Busy Action, Cooperation, Unity, CoCreation, Miracles -All touched with the sweetness of nectar.

For this particular time , I was shown that as conditions are cosmically aligning to Ground and anchor greater Light, there is a simultaneous backlash to prevent the same from happening ie Forces Not Of Light are stepping up their onslaught and this may show up as increased foreign interference (not of Light) energy trying to incapacitate us, old karmic curses / debts or ancestral trauma (particularly related Patriarchal Control and Domination) tightening their vice like grip , all of which are attempting to derail us from new pathways of Creation that are now to open . Some of you may be feeling this energy as a heaviness especially as we enter this new year or a definite knowing that there are foreign forces at work opposing your ‘Light’. The Ancient Matriarchs are known for their ability to release us from the Old Patriarchal chains and bring in Keys for the New.

Time of Venus Sun

7pm CST Jan 8/ 1am UTC Jan 9/ 6;30 am Indian Standard Time Jan 9

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy

Be The Change You Want To See

Sa Kei Na Source:


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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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