Juan José Vallejo Cívicos ~ January 8, 2022



Editor’s Note: The message below resonates strongly within as it grants us the honors humanity deserves for serving on the Starship Earth and experiencing it’s multidimensional journey. Although many feel distraught, there are those who have “weathered their storm” to BE cognizant of the Balanced, Harmonious, and LOVEing Quantumness of their own Self, to find themselves BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


Humans have been making part of an artificial pyramidal structure, competing against the natural structures of the Spiritual Master Creation.

To support this soulless cloned artificial structure, Humans have been denatured and indoctrinated during millennia to handle that structural weight, converted into stone hearts, forced and pressed under coercive control to contribute with taxes, life energies and the suppressed, oppressed, repressed potentials of their targeted Souls.

Humanity now enters Interdimensional Space, where nothing of that weight under that structural heavy density is needed, necessary, convenient or relevant. The artificial pyramidal structure doesn’t pass through the nano filter of the Quantum scanner of Pure Universal Natural, Noble Human Energies, to Liberate the Free Spirit of Humanity in the Cosmos.

Humankind would be now collectively Qualified by the Doctorate Degree and the Master Degree in Multidimensional Energies of the Universe, to present the Global Credentials of the Civilization, as Qualified Captain Pilots of this MotherShip of the Galaxy. We go through an Intense Spiritual Course, to recover the Great Potential of Master Creation of the Collective Mind-Heart-Soul.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/juanjose.vallejocivicos

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