Takedown Commencing ~ January 7, 2022


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Editor’s Note: I echo the opinion offered below, yet offer my views from more of a spiritual standpoint. Why is all this drama happening? Yes, yes, yes…the moment has arrived for all to S.T.O.P allowing a deeper look into each one’s Self located inside.

Learn to Love Who You Are after learning all the bills have been paid, and your “obligations” are no more. Then learn to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


By Rambo

Being a “Q” follower from the beginning, I feel that I’ve had a front row seat to the shenanigans that the NWO puppets have been trying to foment on not only America, but the world.  It has also given me the insight necessary to see things that most do not, and that is the reason that I feel compelled to write this down and send it out to everyone with ears that hear and eyes that see.

The takedown is commencing and it all is triggering using the soon coming lockdowns.  What?  Not again.  Yep.  But guess what?  This is a WHITEHAT OPERATION, making it seem as though the Deep State is pushing it, thereby not only giving the “optics” of just how insane the fake Biden Administration is, but to then use it for their purposes.  And what are those you ask?

We’ve known that when the “unveiling” starts, that the White hats want us safe and sound within the confines of our own homes, stacked to the ceiling with Provisionals, and fuel in our gas tanks.  Which is a better scenario when the EBS breaks, kids at school and parents at work, or everyone snug as a bug in a rug at home?  The latter of course, and so, that is why the White hats are going to use this event to START THE DISCLOSURE PART, when the lockdowns start.  And it goes from there, starting with the Emergency Broadcast System going berserk on our cell phones, T.V.’s and computers.

Backing up, remember, we’re going to the PRECIPICE, and this will piss everyone off, seeing as inflation is through the roof already, with everyone trying to survive this shit show called Joe.  Well, this is really going to kick it into high gear, when the EBS goes, “showing” the people are their dirty deeds, then the , the White hat “FAKE WW3 SCENARIO” movie plays, with the Directed Energy Weaponry shooting down all their satanic buildings (D.C., Vatican, Buckingham Palace, etc…)  and let’s not forget the already happened (OCT 2019) fight in Taiwan with the CCP, good grief, that’s going to REALLY scare the hell out of everyone.  But that’s the point, it “had to be this way”, “Lest they forget.”  These are just the cliff notes, it would take hours to go through the details, but you all get the point.

The good news is this.  The DAGGER that takes away their last vestige of ammunition, is the switch on the QFS, gold backed currency.  “THEIR” fiat monopoly money becomes nothing more than toilet paper. (Well, I’ve got a theory about that as well, for another time, but I will say this, “slow-roll” with both new USTN’s and Fiat to not freak everyone out? Hmmm.)

This is all in my opinion, but look how the White hat controlled media is going crazy about Omi-“con” right now.  I’ve got word from a nurse and a city official that this thing is locking down first of next week, no stopping it, and I already knew that this was coming two weeks ago and stated as such on a post that I do, “…that in two weeks, it’s all shutting down again…”  I had to turn on the news to watch what the lunatics are spewing, and it’s all insanity, by design, leading to the inevitable lockdown next week…..That’s the gist of it.  Everything that we’ve been doing for over 5 years regarding “Q” is about to start, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, at least to me and what I’m seeing.

I cannot stress this enough, go get food, water and fuel because starting the first part of next week, THIS THING STARTS.

Just offering it up, one man’s opinion is all…..

It’s been a long road, we’ve fought the good fight, now let’s finish it.

God Bless, Rambo


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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