What Is The Ascension Process? ~ January 8, 2022


In these last few years of your life, you are finally ready to let go of all the fear-based illusions and embrace the truth of who you really are. Many of you have heard about ascension before, and many of you are preparing for it. But did you know that there is much more to this process than meets the eye?

In the ascension process, your DNA will be activated so that you can go with the flow via unconditional love and joy. You will have the ability to manifest your needs and desires in a matter of moments. Your life force energy levels will be extremely high, and you will feel like you are able to do everything effortlessly. Also, no more illness!
The ascension process is an upgrade to your physical body, your energetic body, and your consciousness. This upgrade will occur when you open up and let Source energy flow through you.
As a result of this upgrade, your five senses will increase in their abilities, your body will become lighter and more flexible, and you will have full access to the collective consciousness of human beings. You will also be able to travel outside of your body at will (astral projection).

The ascended human is a god-Being that lives in an eternal paradise dimension on Planet Earth, where there is no more worry, no more suffering, no more death, and no more disease. Everything is known in this dimension, including past lives, parallel universes, remote viewing, and future events that are probabilities rather than certainties, and there are no secrets or limits to what the ascended human can know or do.

When the ascension process happens, the human body becomes lighter than air and begins to rise upward slowly. At first, it can happen very gently, so that you hardly even notice it happening. However, there will come a time when your body will begin ascending at a much faster pace.

Your DNA is going to change as a result of this ascension process. Your old carbon-based cells are being replaced with crystalline-based cells. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s really happening. Your vibration is going to go up considerably, and you’re going to feel it in every cell of your body. It’s going to feel like you’re getting younger by the day.

But don’t worry — you won’t lose your body in the process of ascension. Your physical form will transform into the new crystalline form just as it was transformed from the original carbon-based form into the one you now have.

In fact, you’re already transforming right now, as I’m speaking.
The truth is that when your body begins to ascend, it will not be an instantaneous event. It will happen gradually over a period of time. In fact, during this time period, your consciousness will separate from your physical body and ascend with it into the higher realms of existence. It’s also important to note that while most animals do not have crystalline bodies (which makes them unable to ascend), humans do have this ability.

You will experience a profound feeling of awakening, knowing that something is different about you. You will feel lighter, more energized, happier, more peaceful, and joyful than before. You will feel an inner sense of peace as well as an outer sense of peace in your environment as you are surrounded by beings who are also experiencing the ascension process.

You will have dreams or visions that guide, inform, and prepare you for your ascension process. These dreams or visions are very real, even though they seem to be symbolic in nature when you awaken from them. These dreams or visions will give you a greater understanding of what is happening to you during the ascension process and what is occurring around the world at this time.

You may experience a deep burning sensation within your physical body at times as it releases deep-seated emotions that have been stored within your body-mind complex for many lifetimes on Earth. You may experience aches as well.

With the help of your guides, teachers, and masters, you will be able to navigate your way through these changes. You will not be alone in this process. There will be a higher vibrational frequency that will allow all beings to ascend together. All of humanity will ascend and move into a higher dimension of existence where disease and suffering do not exist.

Truly, we live in amazing times. You are going to experience levels of consciousness never before thought possible. Each one of us has a mission that is specific to us. We are here on Earth at this time to evolve spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are here to learn about ourselves, about life on Earth, and about the universe.
This ascension is for all beings, whether they are aware of it or not. We have learned much in the past ten years about ascension; we have learned about the pineal gland and how important our thoughts are for manifesting our reality;
We have learned that positive thoughts create positive outcomes while negative thoughts create negative outcomes; we have learned the power of the mind, body, and spirit connection through the Law of Attraction.

The ascension process is a spiritual, mental, and physical process of raising the frequency of your being.

The ascension process is now happening to all beings of light in this universe. It begins with the spark of awakening. This spark ignites within you and transforms your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
Life as we know it is changing in a great way. If you are not fully conscious on the other side, you do not want to miss out on the greatest show of all time.

Truly living life to the fullest means having your own purpose and doing what you came here to do. It means knowing yourself fully, being able to accept and love yourself just as you are and as you were created to be. It means being connected to that which is in charge of this entire show – God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, or whatever label you like best. This connection is made through your mind and through your heart. That is what “being in your heart” really means—mind-heart unity where the outer world can’t separate you from your inner guidance.

When this connection happens, miracles start to happen in your life naturally. You no longer have to try hard because there is nothing outside of you that can stop God’s light from shining through you into this world. You shine with the light of God’s love for all beings everywhere!

We were all created to be a part of this amazing show. It is up to each one of us how we choose to experience it.

We love you dearly. We are here with you. We are your family of light.

A’HO Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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